Where Are Maxxis Trailer Tires Made?

Maxxis is one of the premium trailer tire manufacturers in the world. But where are Maxxis trailer tires made? Are they made in China, like those notorious Chinese bomb tires? Find out in the article below.

The Internet is overflowing with poor tire reviews and incidents of tire blowouts. Tire manufacturers often compromise on the quality of tire materials, resulting in frequent blowouts. 

Maxxis is a decades-old company in the tire-making business, and customers swear by their tires in their reviews. 

Amidst such failing tires, Maxxis is known to provide optimum quality tires. So, the question arises: what is the secret of Maxxis’s long-lasting tires? And where are the Maxxis Trailer Tires Made? 

The one-word answer to that question is Thailand. But to know the in-depth analysis of Maxxis Trailer tires and the entire tire-making process keep reading. 

Where Are Maxxis Trailer Tires Made

Who Are Maxxis?

Maxxis is a decades-old tire-making company. Like many others, Maxxis too had a humble beginning in 1967, manufacturing bicycle tires in Taiwan. For the past 50 years, Maxxis has spread its trademark products into new markets, creating offerings for motorcycles, industrial vehicles, light trucks, buses, and more. 

It now distributes its products in more than 180 countries. Today they use the most advanced equipment for manufacturing. Maxxis’s high standard quality and efficiency have been acknowledged with numerous awards and honors.


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What Makes Maxxis Trailer Tires Special?

Maxxis has been in the business for 50 years and makes specialty tires among the top tires in the market. Their success in the market is because of the quality of their tires. 

While most foreign-made tires fail and customers suffer from frequent blowouts and bear the cost of constant repairing, Maxxis Trailer Tires serves you for a long time without any blowouts.

The secret of a long-lasting tire is hidden in its construction, and good construction goes a long way in surviving rush roads. 

Some of the features that make Maxxis Trailer Tires special are:

#1. Tread Construction

Maxxis tires can survive the pressure of loaded trucks due to their tread construction. The tires have the perfect tread depth, which is 9/32 inches. 

The tread allows low resistance while rolling. This, in turn, saves fuel and increases the life of the tread. An additional groove for decoupling helps the tire to cool down.

#2. Nylon outer coating

Maxxis tires are covered by a reliable covering that is nylon. Its steel fabricated construction and the covering improve the tires’ strength, durability, and stability to prevent leakage. 

The tire also has an inner lining that helps reduce air losses during the working of the trailer. Another addition of a scuff guard supports the sidewalls as well.

#3. Tire Shape

The overall shape of the tire has a perfect construction that ensures smooth driving and working of the trailer. The shape helps the truck maintain good speed and carry heavy loads. 

Where Are Maxxis Trailer Tires Made

How Are Maxxis Trailer Tires Made?

The first step in the tire-making process is deciding the components of the tire and their quality checking. A good tire maker knows how to maintain the quality of the tires in a limited price range. 

Tires should be affordable, but you should not compromise on the cost while buying trailing tires. Otherwise, you might regret it later as you would need to spend far more than you save on repairing tires at a low price. These tires are also popularly known as “China Bombs” due to their frequent blowouts. 

Raw materials

The required raw materials for making tires are steel, rubber, other textiles, and some chemicals. Steel is the most important material of all as it contributes to the main structure and high-quality steel ensures a long life of the tire. Apart from rubber, other textiles such as nylon, fabrics, etc., protect the tire.

Inner components

With the help of the raw materials, important components of the tire like tread, cords, beads, inner wall, etc., are made, ensuring the highest quality. These components are essential for providing strength to the trailer and establishing the stability and durability of the tires.

All these components are then joined to make up the tire in the machine. The process involves two steps one to assemble the components and the other is to vulcanize the layer of rubber of the tire.


Vulcanization is one of the essential steps of the whole process. It gives the tire its final shape making the raw rubber flexible and elastic and engraving the designs. If you think vulcanization is the last step, then you’re mistaken. 

Quality Tests

Before the tires are put into the market, companies perform various tests to check the quality and improve based on the test feedback. After various testing, the tire is marketed to the consumers. 


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Does Geography Affect The Quality Of Tire?

Maxxis is a US-based company, but its manufacturing and supply chains are spread across Asia. Now you might confuse Maxxis tires with failed “china bomb” tires. Maxxis has manufacturing units in Asian countries like Taiwan, China, and Thailand. 

Each unit specializes in different tires, such as bicycles, and Thailand makes trailer tires that maintain high quality. Maxxis is ranked as the best company for trailer tires by several consumer forums. 

The manufacturing units in Asia do not mean that it will negatively affect the tire quality. 

The geography of the terrain in which the trailer is working will decide the lifespan of the tire. But in no way does the terrain of the factory state affect the quality. 

Maxxis holds a strong reputation evident through its positive reviews overflowing on the Internet, yet the tires are made in Asia. 

Where Are Maxxis Trailer Tires Made

Who Makes The Best Trailer Tires?

The entire article shows that Maxxis tires are reliable and are in the running for the best trailer tires. You should keep the factors while choosing a trailer tire for your traveling trailer you need to check the speed that it gives, the low weight of the tires, their size, and the pressure and friction they can handle. 

Maxxis M8008 radial trailer tire is named the best compared to other competing companies’ trailer tires. 

Other alternatives to Maxxis trailer tires include the following companies


Carlisle, like Maxxis, has been in the tire-making business for decades. With their experience, they have developed various high-performing tires in an affordable range.

Their radial trailer HD model offers brilliant grip and is smooth on the road, ensuring less wear and tears on the tire. 

Trailer King

In Comparison to Maxxis or Carlisle, Trailer King is a comparatively new company over a decade old. In this period, they have become one of the major suppliers of trailer tires due to their quality assurance. 

The best trailer tire variant of Trailer king is ST Radial II. The tire is built for the toughest situations your travel tire may face and provides high performance and long life to your trailer tire. 

Where Are Maxxis Trailer Tires Made

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is Maxxis American made?

Maxxis is an American-based company but not made in the states. They have their factories in Asian countries like China, Taiwan, and Thailand.

#2. What travel trailer tires are made in the USA?

Goodyear and Carlisle make trailer tires in the USA. 

#3. Who builds Maxxis?

Maxxis tires are built by Asian factories in China, Thailand, and Taiwan. Trailer tires are built in Thailand.

#4. Where are Carlisle trailer tires made?

Most of the Carlisle trailer tires are made in Clinton and Tennessee in the US. 


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A Few Final Words

Maxxis tires are made in Thailand, situated in the south of Asia. They make one of the best trailer tires. The company does not only check their tires, but also individual reviewers have tested their tires and verified them to be reliable. 

Their radial model of M8008 has been tested in a Carson trailer and other tires. It’s found to be the best. It would help if you go through various options of trailer tires that you have and evaluate them with your requirements before deciding the tire to buy. 

Thank you for reading, we hope we covered the answers to all your questions. If not, just drop us a comment and we will get back to you with the answers.

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