Mondeo Central Security System Not Working On A Door

It can be hazardous if your car security does not work. Thieves can have a field day. Here’s what to do if Mondeo central security system not working on a door.

The central security system is an essential and influential part of your car’s security and safety features. With the help of a central security system, you can lock all the doors on your vehicle by just pressing a single button. 

There are some instances where your central security system may not work correctly on a door. There can be malfunctions in the central security system or in that particular door. The fuse of your door could be blown. 

If you replace the old door fuse with a new one, the problem should be fixed. This solution is one of the quick fixes. You will learn about more such fixes in this article. 

Mondeo Central Security System Not Working On A Door

What is the central security system?

A central security system is a safety feature that can be easily found in all modern vehicles. This system allows you to lock and unlock all the doors of your car with a click of a button. A central security system has automatic locks instead of manual locks. 

The Mondeo ford has automatic door locks that operate on special frequencies. You can enter your car without any key using these radio frequency remotes.

Once you press the button on the key fob, you will hear either a horn or a light flicker. These automatic car door locks are also very safe, and they get automatically locked when the car is put into gear or exceeds a specific speed limit. 

The light flicker indicator is more discreet; however, the horn signals are much more audible. Sometimes these horn noises can also be very annoying, and you can adjust the noise level of the horn signal. 


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Major Causes Of The Mondeo central door lock system Not Working On A Door

We must be aware of the reasons for one door not working on the Ford Mondeo central security system. The majority of these reasons are related to some sort of mechanical or technical failure. 

Broken key fob

Sometimes people may think that there is some problem with their doors where the problem is with the key fob. The key fob controller could be broken or out of battery.

If the key fob controller has a dead battery, then replacing the battery will solve the issue. If the key fob controller is broken, you will have to buy a new one. 

Broken fuse

This is among the most common reasons for one door not working with the central security system. The fuse of that door might be broken or blown. Due to this, it is not locking and unlocking automatically. It is a cheaper fix, as you just need to replace the old fuse with a new one. 

Mondeo Central Security System Not Working On A Door

Wiring issue

If there is no problem with the fuse of the door, then there is a chance that there is some wiring issue at the door. There can be a cut in the wire, or some cables can be broken. You can confirm this by repeatedly turning the door’s lock up and down. If you have a broken wire, then the safety will not work. 

Cold temperature

There are instances where the door fuse can freeze due to the extreme cold. The cold weather can result in automatic door latches on your car to freeze. If the doors are frozen, then they will not lock or unlock. You need to make sure that your doors are moisture-proof if you want to prevent this from happening. 

Solenoid issues

The solenoid on your car door can also become after your car starts aging. There may be a need to change the solenoid, or it may be broken, then you will have to purchase a new one. The solenoid is responsible for the working features of the door. 


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What Are My Options In Case Of One door Lock Failure

  • In case of a lock failure, you can start by investigating the fuse compartment. If you find some of these fuse compartments on your door broken, it is a sign that you need to get a new one. 
  • After that, you can also check the fuse that protects the door security system, and there is a high chance that the fuse might have blown. You can also refer to the manual if you want to know the exact location of the fuse along with its ratings. 
  • You can also start locking each door in your car individually to know which door is not responding to the central security system. One of the doors on your vehicle could have a faulty lock switch. There may be an open circuit in the solenoid and the control. You need to complete the door security system and unlock the course automatically. 
  • Sometimes cleaning the door thoroughly can also solve this issue as there can be an accumulation of dirt and grime on the door preventing the door from adequately engaging the lock. Special lubricants can also clean and remove all the land from the doors. 
  • You can also check your car’s gearbox to check if there is any noticeable damage to it. A faulty gearbox can also lead to door locking and unlocking problems. 
  • Another reason for the failure of the central security system could be that your car’s battery is dead. If this is true, you will need to recharge the battery or might even have to replace it. It is also very important that you select the correct battery tender for your car. If the car’s actuator is broken, you’ll have to replace it. 

Mondeo Central Security System Not Working On A Door

How To Reset Mondeo Central System? Here Is The Answer

If you want to recalibrate the central security system on your Ford Mondeo and you don’t know how to do it, then you can follow the given steps:-

  • You need to first unlock all your car doors with the fob key. Then, you need to keep the doors down for 30 seconds. 
  • After completing the first step, you need to close all doors with the fob key. You need to keep both doors down for about thirty seconds. 
  • The last step is to Unlock all doors with the fob key and keep them down for 30 seconds. 

After you are done with all the three steps above, you’ll find out that the central security system of your car is now recalibrated. After this process, the central security system will return to its original factory settings. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is only one of my car power doors not locking? 

This could easily be because of a mechanical or technical issue in your car. Once the vehicle starts getting older, you will experience more of such problems arising. In the majority of the cases, the fuse of the door could be broken or blown. 

You can check the fuse on each keyless entry, and if only one door is not locking with the central security system, then this could be the issue. 

Once you know you have a faulty fuse, you can easily replace it with a new one. Fuses for car doors are not that expensive, so you will also save some money. If the solenoid of the door is not working, you might need to take the car to a professional for checking. 

Mondeo Central Security System Not Working On A Door

How do you start a Ford Mondeo keyless? 

You can start a Ford Mondeo keyless by using the key fob on the car key to enter the car. Once inside the vehicle, you don’t require the key to start the ignition. You can begin the ignition by pressing start on the power or ignition button. 

All critical fobs for Ford Mondeo are unique to each other. Each key fob will only be compatible with the same model. These keys operate on radio frequency, and there is even a keypad on the driver’s side of the car. The driver can enter a code and then get in the car without a key.


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How do you turn on auto-lock on a Ford Focus? 

Switching between turning the automatic lock on your Ford Focus is relatively easy. You need to press the unlock button on the door. After that, you will hear a horn sound once. 

This indicates that now the automatic lock feature is off. If you hear the horn honk twice, it means that you have switched the automatic. 

Is there a fuse for central locking? 

Yes, there is a separate fuse for central locking in the car. This fuse is located at the start or top of the third column for fuses and is present inside the fuse compartment of the vehicle. The central security system fuse is about 20 amperes commonly. If this fuse is blown in your car, you can replace it with another one. 

Wrap Up 

The central security system is supposed to lock and unlock all the doors of your car at the same time. If suddenly one entry is not closing and opening with the central locking up, then that door is likely to have some malfunctions. 

This article discusses the possible problems and the suitable solutions for those problems. Thank your for reading, and we hope that it helped solve the problem you were facing.

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