Mahle Vs Fel Pro Head Gaskets: Which One Is Best For Your Car?

Head gaskets are an important part of your engine. In this article, we discuss Mahle vs Fel Pro head gaskets, two of the most reputed products in the market.

Gaskets play a significant role in an internal combustion engine. They act as a seal between the cylinder head and the engine block. It may fail when the car becomes overheated.

So, if the head gasket is damaged or leaking, you must replace it with a new one.

Various factors should be considered while buying a gasket for the vehicle, like engine type, vehicle power, how often a driver drives, and its fitting. If the gasket doesn’t fit properly on your car, then it can result in engine overheating and low acceleration.

Mahle and Fel pro are good gasket manufacturing companies. The article discusses Mahle vs. Fel pro head gaskets in detail. So, keep reading this article to know much about the information.


Mahle Vs Fel Pro Head Gaskets


What Are The Signs Of a Blown Head Gasket?

  • White smoke comes from the tailpipe
  • Decrease in engine performance
  • You will hear a grinding noise from the car
  • Milky color engine oil
  • Bubble in radiator
  • Engine is overheated
  • You will find a pool of liquid beneath the car

Mahle Vs. Fel Pro Gaskets

The primary aim of the gasket is to seal the combustion gases inside the cylinder and not allow the coolant or oil to enter. If there is an issue in the gasket, the coolant will enter and cause problems in the engine. Finally, you will experience poor acceleration, more fuel consumption, and white smoke from the tailpipe.

Head gaskets usually last for 200,000 miles, generally the lifetime of most vehicles. But it can get blown away when the engine is overheated. You need to change the gasket at that time instantly. Boh Felpro and Mahle have good reputations in making gaskets. Let’s discuss Mahle vs. Fel pro gaskets below.

#1. Brand

Mahle brand was founded in 1940, and since then, it has been manufacturing various automotive components, including valves and gaskets. It is reputed for making components that are not only durable but also reliable. Its primary market is in the United States, but it exports gaskets to other countries like Asia, Europe, and many more.

Fel Pro brand is another reputed company that specializes in manufacturing gaskets and other automotive parts. Hugo Hertz and Mecklenburger established the Felt Company in a 1300 square feet space in Chicago. They first produced Felt seals for the Ford Model T.

The Company was incorporated in 1962, and the diamond logo was also introduced in the same year.

The head gasket was founded in 1946 by George Fel Po. He was an Engineer in German but later moved to the United States and joined his brother’s Company which specializes in making gaskets.


Mahle Vs Fel Pro Head Gaskets


#2. Reputation

Mahle is quite renowned for making gaskets. Mahle’s exhaust manifold gaskets are famous for their durability and multilayer steel construction.

The head gaskets of Mahle use Island sealing concept and metal lacing, which prevents the entry of coolant from passage to the cylinder. While installing the Mahle gasket, the word front must be placed toward the front of the engine.

The Mahle Original gaskets meet or exceed the OEM specifications and provide good sealing. Mahle is quite well known for the victor Reinz gasket line. The Company has divided the production into three significant components i.e

  • Light vehicle gasket
  • Heavy-duty gasket (Truck)
  • Performance series gasket(racing car)

The performance series gasket of this Company performs better than Fel Pro. Now let’s discuss about the Fel Pro Company. Fel Pro is quite famous in the market because of manufacturing oil gaskets, head gaskets, particularly for Subaru outback, and intake manifold gaskets.

There are two primary reasons for their reputation. The first reason is that the gaskets are sturdy and have good thicknesses. The second one is they are durable and fit properly to prevent leaks in the cylinder. Whenever you buy Felpro gaskets, you get extra fuel injector O rings like sets of OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) gaskets.

You may need thick or thin O rings, depending on the application. If you install too big o a ring, there can be issues with the fuel injector. Simultaneously if you install too small an O ring, there can be leakage issues. You will also get RTV (Room temperature vulcanizing) for sealing corners. All the Fel Pro gaskets meet or exceed the specification of OEM.

#3. Type Of Gaskets

If you want an exhaust manifold gasket, we suggest you purchase it from Mahle.

But for the head gasket, you must buy it from Fel Pro. There are only a few OEM failures regarding Subaru head gaskets.

Now, if we talk about the valve cover gaskets, both companies excel in producing them.

Fel pro is good at producing intake manifold gaskets, while Mahle is good at manufacturing exhaust manifold gaskets. Fel Pro produces cheaper oil pan gaskets and timing cover gaskets than Mahle.


Mahle Vs Fel Pro Head Gaskets


Technology Behind Felpro Head Gaskets

  • The Perma torque head gaskets of Felpro have a steel core which eliminates the requirement of retorquing steel bolts. The permatorque MLS with laser weld technology helps in proper sealing between the head and block of the cylinder. It extends the life of the gasket and prevents it from blowing. Simultaneously it promises to maintain a tight seal so that no oil or coolant can enter the cylinder.
  • Fel Pro Permatorue multilayer stainless steel provides excellent sealing stress and occupies the head lift.

Frequently Answered Questions

#1. What is the best quality head gasket

No one likes a blow head gasket and continue driver. It can cause engine overheating and oil and coolant leaks, which is dangerous. So there is an alternative: replace the head gasket or add a sealer.

The sealer is the most affordable option to resolve the issue. Steel seal brown head gasket fix repair sealer is one of the best quality head gaskets. You can easily use the product, which helps emit overheating problems in the engine. It will work perfectly on old and new vehicles like cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks.

#2. Does Fel-Pro make good head gaskets?

Yes, Fel Pro gaskets make good head gaskets. Below are a few points that show that FElpro gaskets stand outstanding in the market mainly because of head gaskets.

  • Validation And Testing: The gaskets are tested and validated to ensure they perform well while driving.
  • Scurinized Will By The Engineers: The engineers of the Company first analyze the requirement of making head gaskets. The team manufactures a head gasket and reviews and tests it several times to check its performance.
  • Includes Every part: Fel Pro gasket set includes almost all the things required to repair the head gasket.
  • Quality Materials: The materials used in manufacturing head gaskets are made from qualitative materials.


Mahle Vs Fel Pro Head Gaskets


#3. Is Fel-Pro Made in China?

All the Fel Pro gaskets are not manufactured in China. Most of the head gaskets of the Company are produced in Skokie, Illinois.

#4. Are Mahle and Victor Reinz the same?

Victor Reinz is Mahle Clevite Inc’s gasket brand, the largest supplier of piston rings, engine gaskets, bearings, and many more. Victor Reinz is a gasket manufacturing Company that has existed since the 1800s. But now it is owned by Mahle Gmbh.

Wrap Up

The Head gasket plays a significant role in running your engine smoothly, But sometimes it can blow out, which is quite dangerous for the driver. So, if you notice a few signs like white smoke from the tailpipe, take it immediately to the mechanic. He will inspect and change the head gasket if possible. Various head gaskets are available in the market, but the Felpro head gasket will work wonders in your car. It will protect the seal and prevents the oil and leak from coming inside the cylinder. Thank you for reading the article.

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