Can You Use POR 15 In Cold Weather? Helpful Tips On How To Use POR 15

POR -15 is a rust-preventive coating that applies directly over any rusted metal surface. So, can you use POR 15 in cold weather? Let’s find out

It’s best to use POR-15 within 55-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything below this, and you are in for a big problem.

When the temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the moisture in the air starts to condense when the temperature becomes equal to or less than the dew point temperature. 

The moisture will prevent the POR-15 from sticking correctly on the metal surface. So, you can use POR-15 in cold weather but not below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a space heater if you work in a cold garage for the best results.

Can You Use POR 15 In Cold Weather

What is POR 15?

The metal surfaces rust when exposed to moisture or rainwater. Rust is not good for the car as it eats the metal and can weaken the exhaust system.

It will even affect the engine performance of the vehicle. So, you should fix the problem as soon as possible. There are various rust-preventive paints available in the market.

But they work for a while and protect the metal surfaces only for a short duration. But POR 15 is something different. It dries faster when moisture is present and neither cracks nor peels. 

The best thing about POR 15 is that it will not allow rust to occur anymore on metal surfaces.

But it is pretty sensitive to ultraviolet light. So, you need to apply a top coat before the metal surfaces are exposed to sunlight.

It no doubt dries faster in high humidity, but we recommend you apply it when the atmosphere is dry. High humidity can trap carbon dioxide on the metal surface, resulting in bubbling. Higher humidity also interferes with the adherence of the POR 15 top coat with the metal surface.

The dry time of POR 15 is a bit longer in colder weather compared to hot days.

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How To Apply POR -15?

POR 15 is a rust kit that can permanently protect metal surfaces from rust. Let’s discuss how to apply POR-15.

#1. Clean The Metal surface 

Your first duty is to clean metal surfaces. So use POR 15 cleaner & Degreaser to remove dust, dirt, wax, and grease from the metal surface. You should wear gloves while applying as it protects your hands and prevents the grease or dust particles from returning to the metal surface. 

Allow the POR 15 cleaner & Degreaser to sit for a few minutes, and then you can rinse with cold water. We recommend not using rust converter products as it can affect POR bonding on the metal surface.

Can You Use POR 15 In Cold Weather

#2.Apply Metal Prep

Your next step is to apply POR 15 metal prep on the surface. It coats a zinc phosphate layer which helps adhere the rust-preventive coating properly.

Additionally, it helps to remove any rust present on the metal surface. But don’t allow the metal prep to dry on the surface, just like a cleaner. You have to keep the metal surface wet for 10-15 minutes. So spray the metal prep on the place once again where you find it dry.

Rinse the metal prep with cold water after 10-15 minutes.

#3. Use Rust Preventive Coating

Allow the metal surface to dry thoroughly to apply POR-15 rust preventive coating. Remember, rust preventive coating differs from other paints in curing. 

You should not allow the can to remain open for a long time because it will cause moisture to enter inside and start curing, finally making the entire can bad.

Pour some rust-preventive coating into a mixing container. Take a paintbrush and start coating the metal surface. You must apply two lighter coats on the surface rather than one heavy coat to allow the POR-15 rust preventive coating to cure on the metal surface fully.

Apply the first coat and wait for two hours to dry thoroughly, then apply the second coat. The drying time depends on ambient humidity. The POR -15 rust preventive coating will dry faster if the humidity is relatively high.

#4. Use Top Coat

If you expose the metal surface now directly to sunlight, then there are chances that the POR-15 can break down. So, make the metal ready by applying a top coat. 

Can You Use POR 15 In Cold Weather

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What temp can you apply POR-15?

POR -15 is a good rust preventive coat that will not allow the metal surface to rust again. You can apply the coating between 55 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures.

The problem occurs when the temperature is reduced, i.e., when the surface temperature becomes below the dew point temperature. The water will start to condense when the temperature falls below the dew point temperature. 

This condensed water will prevent the POR-15 rust preventive coating from properly adhering to the metal surface.

#2. Can you put POR-15 directly over rust?

POR-15 is a rust-preventive coating that protects the metal surface from chemicals, salts, and water. You can apply it directly over rust. But it’s better to apply PROmetal prep. The metal prep helps remove rust from the metal surface, and you can apply POR-15. It will even help the POR-15 to adhere properly to the metal surface.

#3. How long does it take POR-15 to cure?

It depends on the humidity present in the atmosphere. If the atmospheric humidity is relatively high, POR -15 will dry quickly. But if the humidity is low, the drying time may take longer.

#4. Can you use POR-15 without the metal prep?

No, you should not use POR-15 without metal Prep. It is because metal prep helps remove rust from the metal surface. It ensures that the POR-15 rust preventive coating will adhere better on the surface. Allow the metal prep to sit for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse with normal water for good results.

#5. Which is better, rust bullet or POR-15?

POR 15 can only provide a good coating on the metal surface. But rust bullets can penetrate the metal surface and attack rust from its roots. So, it offers good protection.

Can You Use POR 15 In Cold Weather

#6. How many coats of POR-15 do I need?

You must apply two coats of POR-15 for good results. Apply the first coat in thin layers, i.e., 25-50m thickness, and then wait a few hours to dry completely. You can then apply the second coat in thin layers for good results.

If the metal surface is going to be used for industrial and marine applications, then use three coats for the best results.

#7. What is the best way to apply POR-15?

You must first apply POR-15 cleaner and Degreaser to remove all the contaminants from the metal surface. You can then use metal prep to remove all the existing rust and apply the POR-15 rust-preventing coating on the metal surface. 

Apply two thin coats for best results. Allow the metal to dry, and then use the POR-15 top coat so that the POR-15 will not break down in ultraviolet light.

#8. How do you prepare POR-15 for top coat?

The metal surface should be cleaned thoroughly. So you must first use metal prep to remove grease and dust from the metal. You can then apply the metal prep to remove any rust present on the surface. Allow it for a few minutes, and then rinse with normal water.

Allow the metal surface to dry thoroughly, and then apply two thin coats of POR-15 rust preventive coating. You can then use a POR-15 top coat for which rust preventive coating will break or loose in ultraviolet light.

Can You Use POR 15 In Cold Weather

Wrap Up

POR-15 is an excellent rust-preventive coating that you can use on metal surfaces for good results. It can chemically resist 10 percent hydrochloric acid and 85 percent phosphoric acid.

The best thing about using POR-15 is that it can terminate the rust permanently by keeping moisture away from the metal.

So, use POR-15 rust preventive coating on the metal surface to keep away from rust.

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