Where are Hi Run Tires Made?

Where are Hi Run tires made? Are they an American brand? Let’s find out.

Maintaining your vehicle is the most important thing to make it long-lasting. It is sure that if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, it will be a mess for you. For example, if you are on a trip and suddenly your car breaks down, it can create many problems for you. 

When we talk about the maintenance of the car, the most important part is the tires. Having high-quality tires will save you from a lot of trouble. Therefore, here we will talk about one of the best tire brands, Hi Run Tires. 

In this article, you will learn: 

  • What are Hi Run Tires? 
  • Are they worth it or not? 
  • Where are they made? 


Where are Hi Run Tires Made

What are Hi Run Tires? 

Hi Run tires are one of the most well-known brands when buying strong and durable tires for a trailer or RV’s. Hi Run is a Chinese company, but worldwide, the brand is known to be the best due to its great features like durability and quality. 

However, the brand also manufactures many other tires, but their main lineup is trailer tires. The brand offers various types and choices of Hi Run tires to choose from. You can choose the tires’ weight and pressure holding capacity as per your vehicle. 

Hi Run provides mileage limits labeled on the specifications of the tires, which can make your selection process easy and quick. 

They provide a warranty on the tires, which means you can get a replacement of your tires if they get damaged before the mileage period. 


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Where are Hi Run Tires Made? 

Hi Run is a brand of Sutong CTR Inc, which is based in China. The company was established in 1993. They manufacture the tires in China and export them all over the world. The company imports five million tires in a year and is growing every year. 

Sutong has its headquarters in Texas and many offices and warehouses in the United States and Canada. 

Hi run, being a partner of Sutong, have a great market in the United States and Canada. 

In short: Hi Run tires are made in China. 


Where are Hi Run Tires Made

Are Hi Run Tires Worth It or not? 

Hi Run tires have had good reviews in the last few years. But most of the good reviews have been received on cheaper models. 

So if you are looking to buy Hi run tires under a certain budget, you are making a wise decision. Hi Run is known to be a low-priced player in the market.

Their expensive models are neither that great nor are they known for making the high-end stuff, which is why people prefer more reputed brands for high-end tires.

To summarize: Hi Run tires are great when you are buying inexpensive tires with the understanding that they will not last that long. But if you want high-quality tires, there are better and more reputed brands out there.


Also, we would recommend you check the mileage of the tires before you purchase them. 

Tires need constant care and maintenance, and a lot of times, how long your tire runs depends more on the way you keep them rather than the brand or the price.

What does Hi Run mean on tires? 

Before you buy Hi run tires, you must know what it means and the main purpose of these tires. 

Hi run tires are highway terrain tires specially made for trailers. They have higher load capacities and are capable enough to hold the load of a trailer. 

It is not recommended to use Hi run tires on light trucks, as they don’t can hold the weight of the tires. They can only be mounted on trailers. Hi run tires are load range tires that have higher velocity on the highways. 


Where are Hi Run Tires Made

What are the best Trailer Tires? 

If you want a safe and stable drive in your trailer, it is recommended to have heavy-duty tires. Here are few best trailer tires that you can consider for your safe drive: 

  • Carlisle Trail HD trailer Tires 
  • Trailer King St Radial II 
  • Carlisle Sport Trailer LH bias 
  • Hi RunTrailer JK 42 
  • Freestar M-108 
  • Hi Run Boat Trailer. 

You can consider anyone from the above list of trailer tires. 


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How to find the Best Trailer Tires? 

Before you buy trailer tires, you must know that they are different from other car tires. Although they look similar, they are different in many ways. Their construction and load capacity is far more than car tires. 

Here are factors that can help you in distinguishing between truck tires and trailer tires: 

# ST Metric and LT Metric Tires 

LT metric tires come with high loading capacity, and they are meant for trailers only. LT means Light truck tires; they are strong but as much as ST tires. LT tires offer great traction, an excellent braking system, and comfortable drive. At the same time, ST tires provide better stability on highways. 


Where are Hi Run Tires Made

# Load Range Capacity 

We strongly recommend you look at the specification list of Hi run tires before choosing the one to ensure you get the right loading capacity tires that support your vehicle. 


# What trailer tires are made in the USA? 

We have many US-made tires, few of them are as follows: 

  • BFGoodrich 
  • Carlisle 
  • Carlisle USA trailer

# Where are Carlisle tires made? 

Carlisle tires are manufactured by Carlstadt group, which has their manufacturing plant in Clinton, Tennessee. 


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Where Are Hi Run Tires Made? They Are Made In China

Now let us come back to the original question, Where are Hi Run tires made? They are made in China and get imported all over the United States and Canada. 

But even though Hi Run may not have a great reputation in the high-end tire market, they do provide a good and solid product at a relatively lower price point which is particularly useful for people who are looking for something cheaper.


Happy Driving!

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