What Is A Steering Wheel Made Out Of?

The steering wheel is the driver’s most important interface with the car. But have you ever wondered “what is a steering wheel made out of?”

The steering wheel is one of the essential components of your car. It helps the driver turn the vehicle in every direction he wants. 

Moreover, it helps minimize wear and tear of the tires and prevents road shocks from reaching the driver. The steering wheel is shaped like a wheel and moves in a circular motion.

All steering wheels are not identical. But most of them are circular and rotate around the central hub. You have to hold the steering wheel continuously while driving on the road. 

If your car’s steering does not consist of good materials, then your hands will sweat after a short time. You will feel uncomfortable driving your car.


What Is A Steering Wheel Made Out Of


But what is a steering wheel made out of? The steering wheelbase usually consists of magnesium, aluminum, or steel. 

Then the material is used to cover the base or skeleton of the steering wheel. The covering can be made of different materials, like faux leather, leather, synthetic resins, etc.

Below we will discuss some of these materials in detail, and why a steering wheel is made out of these materials. Keep on reading the article for more information.


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What Is A Steering Wheel Made Out Of? 5 Types of Steering Wheels

Your hands are constantly in contact with the steering wheel. So, the materials used in the steering wheel should have proper grip with your hands. Again, it should provide comfort while driving on the road. Below, we discuss five materials that are often used for covering the steering wheels, and how to take care of them.

#1. Leather Steering Wheel

The most expensive of cars often have leather steering wheels. The leather used is usually pigmented leather which prevents your skin from getting irritated when driving on longer routes. 

Moreover, leather is durable and can resist any type of driving. The fabric is also breathable. So your hands will not sweat any less during driving. It also absorbs sweat.

Leather steering wheels tend to get dirty after using them for a few days. So you need to clean the steering wheel from time to time. 

Instead of soap and water, you can use a leather cleaner to clean the leather steering wheel. Don’t apply too much force while cleaning the steering wheel, as it can scratch the surface.

#2. Polyurethane/Faux Leather Steering Wheel

Polyurethane steering wheels consist of anti-slip and high-quality leather. Faux leather steering wheels look better than even real leather ones, and they help to make your car look more stylish. Moreover, it is comfortable for your hand and suitable for any weather conditions.

Polyurethane steering wheels often catch dust and dirt with time. PU leather is waterproof and easy to clean. You can clean it with soap and water.


What Is A Steering Wheel Made Out Of


#3. Plastic Steering Wheels

Plastic steering wheels are found in entry-level cars. These steering wheels are pretty easy to clean compared to all other steering wheels. You will need soap, water, and dry cloth. Take a sprayer and spray on the steering wheel. But avoid spraying on the button because it can damage it. Then rinse the steering wheel with plain water and dry with a clean cloth.

#4. Synthetic Resin Steering Wheel

The synthetic resin steering wheel is usually painted with a coating for protection purposes. So, never polish this steering wheel because it can make it the wheel slippery, and your hands will not have a proper grip on the wheel. You will feel uncomfortable driving on the road.

The synthetic resin steering wheel can catch dust with time. So, you need to clean it within a fixed interval. You can easily clean it with soap and water and then dry it with a clean cloth.

#5. Wood Steering Wheel

I will never recommend you to buy a wood steering wheel because it can get cracked easily. Try to use wood polish while cleaning and protecting the wood steering wheel. 

You need to be very gentle while cleaning because applying too much pressure can produce scratches on the surface. Better use a microfiber cloth while cleaning the wheel to avoid scratching and any other damage.


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Types Of Steering Wheel

#1. Telescope Steering Wheel

The telescope steering wheel enables you to adjust according to your height. It allows the wheel to move either backward or forward.

#2. Tilt Steering Wheel

The tilt steering wheel was introduced in 1963 and is mainly found in luxurious vehicles. It allows the driver to drive the car comfortably.

#3. Swing Away Steering Wheel

Ford introduced the swing-away steering wheel in 1961. The best thing about this steering wheel is that you can move the wheel 9 inches to the right, making the driver’s entry and exit easier.


What Is A Steering Wheel Made Out Of


#4.Steering Wheel With Recirculating Balls

The steering wheel with recirculating balls allows the vehicle’s wheels to turn in any direction. A pitman’s arm is necessary for this steering system.

#5. Rack And Pinion Steering Wheel

As the name suggests, this steering wheel has a pinion and rack arrangement and converts rotational motion into linear motion. 

The rack and the pinion steering wheel are commonly seen in small cars. This mechanism doesn’t have many moving parts. So, you can easily direct the car’s wheel.


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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is the steering wheel made of leather?

Yes, steering wheels can be made out of leather. You will find pigmented leather in the most expensive of cars. Some manufacturers also use Teflon leather on the steering wheel. 

It is leather with a Teflon coating and has good resistance to the driver’s sweat. Coated split leather is available at a lower price if you cannot afford pigmented or Teflon leather. However, its quality is lower in comparison to top-grain leather.

#2. What is the best material for a steering wheel?

The materials used to cover the steering wheel should be aesthetically pleasing and should not become too hot or too cold. Again, the material used should not be slippery and absorb moisture to offer an excellent grip to the driver. The best material for a steering wheel is as follows.

  • Genuine leather is the most affordable leather you can use on your steering wheel.
  • Cloth: They are nonslippery, have sweat absorbing capacity, and can offer you a good grip in any temperature range.
  • Microfiber leather -Most drivers prefer to use microfiber leather because of its varied color and attractive features like it does not get wear and tear easily and is eco-friendly. Some steering wheel also includes padding, making the steering wheel safer and more comfortable for the driver.


What Is A Steering Wheel Made Out Of


#3. Is the steering wheel plastic?

Yes, steering wheels can be made out of plastic. They can get dirty with time. So clean it with soap and water at a fixed interval.

#4. Are steering wheels made of wood?

Yes, the steering wheel can consist of wood. Some of the older cars used to have wood-based steering wheels. However, they can have cracks during an accident. So, I will not suggest you purchase a wood steering wheel.


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A Few Final Words

A driver will spend all the time holding the steering wheel. That’s why the material used in the steering wheel should be of high quality. Moreover, it should provide all the comfort required for driving on the road.

The steering wheel can also get dirty with time. For instance, if you drive your car after changing tires or opening the hood, it will get dirty. So it’s your duty to clean it within a fixed interval. There are various steering wheel cleaners available on the market.

You can use them or else use soap and water to clean the wheel. But you need to remember soap and water do not work well with all the steering wheel materials.

Thank you for reading the article. We hope we covered your main question, and hopefully other doubts that you might have had. If you need answers to more questions, reach out to us through the comments section below.

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