Where Are Hercules Trailer Tires Made?

Hercules tires are popular all over the world. But where are Hercules trailer tires made, i.e., in the USA or outside the USA? Let’s find out in the article below.

If you own a recreational vehicle, it’s a good thing. You can use it while going camping. But you need to keep all the recreational vehicle equipment in tip-top condition. 

For instance, tires play an essential role while driving because they are the only surface that comes into contact with the road. A bad quality tire will blow out in the middle of the road or be pulled in one direction during the trip, which is frustrating.

So I always suggest you invest in high-quality tires for your vehicle. There are so many tire brands available in the market, which may confuse you. But one of the best tire brands is Hercules trailer tires. 


Where Are Hercules Trailer Tires Made


These tires have edges and grooves, providing a better grip on the road. Moreover, they are infused with silica gel which decreases the friction with the road surface. Thus it enhances the life of the tire.

So where are Hercules trailer tires made? The Hercules tire and rubber company doesn’t make their tires. It has a partnership with Cooper tire and rubber company. It is an American Company that designs and manufactures Hercules tires. So most of the Hercules tires are made in the USA.

The article discusses Hercules tires in detail. So, keep on reading the article for more information.


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History Of Hercules Tires

A group of tire dealers in the North East United States founded Hercules Tires And Rubber Company in 1952. The Brewer family took charge of this company for a long time, which led to its company growth. In 1960 the company partnered with Cooper tire and rubber company, which produces Hercules tires and distribution and marketing services.


The Cooper tire and rubber company is an American Company that designs and manufactures tires for automobiles, trucks, racing cars, and others. The company was listed on the New York Stock exchange from 1960 to 2020, and in2021, it was acquired by Goodyear tire company.


The Cooper tire company distributes millions of tires Worldwide. That’s Why Hercules tires are found in 90 countries all over the globe. 


Why Should I Invest In Hercules Tires?

#1. Affordable Price

Hercules tires are not only beautifully designed but also have outstanding features. You can find various tires in the market with the same features as the Hercules tire. But their price is very high. The best thing about the Hercules tires is that they are available at an affordable price, enabling you to purchase a set of qualitative tires that last for many years.

#2. Customer Satisfaction

You will find a wide variety of Hercules tires on the market. But does most of the customers satisfied with these tires? Yes, almost all customers are satisfied after using these tires because it gives an 85,000 miles warranty that covers the tire’s tread.


Tread is the rubber on the tire which touches the road surface. But the tread wears down as we drive on the road. The best thing about purchasing Hercules tires is that if you have issues with the tire within 50 percent of tread life, they will replace it with a brand new one.

Again, Hercules tires also offer you a satisfaction guarantee for 30 periods which you do not find in other brand tires.


Where Are Hercules Trailer Tires Made


#3. Reduces Fuel Consumption

Herculean tires are usually infused with silica gel and other compounds, reducing rolling resistance and decreasing friction between the tire surface and the road. Consequently, it increases the efficiency of the tire and reduces the consumption of fuel.

#4. Enable You To Drive In Any Season

The center ribbing on Hercules tires will provide you comfort while driving in any season. The tires have asymmetrical tread patterns, which provide a good grip on the road.

Moreover, these tires will provide good stability and traction on wet and dry roads.


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What Are Different Type Of Hercules Tire?

Vehicles come in different brands and types. So they need the right tires for good performance on the road.


The goal of Hercules tires is to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. So it provides a wide variety of tires. I am listing some of them below.

#1. Passenger Car tires

These tires are mainly suitable for SUVs, hatchbacks, sedans, and less than ¾ tons of trucks.

Example: RoadTour 855 SPE


  • The semisolid center rib allows you to drive comfortably by maintaining traction and water evacuation.
  • The solid shoulder with offset grooves on the tire will provide good stability and reduce the surface noise on the road.
  • Advanced tread compound will provide low rolling resistance and increases wet traction.

#2.CrossOver / CUV Tires

The crossover tires have a good tread pattern which will enable you to drive on highways, surface streets, and dirt roads.

Example – Tera Trac At X Journey


  • The tire’s silica tread and 3D sipes run well on wet weather roads.
  • The grooves on the tire surface support stability. It even improves traction on slippery and wet roads by moving water flow in the tread.


Where Are Hercules Trailer Tires Made


#3.Light Truck Tires

These tires can carry heavy loads almost all season. So it ensures all the truck drivers have a smooth journey.

Example: Tera Trac HPT


  • The tread design in the tire help in reducing noise and rolling resistance.
  • The semi-open shoulder design improves traction performance.

#4. Winter Tires

Hercules makes special tires for the winter season to provide maximum traction on the road.

Example: Avalanche TT


  • The zigzag circumferential grooves on the tire help hold snow on the tread and provide good traction.


#5. Tire Tracker

You can use these tires for boats, campers, and recreational vehicles.

Example: H-901 ST


  • The high tensile steel bets in these tires provide maximum durability
  • The tread compound provides good handling on wet roads and braking.
  • It has more biting edges to provide a good grip in snow.


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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Are Hercules trailer tires made in the USA?

.Hercules has partnered with Cooper tire and rubber company which manufactures and distributes Hercules tires. Cooper tire company is an American Company and has headquarters in Findlay, Ohio, USA.So, most of the Hercules tires are made in the USA.

#2. Are Hercules tires China made?

No, almost all the Hercules tires are made in the USA.

#3. Are Hercules tires made in the USA?

Hercules RV tires are made in the USA by Cooper tire and rubber company.


Where Are Hercules Trailer Tires Made


#4. Who manufactures the Hercules tires?

Hercules tires have been manufactured by Cooper tire and rubber company since 1960. These two companies have a partnership till today.

A Few Final Words

Hercules tires will provide you with good stability and enable you to drive smoothly on the road. There is a wide range of tire sizes available. So, you can choose the one which fits your vehicle. They even have good traction in light snow, enabling you to drive comfortably. So, if you are searching for a new set of tires, you can think of purchasing Hercules tires.


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