Where Is Wheel Lock Key Located? 7 Places To Look Into

Locking wheel nuts keep your car’s wheels safe from criminals looking to steal your precious alloy wheels. But where is wheel lock key located, how can I find it? Let’s discuss.

Most of the vehicles manufactured today are equipped with expensive alloy wheels. But unfortunately, these beautiful wheels are the prime target of thieves and criminals.

So, many manufacturers use locking wheel nuts in vehicles to protect the wheels from criminals. The locking wheel nuts ensure wheels fit securely with your car. 

If your car does not have a set of locking wheel nuts, I will advise you to buy from the market. Locking wheels nuts are available at any accessory store, or you can find them online.

Installation is also relatively easy. You have to replace the regular wheel nut with a locking wheel nut. But the packet comes with four locking nuts, and you have to fit one locking nut on every wheel of your car. 

You will also find keys that match the locking wheel nuts. So, where is the wheel lock key located? You can find wheel lock keys in various places like the glove box, toolbox, or under your car’s carpet.

In this article, I will discuss more about wheel locking nuts. So, keep on reading the article for more information.


Where Is Wheel Lock Key Located? 7 Places To Look Into

What Is Wheel Lock?

Wheel locks are also known as tire locks. They are hexagonal in shape with a distinct pattern on the head that requires a special key to remove them.

You will find four locking wheel nuts in a set of wheel locks and a matching key. You need to install one for each wheel. The key is required to remove the wheel locks.

The main idea behind the locking nut is that even if the thief successfully removes all the wheel nuts of your car, he cannot remove the lock nut. 

If the thief spends a lot of time trying to open the lug nut, he will risk getting caught. No thief would risk spending so much time on one car, so he will probably just leave your car and look for other possible preys. 

So, the lock nut keys are very important for you. They will protect your expensive wheels from getting stolen. Your wheel key may get lost when you take your car for replacing brake pads, calipers, or while changing tires. So, keep your lock nut keys on hand while giving your car for maintenance.


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Where Will I Find My Locking Wheel Nut Key? 7 Places To Look At

If you have brought your new vehicle and have not yet used the locking wheel nut keys, the manufacturer stores it in various places. You can check some of the following places in your car, which I am listing below.

  1. Glove box
  2. Under the seat of the driver
  3. Under the carpet
  4. Under passenger seat
  5. Small plastic box where spare nuts are usually kept
  6. Door card pockets
  7. Small plastic bag

After buying your car, you can check places like cup holders, pockets at the back of the seat, door compartments, and various others if you have used a locking wheel nut.


Where Is Wheel Lock Key Located? 7 Places To Look Into


What Are The 3 Different Types Of Locking Wheel Nuts?

There are three types of locking wheel nuts. I am listing them below.

#1. Keyed Head Locking Wheel Nut

The keyed head locking wheel nuts are among the most popular locking wheel nuts. It requires a hexagonal socket for removal.

#2. Rotating Collar Nut

It is hard to remove the rotating collar nut without a key. It has a collar that spins along with the nut.

#3. Shear Head Bolt Locking Nut

These locking nuts are found in French vehicles. They are designed so that they will shear off if you use any tool other than the key.


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I Lost My Locking Wheel Nut Key. What Should I Do?

You looked everywhere in your car but did not find a locking wheel nut key anywhere. You have the following options in such a case, which I am listing below.

#1. You Can Purchase A New Key

If you want to use the same locking wheel nuts, you need to purchase a new key. It is one of the easy options but can be a bit costly.

Remember, the key also comes with a specific code. So, you can order a replacement from the manufacturer online. But you can find the code only from the bag where lug nuts have come. If you cannot find the code, you need to purchase the complete wheel lock set.

#2. Replace New Wheel Lock Set

Most people who lost a wheel locking nut key think of replacing the wheel lock set. The technicians use a unique tool to remove the old set and replace it with a universal wheel lock set. 

These sets will not only fasten your alloy wheels but also can be used in a wide range of vehicles. This option is less expensive compared to the first one.


Where Is Wheel Lock Key Located? 7 Places To Look Into

7 Steps To Remove Your Wheel Lock Without A Key

#1. Keep Your Car On Absolutely Flat Surface

Your first task should be to keep your car on a flat surface. Keep the emergency brake on while removing the wheel lock without a key.

#2.Clean Your Wheel Lock

Now clean your wheel lock, so there is no dust and dirt on the surface.

#3. Find 12 Point Socket

Find a 12-point socket that will fit tightly with the wheel lock and should revolve with it.

#4. Use Hammer

Now hold the socket in the proper place. Then use a hammer to fix the socket tightly with the wheel lock. You can wear gloves to prevent any injury to your hand.

#5. Use Wrench

Try to unscrew the socket with a wrench. You can use a long wrench for unscrewing the socket. It will even produce more torque.

#6. Use ScrewDriver

After some time, you will find that the wheel lock has stuck to the socket. Then insert a screwdriver on the top of the socket and hit a hammer so that the wheel lock will fall from the socket.

#7. Insert Regular Wheel Nut

Now Insert a regular wheel nut on the wheel of your car. You can screw the nut with your hand.


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Frequently Answered Questions

#1. What does a wheel lock key look like?

One end of most wheel lock keys is cylindrical while the other is hexagonal in shape.

#2. Does the wheel lock have keys?

Yes, the wheel lock has keys. The wheel lock keys are sockets that match the distinguished design of the wheel lock. You cannot remove the wheel and tire of your vehicle without the wheel lock key.


Where Is Wheel Lock Key Located? 7 Places To Look Into

#3. What to do if I lost my wheel lock key?

  • You can call a mechanic from an automobile repair shop. Some mechanics have special tools by which they can remove the wheel lock without a key. It is pretty easy to open the wheel lock in some vehicles, whereas it may be difficult in other vehicles. The mechanic may need a hammer and oil to remove the wheel lock without a key.
  • You can visit the service department of the same brand. They usually have master keys by which they can remove the wheel lock without a key.
  • You can buy a new wheel lock set either offline or online—the price ranges between $20 to $120.


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A Few Final Words

Wheel lock nuts are a security device that makes the stealing of your car’s wheels more difficult for the thief or criminals. The dealer usually installs wheel locks in most new cars before delivery. The keys are pretty essential for removing the wheel lock. They are kept in a glove box, trunk, or sometimes plastic box.

Thank you for reading the article, we hope you will be inspired to get wheel locks and keep your car safe. If you have further questions or doubts, feel free to drop us a word in the comments section below.


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