Does Magnetic Phone Mount Affect Wireless Charging?

Wireless chargers work using electromagnetic induction, and magnets can interfere with their working. So, Does magnetic phone mount affect wireless charging? Let us find out.

Everyone owns a phone these days, and most of the manufacturers are venturing into the field of wireless charging. 

If you drive a vehicle, the chances are high that you have a magnetic mount in your car. Magnetic phone mounts are incredibly beneficial. If your car does not have an inbuilt navigation system, you can use your phone’s map and GPS by placing your phone on the magnetic mount. 

Whether you need to call someone or use the voice assistant feature of your phone, having it in front of your eye on the magnetic mount is beneficial.

Since most phones have either glass, plastic, or aluminum back, they won’t stick to the magnetic mount. For you to mount them on a magnetic mount, you need to attach a metal plate on the back of your phone, which then locks itself to the magnetic mount.

Does Magnetic Phone Mount Affect Wireless Charging? 

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

Wireless charging or inductive charging is the technique of charging a device without plugging it into a power source. The transfer of power happens through electromagnetic induction

All you need to do is place the device on the induction pad on the charger or even near the charger. You don’t even have to align the device correctly. 

Do Magnets Affect Wireless Charging?

Since wireless charging works with electromagnetic induction, placing a magnet near the wireless charger can interfere with the electromagnetic waves. 

The magnetic field from the magnet will cause difficulty in the pairing of the device and the charger. So, placing a magnet between the charger and the device is not ideal, and you might not even be able to charge your device.

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Do Magnetic Phone Mounts Interfere With Wireless Charging?

In the case of a magnetic phone mount, you don’t have to place a magnet on the back of the phone. The magnet is in the magnetic mount. You would have to stick a metal plate that will lock into the magnetic mount on the back of the phone when you bring the device near the mount.

So, the magnet in the magnetic mount has nothing to do with the wireless charging in this case. However, since you need to place a metal plate on the phone’s back, that might cause some issues with the wireless charging. 

While charging a device through wireless or cordless charging, we place the phone in the middle of the induction pad of the charger, which leaves ample space at the top and bottom part of the phone. 

You can stick the metal plate at the top or bottom area of the phone’s back which will be out of the way of the charging coil inside the phone.

Whether or not the metal plate will affect the wireless charging sometimes depends upon the phone and the thickness of the metal plate. Sometimes, the metal plate would hinder the process of wireless charging no matter where you placed it.

Does Magnetic Phone Mount Affect Wireless Charging

Can I wirelessly charge a phone that has a metal plate for a magnetic mount attached?

Having a magnetic phone mount is essential for cars that don’t have inbuilt navigation. To use the magnetic mount, you need to stick a metal plate on the back of your phone. Users having a phone with wireless charging often wonder whether placing the metal plate will cause any problem with the wireless charging. 

Metal generally doesn’t have any effect on the wireless charger. However, since it creates a blockage between the charger and the charging coil in the phone, sometimes a phone with a metal plate won’t pair with the charger and thus can not charge. 

There is a simple solution to this. The charging coil is usually situated in the middle part of the phone that you place on the wireless charger. If you don’t want the metal plate to cause any trouble while charging your phone wirelessly, you can stick the metal plate at the top of the bottom part of the phone.

Sometimes, even placing the metal plate away from the charging coil doesn’t work, and you need to altogether remove it for charging wirelessly or use a wired charger for your phone.

Does Magnetic Phone Mount Affect Wireless Charging

Are magnetic phone mounts bad for your phone?

When we need to drive through unknown locations and without a navigation system, it can get tricky. Since not all cars have inbuilt navigation systems, you need an alternative option. 

Your phone is the ideal solution for you if you don’t have inbuilt navigation in your car. You can use the maps and GPS on your phone to track where you are and get step-by-step directions to the place you are going. 

To see the map, you would want your phone at eye level, right in front of you. The best way for that would be to get a magnetic mount and place it in your car and lock your phone on top of it. You can use the navigation, place a call, and use other features through your voice assistant.

Many cell phone users often wonder whether using a magnetic phone mount will be harmful to their device. A straightforward answer to this question is no. However, there is a general concept that magnets are harmful to cell phones as they interfere with the navigation system and signals. 

Since the magnet in a magnetic phone mount is really small and thus has a low range weak magnetic field. Placing your phone on a magnetic phone mount won’t affect your phone in any way. Even cellphones have several parts inside them that contain magnets like the speaker and camera.

With that being said, if your phone comes with wireless charging, then placing a metal plate on the back of the phone for mounting it atop the magnetic phone mount might interfere with the charging. There is a solution even for that. You can place the metal plate either at the bottom or top area of the phone.

Does Magnetic Phone Mount Affect Wireless Charging

Can you wireless charge the iPhone with the magnetic case?

Every cell phone user with a phone that features wireless charging often wonders- do magnetic phone mounts interfere with wireless charging?

Wireless charging or inductive charging is a technique of wireless transfer of power. It uses electromagnetic waves to transfer electrical energy to devices. 

Since the magnet in the magnetic case of a phone can cause interference to the electromagnetic induction, it is not recommended to have any magnetic material between the phone and the wireless charger. 

The magnetic field from the magnetic case will interfere with the induction process and cause a hindrance to the pairing of the charger and the phone. 

In the case of magnetic mounts, if you place the metal plate on either the top or bottom side of the phone and put it in the middle of the charger, it would be possible to charge the phone with the plate on it. 

Magnetic Phone Mounts Don’t Affect Wireless Charging.

Mobile phone users often place magnetic phone mounts in their cars to mount their phones while driving. It requires them to stick a metal plate to the phone’s back for it to lock onto the magnetic mount. 

As we explained above, a magnetic phone mount usually has too weak a magnet to interfere in the wireless charger’s electromagnetic field. 

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