Where To Get Wheel Bearings Pressed?

Looking out for an auto repair shop to press your wheel bearings? This guide will help you find the best places where to get wheel bearings pressed at fair prices. 

Worn-out wheel bearings can be problematic, especially when driving at high speeds. While one can ignore problems like grinding noises, vibrations, and flat tires, a broken wheel bearing can even cost a life if the brake fails while driving. 

Repairing worn-out bearings is only a temporary solution. It is best to replace a bad wheel bearing with a new one as soon as possible for the most safety. But then, the question of where you can get wheel bearings pressed comes up. 

With 100s of local repair shops available in the United States, it is obvious to feel lost with many models, brands, technical specifications, and prices, more so when you are a novice and do not understand technical jargon clearly. 

Through this guide, let’s explore the best repair shops, wheel bearing pricing, and if one can easily replace bearings at home. 

Where To Get Wheel Bearings Pressed

Everything You Should Know About Pressed-in Bearings

Bearings come in two broad styles: Pressed-in and Bolted-in bearings. Pressed-in bearings are conventionally used in cars and trucks. On the other hand, the use of bolted-in bearings is growing because these bearings require less effort to install. 

With pressed-in bearings, there is no risk of inserting them against the wheel hub assembly. In addition to being already set inside the wheel hub, the seals and greases on wheel bearings keep dirt away from the assembly. While the seals block mud and water from entering the inner section, grease makes sure that the wheel temperature does not rise while braking. 


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Where Can I Get Wheel Bearings Pressed?

When you are sure about replacing a wheel bearing, the first step is to locate the best automobile repair shop near you. Finding a local mechanic is easy, but finding a good one is not. Some shops have specialized tools and machines, others may not.

One way to avoid all this hassle is to just press the bearings yourself. But if you don’t want to get into so much work, here’s what you need to do:

#1. Pick Up An Authorized Dealer

Repairing an old wheel bearing is hard, especially if the broken inner races are still visible. For this reason, landing in a suitable auto repair shop is the key to avoiding further damage. Let’s evaluate all the automobile repair shops based on skills, resources, and costs to get a new wheel bearing pressed. 

NAPA Autopro

If you are looking for the best replacement services, then America’s leading National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA) are the experts in automobile services. The company has over 600 locations in both Canada and the United States. 

The technicians possess excellent knowledge and experience in handling vehicles. You can never go wrong when you choose any of their services, and their prices are fair too. 

Meineke Car Care

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the United States, Meineke is a franchise-based automobile company. The company is located in more than 900 countries with a global presence. 

With a complete auto-repairing service available, the mechanic here leaves no room to get your car repaired promptly. 

So, if you are looking to get your wheel bearings pressed, you can book an appointment with any of its local stores. It is best to call the dealer and ask for the relevant price based on cost estimates. 

Where To Get Wheel Bearings Pressed

Harbor Freight

The widely known Harbor Freight is inexpensive and has been servicing automobile units for 40 years. Being a retailer shop in the US, the company runs with high-end machines and tools at the most affordable prices. 

To check for more details, you can directly visit any nearby store or place a call to understand the services.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts Repair company is another best option to get your front, or rear wheel bearings pressed. With a broad range of products and services available, almost 5,759 O’Reilly stores are present in 47 states of the United States. 

#2. Find Bearing Parts Online

If you have experience using mechanic tools without any help, then buying pressing kits online can also be considered. Amazon is one shopping destination that enlists the best pressing kits at an affordable price. 


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How Much Is The Replacement Cost of Wheel Bearings?

If you want to replace an old bearing with a new one, replacement costs need to be considered. While the prices may vary according to the model, brand and effectiveness, there is a high possibility that repairing time can also be calculated to the total cost. 

A technician or a local mechanic would first ascertain whether to replace the whole wheel hub or the wheel bearings alone. On average, the costs to change wheel bearings can differ from $60 to $150, depending on the model. On the other hand, if you are opting to replace the hub assembly, you can expect costs of about $200 to $500. 

Additionally, when you add the labor costs, wheel bearing replacements can pick a $100-$200 sized hole in your pocket.

Is it Possible to Replace Wheel Bearings On My Own?

Yes, it is possible to exchange old bearings with new bearings. However, I would suggest you try it only if you are an expert in the automobile industry or have experience understanding mechanical systems. 

On another note, it is best to have all the specialized tools ready at your end. You can also refer to DIY videos available on YouTube to learn more. Before that, let us first understand how to remove wheel bearings. 

How To Remove Wheel Bearings?

Before you even decide to touch any mechanical parts of your vehicle, make sure that you wear gloves specifically designed for automobile repairs.

  • Step 1: Invest in a 6-8 ton pressing machine.
  • Step 2: Jack up the vehicle from the front and remove the wheel. Make sure you wear gloves before touching the wheel. 
  • Step 3: Loosen up the washers and remove them one by one. Place each of the washers securely in one place. The front-wheel axle should automatically tilt to its right side. 
  • Step 4: Now, unscrew the bolts and take the caliper off with a bit of force. Suspend the caliper to avoid handing it over to the hose. 
  • Step 5: When you are done, the next step is to remove the brake disc and unbolt the hub nut out of the wheel bearing assembly. Use an impact wrench or long socket wrench to unfasten the nuts easily. 
  • Step 6: Take off the track rod end using a hammer with an upward force. Also, remove the lower ball joint bolt and ABS sensor. Using a hammer and puller, separate the driveshaft, and hub carrier by removing any extended bolts. Finally, press the old bearing out. 


Where To Get Wheel Bearings Pressed


How To Press The Bearings?

You need to first press the wheel bearing before using a press machine. For this reason, it is best to use two wooden blocks on each side of the pressing machine. You can also use metal support to avoid cracks, heat or accidental damage. 

  • Step 1: Do check if there is any dirt or wear on a steering knuckle. Also, check if the new bearings look okay to fit inside the hub. If you suspect anything, use a file, brush or honing stone to clean up the area. Avoid using any powered abrasive device to retain bearing diameter. 
  • Step 2: Take new bearings in hand and look for the magnetic side with the help of a metal clip. The bearings with metallic surfaces should face inside the steering knuckle. 
  • Step 3: Press the bearings into the tooling surface and look if it fits accurately. 
  • Step 4: Next, install a snap ring, dust shield, and tighten bolts. Then, place the hub stud into the wheel assembly. When you press in the hub stud, support the inner race of the bearings to avoid damage. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

#1 How much does it cost to get a wheel bearing pressed?

It may cost you anywhere between $25 to $50 to replace the bearings of either the front or rear wheel. However, the labor costs can be as high as $150 to $400 prices. A mechanic can take 2-4 hours of manual work to press the new wheel bearings. 

#2 Does O’Reilly press bearings?

Yes. O’Reilly is one of the best retail stores that sell automotive parts and provides press-bearing service. 

#3 Does Napa press wheel bearings?

The NAPA repair shop has professional technicians to identify if the wheel bearings have gone wrong.  


Where To Get Wheel Bearings Pressed


#4 How do you press a bearing without a press?

You can press a bearing with the help of mechanical tools like a hammer, heating tool, plank or punch. First, remove the wheel and take off the seals and bearings. 

Make sure to heat the hub with a heating tool. Next, hammer down each side of the bearings. Freeze new bearings and insert them and reheat the hub. 


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Final Words

Pressing new wheel bearings is easy and can be done with a hydraulic press, hammer, or external help. Whether you choose a professional or do mechanics alone, finding the right tools and skills should always be the priority.  We have listed some of the most professional places where you can get your wheel bearings pressed.

Thank you for reading the article, we hope you have got all the answers you were looking for. If you like what you read, share the information with others. Kindly leave your comments to help us improve better.

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