How to Disable the Anti-theft System?

Have you ever got stuck outside of your own car because of the anti-theft system installed in it? Here’s how to disable the anti-theft system in your car in four easy ways.

Most cars available in the market today have an anti-theft alarm system. We tend to ignore or don’t acknowledge such systems until we need them the most. 

If the anti-theft system on your car locks you out of your own vehicle or sets off the engine immobilizer, you must know how to disable this system. This article will talk about how anyone can disable an anti-theft system on their vehicle. 

How to Disable the Anti-theft System

What does the Anti-Theft System do?

An anti-theft system’s primary or core function is to prevent the car from being stolen. This system stops the vehicle from working because a thief cannot steal the car

Before we understand how to disable an anti-theft system, we must know about the functions and the working of this system. 

The car will not start if the sensors detect that someone is tampering with the vehicle or they see some unnatural things happening to the car. In most cases, the anti-theft car system works efficiently and only starts working when someone tries to steal the vehicle. 

There can also be some cases where it starts functioning when the car is standard and no one is trying to steal it. To avoid such problems, you can learn how to disable the anti-theft car alarm when needed. 

How Does Your Anti-Theft System Work?

An anti-theft car alarm works along with the engine to provide security to your car. They work like the immune system of your body. It keeps the engine stationary and prevents the car from mobilizing. The anti-theft car alarm works unless someone uses the correct car key to start the engine. 

Some thieves also try to use duplicate keys to steal vehicles; this will not work unless the same key is the exact copy of the original key. Unless you use the original key, the system will not recognize the duplicate keys, and the engine will not start. 

Most anti-theft car alarms have an anti-theft light indicator signal that will flash every two seconds. This security light’s flashing shows that the anti-theft alarm system is operational. 

When you insert the car key and turn it to the on position, this light will glow continuously for three seconds and then switch off. If the light does not switch off, there is another problem with your car. 


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What Goes Wrong with Anti-Theft Systems?

An anti-theft device can also have some problems with it. Usually, a loud noise, such as the noise from a firecracker or a bang, can also trigger the alarm. You can experience the anti-theft alarm going or ringing on its own without anyone touching it. 

Someone bumping into your car can also trigger the alarm. This can get irritating for you at one point in time. The alarm will also start ringing if its battery is low or you have a dead battery so that you remember to change the batteries. If the alarm still starts ringing for a couple of minutes after changing the battery, you might need to replace the battery. 

Don’t keep your primary and spare keys together in the same place. Always keep these keys in different places so that you don’t misplace both of them together. Also, avoid using your spare key. You should only keep it for emergencies. 

Don’t allow larger metal objects and electronic devices to come in contact with your keys. These things might prevent you from operating the anti-theft car alarm when necessary. 

How to Disable the Anti-theft System

Is It Possible To Disable an Anti-Theft System?

Yes, a knowledgeable person can disable or circumvent a car’s anti-theft system. However, circumventing your anti-theft system might not be easy if comes installed from the factory or dealer itself. However, if your system is manually installed, then there is a chance of bypassing the system. 

There are some techniques for disabling an anti-theft car alarm, but they can be too time-consuming and cumbersome. Ideally, the average person can’t disable these alarm systems. 


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How to Disable Anti-Theft car alarm System In Your Car 

Having a false alarm from your anti-theft car alarm can be very annoying. There are some steps and tricks that you can follow to disable this alarm system. 

Use the vehicle key fob

For this method, you will require your original car key. Pressing the alarm off button from the key fob should temporarily disengage the alarm system. 

Although, you will need to be far from the car for the button to work. This method will not always work until you are at a specified distance from the vehicle, in case of a faulty key fob or a low key fob battery, or for the times when you don’t have your key remote. You will need to opt for other methods to disable the car alarm. 

How to Disable the Anti-theft System

Using keys and cylinder

The anti-theft deterrent can shut down because of no battery. Before the alarm system’s battery dies, it will start ringing to alert you that the battery is about to die. If the battery dies, it can be challenging to enter the car. 

Switching out the batteries of your anti-theft alarm system is likely to reduce the random alarm ringing. The door lock cylinder could also be a potential cause for the alarm to go off randomly. You must ensure that this cylinder properly latches when you close the door. 

Turn on the ignition

This might sound strange but turning the ignition switch on your vehicle is also an effective way of disengaging the anti-theft alarm system. Your car won’t start, but trying to start the vehicle will reset the anti-theft alarm system. You need to switch on the ignition. 

You’ll need to check whether the anti-theft alarm lights are on or not through your car’s dashboard. If the lights are on, put the key in the ignition and switch the car on. Now, you need to wait for about ten to fifteen minutes. 

After this time has passed, recheck the anti-theft lights. It should be off by now. Then remove the key and wait at least two minutes to start the car again. During these two minutes, the system will start resetting.

Use key 

You will need your physical key for this trick. You have to go to the driver lock side and insert the key into the door. Hold the car key in the open position for about twenty to thirty seconds.

After that, lock the door and then unlock the door again. Your car will recognize the key during this period and disengage the anti-theft car alarm system. 

Remove the anti-theft fuse

If you have access to the inside of the car, you need to locate the fuse box under your car’s hood and then remove the anti-theft fuse to disable your anti-theft alarm button.

How Much Will It Cost to Get My Car Out of Anti-theft Mode?

It can range anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars to get your car out of anti theft mode.

The exact amount will vary depending on the severity of the issue. Sometimes, a simple software update may be all that’s needed. Then, you just pay for the time of the mechanic and the garage.

However, if the issue is more serious, you may need to replace parts or the entire system. For newer and higher end vehicles, replacing an anti theft system at the dealership can cost as much as three to five thousand dollars!

Ultimately, the costs will depend on the exact problem and the extent of the damage or intervention that the repairperson needs to do.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I tell if my vehicle is in anti-theft mode? 

Once you check the lights on your car, you will know whether your vehicle is in anti-theft mode or not. A light will start flashing on the control panel of your vehicle. This light will have a car and a lock on it. The constant flashing of this light indicates that the anti-theft system in your car is working correctly. 

You can also test the anti-theft alarm system of your car by making a loud noise or tampering with the vehicle. The alarm will start ringing, and you’ll know it is working. 

What are the symptoms of a flawed anti-theft system? 

The symptoms of a flawed anti-theft car alarm system will not allow you to travel with convenience. A faulty anti-theft system will start ringing automatically even when no one touches the car. This anti-theft system can also sometimes not recognize your key and stop the engine from working. 

A wrong anti-theft car alarm will cause more problems than the issues it solves. Some people also experience the ignition of their vehicles suddenly turning off. Your car can also start stalling on you. 

How to Disable the Anti-theft System

How to disable the anti-theft alarm system on a Honda Accord? 

If you want to disable the anti-theft system on your Honda accord, you must follow the following steps. Firstly, you need to identify the lock on the driver’s side of the door. After that, use your key to unlock the door. 

Now, use the key to lock the door again without opening the door. Then you need to use the key once more to unlock the door, and now the anti-theft alarm system should be turned off. 

How to reset Volkswagen’s anti-theft system? 

Suppose you want to reset your Volkswagen anti-theft system. Then you will need your original key given by the company. You will need to start the ignition and switch on the engine using this key. After that, you can turn off the engine and remove the key from the ignition. 

You can also press the lock button from the car’s smart key to lock the system. Completing this process will reset the anti-theft system on your Volkswagen car. 

Wrap Up

Disabling an anti-theft car alarm system is sometimes necessary when your system is not working correctly. However, you will require the original key to do so. It is also in the best interest of everyone that you don’t disable the anti-theft alarm system. 

An anti-theft alarm system can sometimes be irritating, but it does its job of protecting the car from outside threats. Otherwise, your car is vulnerable to thieves, and anyone can steal it. You can also take your car to a mechanic instead of manually trying to disable the anti-theft system and leaving it to the experts.

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