How to Bypass Ford PATS System Without Using a Key

A passive anti-theft system is meant to protect your car, but sometimes it can be a nuisance too. Here’s how to bypass Ford PATS system without using a key, in those situations where you have forgotten your car keys elsewhere and need to access your car urgently.

A PATS system stands for the passive anti-theft system. This system is like an alarm of the car that prevents the vehicle from getting stolen. The main job of this alarm system is to start displaying the security light and ringing as soon as it detects some unidentified movement or when there is a loud noise or band. 

The passive anti-theft car alarm system has special sensors that detect when someone is tampering with the car. There are situations where an issue may arise that you might need to bypass your Ford Pats system without a ignition key, such as stolen or lost keys. This article will talk about such problems in detail. 

How to Bypass Ford PATS System Without Using a Key

How Does The Ford PATS System Work?

Before we learn how to bypass Ford’s passive anti-theft security system, it is essential to know how this system works. There is a special chip inside this car alarm system. This chip is also directly linked to your key fob. When you press the button on the vehicle key fob, the signal reaches the chip inside the anti-theft security system, and it disengages the alarm. 

You may wonder why pressing the button on another key fob does not have the same impact. This is because each key has a unique electronic identification procedure. The chip will only respond to the signal emitting from the vehicle’s original key. If someone tries to operate your vehicle with a false or replica key, the engine won’t start, preventing your car from getting stolen by thieves

This feature will be handy if you park your car and you forget to lock your vehicle, the engine will only respond to the original key and not to a replica key. Or if on the streets where there is no proper security. 


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How to Bypass Ford Pats System Without a Key?

Now, we will see how we can bypass the anti-theft security system without using a key. The following steps will temporarily ignore the anti-theft security system. None of these steps will permanently forget it, as doing so will put your car at risk of being stolen.

Remember that you must only use these steps when you have lost your key or cannot find your car’s keys. And once you have bypassed the anti-theft security system, it is ideal for getting a new transponder for your car to ensure maximum safety. 

Tools Needed To Bypass The Pats System

You’ll need tools, such as a screwdriver, tape, and a new pair of keys matching the original keys. 

Visit The Car’s Company

After getting the duplicate keys go to the dealer. You need to visit the car dealer to get the keys cut in the same shape and design as the original keys. Doing this will help the duplicate keys to match the real ones. The primary purpose of getting a spare set of keys is to fool the car into thinking that you are using the original keys for running the vehicle. 

How to Bypass Ford PATS System Without Using a Key

Bypass the System 

Now you need to remove the transponder chip from your vehicle. Take the screwdriver into the key system and remove the chip from there. After removing the chip you need to set the transponder again into its original position. You will need a electrical tape to do so. After this, you can use your duplicate keys to start the engine. 

Advantages Of Bypassing PATS

There are certain advantages to bypassing the Ford passive anti-theft security system in your car. Some of these advantages are:-

  • You will save money:- Bypassing the security system is helpful and will save you a lot of money in emergencies. You will not have to give extra money to mechanics for doing such a simple task. The entire process of bypassing the security system is not that difficult, and it also requires only basic tools. So you can do this task on your own. 
  • Saves time: passing your Ford on your own will also save you time. You will not have to rely on help from others to remove this security system. 
  • Simple task:- Bypassing the anti-theft light system is a simple task. A person with little knowledge about the car and car parts can also perform this task.

Disadvantages Of Bypassing PATS

There can also be some disadvantages of bypassing your Ford’s passive anti-theft device. By doing so, you are putting your car at risk of being stolen.

Your Ford car is more likely to be stolen, and there can also be several damage issues to the vehicle. This is why you should always temporarily disable the anti-theft module and not permanently. 

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Re-programming The Keys

You can reset and reprogram the transponder key codes. For this, you will need a new transponder key and your original transponder key. 

  • You need to put the first transponder key into your car’s ignition. Then you have to turn the ignition on and hold it for at least three seconds and not more than 10 seconds. 
  • After the first step, you can turn the ignition into the off position and take out the key. After three seconds of taking out this key, you need to put the new transponder key to the ignition and repeat the first step. 
  • Turn off the ignition on your Ford, and then remove the second key from the ignition. Again after three seconds, add the uncoded key into the ignition. Remember to add this key before 20 seconds of removing the other key. 
  • With this new key, turn on the ignition and hold it for six seconds. After that, you can remove the latest transponder key from the ignition. 

If you follow this procedure correctly, you will have a set of newly reprogrammed keys for your Ford truck. After completing this procedure, you can check the anti-theft indicator, which will flash for three seconds, and then you can turn off the car.  The whole process does not take more than 40-60 seconds

If you cannot follow the steps correctly, then the anti-theft indicator will start blinking rapidly, and you will not be able to turn your truck on with those keys. After some time, you can again attempt the procedure to successfully reprogram your keys. 

How to Bypass Ford PATS System Without Using a Key

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off anti-theft without a key fob? 

There are plenty of ways to turn off the anti-theft system without needing a key fob. If you don’t have the key fob, that’s fine. You can still reset the anti-theft system with your original keys. All you need to do is put the original keys in the driver-side door lock and unlock the car. 

After that, you need to lock the car again and leave the key inside for some time. After some time, you should see that the anti-theft system light in your dashboard has turned off. You can remove the key, as the anti-theft system is now in reset mode. 

Is there a fuse for the anti-theft system? 

Yes, there is a fuse for the anti-theft system inside the cars. Mostly this fuse is present on the panel. If you cannot find this fuse, then you can also recommend the user manual. This manual will explain to you the exact location of the alarm fuse on the panel. 

If this fuse is out of place, you will not be able to start the car. If you can put this fuse in its ideal location, you can start the vehicle by resetting the alarm. 

How do I reset my Pats system? 

There can be different approaches that you can follow for resetting your Pats system. The easiest way to reset the passive anti-theft security system is by using the key fob. Your key fob will contain a button that will allow you to engage and disengage the alarm system. 

Holding this button down for longer will put the alarm into reset mode. After the notice is in reset mode, you can reprogram the alarm as per your needs. 

Will disconnecting the battery reset the anti-theft?

Yes, disconnecting the battery might reset the anti-theft security system of your car. When the storm of the anti-theft system is low, it will start ringing so that you remember to change the batteries. This is another way of bypassing the anti-theft system in the car.

If you don’t have the keys and your car is not starting, then removing the car battery from the car alarm system might work. You can disconnect the battery for one or two minutes and then connect it again correctly, this should restart the alarm system, and you should be able to start your car. 

How to Bypass Ford PATS System Without Using a Key

Wrap Up

Bypassing your Ford passive anti-theft alarm system is something every Ford owner should know about. Even though these car alarm safety systems are made for the owner’s convenience, there are cases when these systems can also be very annoying. 

During this time, as an owner, the person must know how to disable the alarm when it is acting on its own. For the times when the passive anti-theft security system will start working on its own, then you can use your bypass module and disengage the anti-theft system on your Ford. The above article explains how to bypass the car alarm system without a key.

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