What Is Active Brake Control JL4?

What is active brake control JL4? You might have heard or seen this term in auto forums and discussions. Active braking helps the car brake intelligently through the use of sensors.

Active brake control provides the driver with improved control over the vehicle. Your car will be able to handle braking more effectively with these systems. 

The primary purpose of this braking system is to provide optimum braking even in adverse conditions such as harsh weather, faulty mechanisms, and so on. 


What Is Active Brake Control JL4


What is Active Braking? 

Active braking is a new technology introduced in cars. This technology provides braking support and safety to drivers in emergencies. 

The brake assist works in a very efficient manner. The brake assist will judge your intention by the force with which you apply the brakes, along with your speed. 

If the brake assist feels you are not initiating an emergency stop, they will not activate on their own. Still, if the brake assist feels you are initiating an emergency stop, the brake assist will start working. 

In case of emergencies, the brake assist will apply extra pressure so that you can take full advantage of the Antilock Braking System. 

The ABS prevents the steering wheel of your car from locking up in emergencies. Due to the ABS, you can have better control over your vehicle, and you can quickly drive to safety with it. 

What is JL4 Active Brake? 

The JL4 active brake system is an advanced braking technology that automatically applies the brakes when it senses danger.

Due to this technology, your vehicle can sense an impending collision, and then it reacts accordingly. The JI4 will apply the brakes without you pushing onto the brake pedals. 

This feature is most effective at moderate or lower speeds. You will experience its best effect on the streets but not on the freeway or the highway. 

How Do Active Brakes Work?

Active brakes are also popularly known as Advanced Emergency Braking Systems(AEBS) or autonomous emergency braking. These braking systems use a collection of sensors. These sensors evaluate your surroundings and detect the presence of other vehicles around you.

These sensors are also capable of detecting any chances of a collision. If they predict that a collision will happen, they will automatically apply the brakes causing the vehicle to stop immediately. 

These systems include front and rear automatic brakes and pre-safe brakes available in only a few selective models on the market, namely Mercedes.

When the sensors are alerting the driver about the collision, the active brakes send maximum power to the brakes so that when you press the brakes, your vehicle stops immediately. 


What Is Active Brake Control JL4


Types of Active Brake Systems

Different types of sensors alert the driver in different ways about the collision. The most common methods are given as follows:-

  • Audio:- The most common way to grab the driver’s attention is by sending audio alerts. Loud audio alerts can be heard easily by the driver allowing them to react quickly. If the driver is feeling sleepy, then they can also listen to the alarm sound.
  • Haptic:- We generally refer to the sense of touch and feeling as haptic feedback. Sensors that have the ability of haptic feedback vibrate at high intensity. Due to these high-intensity vibrations, you can get to know that your car will have a collision.
  • Tactile:- Tactile sensors are the sensors that can interact with the environment. Your car must have such sensors on the seat, due to which your seat will start vibrating, and you can get to know about the incoming danger.

Do Active Brake Systems Work?

The cars with such active braking systems have shown excellent results in simulations. With the help of these brakes, you can significantly reduce the stopping distance by 45%. According to the preliminary radar studies, with the help of active brakes, you can reduce car crash rates by 75%.

With the help of partial active braking systems, we can reduce 70% of the collision cases. These brakes are a useful addition to the car for accident reduction and warning the other people driving on the roads. The number of rear accidents or collisions will also reduce with the introduction of maximum brake force. 

The antilock braking system works explicitly on traction control and contact. Your steering wheel would not lock up, and your call would not skid uncontrollably. Some high-end cars also use cameras, radars, and sensors to precisely calculate the intensity of the incoming collision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does RPO code JI4 mean? 

If your vehicle or car has the RPO code JI4, then that means that your vehicle has the facility of active brake control. 

If your vehicle displays except for JI4, then that means it does not have an active brake control system. You must check this code before buying a car as it is an important safety aspect. 

Vehicles that have an active braking system have higher safety standards and ratings. You might have to pay a little extra for such features, but it will be worth it. 


What Is Active Brake Control JL4


How do I know that my Chevy has active brake control? 

The most common way through which you can detect whether your car has an active brake control is by the traction control switch. 

If your car has a traction control switch to turn the traction on and off, likely, it does not have an active brake control. 

If your car does not have a traction switch, it may be equipped with active brake control. 

Another simple way to know this is by checking the RPO code. If your car has the RPO code JI4, it has an active brake control; otherwise, it doesn’t. 

How do you tell you to have active brake control? 

You can tell whether your car has active brake control or not by checking your vehicle’s specifications. 

You can tell or feel the presence of the active brake control system while driving. If you see a traction control switch on the driving console, then that means your car doesn’t have active braking. 

But if it doesn’t have the traction switch, then it should have active braking. Vehicles with active control have better handling and driving experience. 

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