Does Straight Piping Increase MPG? Truth Revealed

Are you thinking of straight piping your engine? Does straight piping increase mpg, or is it all just big words and no major benefit? Read the article below to learn the truth of straight piping.

A number of drivers use the straight piping method to increase the power of their cars. There is a common idea that straight piping can help improve mileage. 

But is there any truth to the idea? Today, we will discuss how straight piping can or cannot help with the mileage of your car. 

If you are looking for the short version of the answer: yes, straight piping helps mileage, but it also causes huge amounts of toxic fumes. Read on to find out more details. 


Does Straight Piping Increase MPG


How Does Straight Piping Work? 

The straight piping system works by removing the entire exhaust system of the car, which includes the catalytic converter, muffler, and resonator. 

Remove the sound suppression system from the car, which can decrease the pressure in the exhaust and increase the mileage. 

Straight piping is a method used commonly in track cars and heavy vehicles. The pipes have no bends or turns, allowing direct airflow in the pipe. 

The straight pipe system have relatively less friction and makes the airflow rate more predictable. Using these pipes in racing cars is considered to increase the speed and mileage of the cars over a longer period of time. 

Straight Pipe Or Muffler Delete – Which Method Might Work?

The Straight pipe exhaust system includes removing the different components of the exhaust system – muffler, catalytic converter, and resonator – and replacing them with one single straight pipe. 

It reduces the back pressure of the car by a large margin, which tends to increase the horsepower and mileage, making the car’s exhaust louder. 

Muffler delete is the process of removing the muffler component from the exhaust system, not the entire exhaust system. 

The muffler is then replaced with a steel pipe which results in louder exhaust noise. The main idea of muffler deletion is to reduce the backpressure of the car and increase horsepower, similar to straight piping but with fewer replacements. 

Both processes help with sound improvement in the car, making them louder as the exhaust back pressure is decreased. While it helps to increase the mileage of a car, straight piping makes the exhaust gases more toxic than the muffler delete. 



Does Straight Piping Increase MPG


Are There Benefits To Straight Piping?

The whole idea is straight piping is to remove the whole exhaust system to release the pressure on the car’s airflow to increase the horsepower. So, straight piping of the car does come with some benefits, which is why this is still a good feature used in cars. 

Here are some of the benefits that you should know about:

  • Removing the parts of the exhaust system, like the catalytic converter and resonators, decreases the vehicle’s weight, allowing for quick acceleration. 
  • For modern V8 engines, the sound of exhaust gases is loud and usually preferred by race-car drivers. 
  • With the release of backpressure, the straight pipe helps to reduce the load of the engine and creates more horsepower for the car.
  • If you are looking for better MPG, using straight piping can help as it improves the fuel economy of the car and makes it more efficient while driving. 

Does Straight Piping Actually Work For Mileage?

When straight piping is installed in a car, it tends to increase the MPG of the car since it clears out the exhaust from any kind of obstruction. Since the back pressure is decreased, the engine works more freely and improves fuel economy. 

Though it works for heavy-duty trucks, the problem with straight piping comes when there is too much pressure put on the accelerator pedal. To create the loud noise of the exhaust, drivers tend to push down the pedal so hard that it directly affects the engine. This increases the fuel economy of the car and will decrease the mileage of the car. 


Does Straight Piping Increase MPG


Disadvantages Of The Straight Piping Your Car

Most people install the straight piping system to get that loud and roaring effect when driving a car. When you are driving on a smooth track with ten other loud vehicles, this might be a fun thing to experience. However, there are better options than this when you are out on the streets with other people driving. 

Here are some of the biggest problems with the straight piping system that you should be aware of before you think of installing it in your car:

  • The main aim of straight piping your car is to increase the noise of the car. While this can be something desired by heavy vehicles and race car drivers, the sound can be deafening on public streets. The sound from straight piping is one of the reasons it is considered an illegal system in many states. If you straight piping your car, the sound will also be louder inside the vehicle, which can equally harm your ears. 
  • When you remove the exhaust system and replace it with a single pipe, it does not create the flexible design that the original system has. The design of an undercarriage is also considered when piping it, so a replacement can be difficult to find. 
  • Straight piping is an expensive process if compared to the muffler delete system. The quality of the pipe, customizing options, and removal of the whole system can be a very expensive affair overall. If you do it yourself, you will still have to invest around $1000 for the piping system. 
  • One of the main disadvantages of the straight pipe system is the high levels of emissions that it causes. The catalytic converter is installed in a car to manage the levels, as it restricts gas flow. But when it is removed with the exhaust system as part of the straight piping, there is no filter, and most of these cars fail emission tests. 
  • When you are straight piping your car, it can affect the resale value of the car. The system is, infact, illegal in many places, which means that you will not be able to sell your car if it has straight piping. You will have to undo the entire work before you put your car up for sale. 


Does Straight Piping Increase MPG


Thing To Remember When Using Straight Piping

Experienced race car drivers, who commonly use straight piping in the car, suggest one very important thing that should be done when using the system. This helps to keep the car healthy in the long run without damaging any part of the engine or causing harm to the exhaust system.

When the catalytic converter has been removed from the exhaust system, the O2 sensors should be reinstalled on the exhaust. The oxygen sensor keeps the exhaust fumes in check by measuring the unburnt oxygen in the exhaust gases. There are usually two O2 sensors that send a signal to the ECU that adjusts the fuel going to the engine cylinder. 

Installing the first O2 sensor is mandatory to keep a check on the fuel being injected. The second O2 sensor can be installed by using a weld bung. A hole is drilled into the straight piping without a spacer that allows the gases to pass through the sensor. This connects it directly to the ECU, adjusting the air-fuel ratio. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does straight piping increase HP?

As straight piping reduces the backpressure on the car, it can significantly increase the HP and torque of the engine. This is one of the reasons for race car drivers install straight pipes in their cars, improving fuel consumption and mileage simultaneously. 


Does Straight Piping Increase MPG


Does a straight pipe exhaust use more fuel?

No. Using a straight pipe in your car can improve fuel economy. This is because the straight pipe removes the backpressure of the car and helps it breathe freely. However, straight piping affects the exhaust fumes and makes them more toxic. 

Does straight pipe affect the engine?

When a straight pipe is installed in a car, it can increase the gas velocity of the engine. This, in the long run, reduces the engine performance to as low as 2,000 to 2,500 RPM, and the vehicle’s speed may increase even when power is given. 

What are the cons of straight pipe?

One of the leading problems with straight pipe exhaust is the increased exhaust gases that make this system illegal in street cars. Cars that have a straight pipe system do not meet the emission standards of street cars, along with the huge noise that they emit. 


What you need to remember about the straight piping method in your exhaust system is that there are better things for your car on the common road. While it is likely to increase the MPG of your car, it also causes a huge amount of noise and harmful emissions that are not suitable for a public environment. This is why it is an illegal method, and the best idea is not to go for it. 

Thank you for reading, and drive safe!

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