Speedometer And Gas Gauge Not Working

What to do when your speedometer and gas gauge not working in your car? Here are a few reasons why this happens and what you can do about it.

Car problems increase as the car starts getting older. The speedometer and your vehicle’s gas gauge may only stop working when there is some issue with the wiring behind the panel. You can also experience vehicle problems if you drive a lot or are a rash driver. 

Speedometers can use different setups for different model of cars. For instance, some speedometers use physical cables for working, whereas some speedometers just use sensors to tell the speed. If the mileage meter stops working, it can indicate broken wires or stripped gears. 

In this article, we will discover some of the potential causes and how to deal with them that lead to the speedometer and gas gauge stopped working. 

Speedometer And Gas Gauge Not Working

How Fuel Gauges Work

If you want to properly understand the cause, you also need to know about the working of a fuel gauge. You may know that the gas tank has a floater inside it. 

As the fuel flow rises in the tank, this floater also rises with it. In some ways, this float controls the flow of the fuel. Usually, this float also sits at the surface level of the gas tank. 

This float consists of some buoyant substances. There is a sensor inside the fuel tank that notices the position of the float and, according to that, indicates the fuel level in the fuel gauge. 

The fuel gauge indicator tells pretty accurate readings, but when you see this indicator stuck on full or empty, there is some issue with your instruments. 

Gas Gauge Components

the gas indicator has several components, each responsible for performing a specific task. Some of the gas indicator components are:-

  • Gas gauge wire path:- The primary function of this component is to connect the gas indicator to the unit and battery. The gas indicator circuit links the battery and the tank so that power can be transferred through this circuit. 
  • Sending unit:- The sending team in a gas gauge is responsible for sending the data. The sending unit combines the fuel tank, filter for the fuel , incoming voltage, and fuel strainer. 

If the above car parts do not work correctly, your gas gauge meter will have a false rating. 

Causes of gas indicator failure and how to fix it

Circuit issues

Circuit issues are among the most prominent causes due to which a gas gauge could fail. There may be a lot of circuit failures, such as circuit short-circuiting, circuit breakage, lack of power, no voltage in the gas sender, and so on. When such issues arise, the gas indicator can’t get any voltage back. 

You can also check the fuel pump module, as there can be a open connection or there can be corrosion at the pump. All the wirings should be checked regularly if you want such a problem to not arise again. 

Fixing wiring and circuit issues in the gas indicator is pretty straightforward. You need to Remove the neutral or ground connection and check for any loose or broken wiring in the circuit. You should remember to siphon the gas from your car when correcting the courses. 

Speedometer And Gas Gauge Not Working

Cluster failure in the instruments

This is quite an costly problem to fix. In this problem, you can experience a cluster of parts failing together at the same time. 

You can fix this cluster failure problem by identifying the root cause for this cluster failure. There might be a need for the entire unit to be changed. If your vehicle is under warranty, then you can go to the car retailer, and they will get this issue resolved. 

Sender failure

If the fuel sender on your vehicle fails, it will not be able to send any information regarding the fuel to the main panel. Due to this, the indicator will not indicate accurate fuel levels. 

You can carry a sender failure test yourself. This test is quite simple to conduct. You must carry this test out when the tank is below half. By following this, there will be no oil spilling during the trial. Set the voltage at 20 volts, then check if you are receiving the accurate voltage, then it is working. Else you need to replace the fuel sender. 


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How Does a Speedometer Work?

Speedometers are among the most straightforward instruments in a car, yet they perform an essential function of telling the speed at which the vehicle travels. 

Analog speedometer

An analog speedometer indicates the car’s speed with a needle. This speedometer is connected to a mechanical shaft or the gearbox. These speedometers consist of different parts that work together. 

An analog speedometer shows a more accurate and precise speed. An analog speedometer works with mechanical instruments and shafts. 

Digital Speedometer

This speedometer is present in modern vehicles. A digital speedometer works with mechanical shafts and magnetic sensors on the opposite sides. This type of digital speedometer works with different sensors and chips. 

Speedometer And Gas Gauge Not Working

Causes Of Speedometer Failure And tips To Fix

Some potential issues for speedometer failure are:-

Fault speed indicator

A broken speed indicator can even stop working suddenly. The speed indicator’s job is to control the flow of the fuel and check the ignition’s timing. If the speed indicator is not working, then the computer will not be able to get the information. Then the laptop ends up getting no info then.

You will need to replace a faulty speed indicator. Once you return the sensor, The speed indicator will indicate the speed correctly. 

Defective wiring

Faulty and defective wiring can also cause a speedometer not to work. There can be a short circuit causing the fuse to blow out. You are going to find faulty wiring of the speedometer in old vehicles. 

You can examine the wiring, and if you find any cuts or fuses in the circuit, you need to replace them. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a blown fuse cause the fuel gauge not to work? 

The sending unit may be the main reason for the fuel gauge not working. Bad wiring in the gas indicator circuit or the speedometer circuit can be responsible for the fuel gauge indicator not working. 

Why did my speedometer and RPM gauge stop working?

If the speedometer and the RPM gauge stop working on your car, then you should get your vehicle checked immediately. Most of the causes for a speedometer and an RPM gauge not working are a faulty speed indicator and a faulty or broken gear on the speedometer. A defective engine control unit can also be a reason for an inaccurate speedometer. 

Speedometer And Gas Gauge Not Working

Is there a fuse for the fuel gauge? 

Yes, there is a fuse present in the car for a fuel gauge. A bad fuse is a primary reason for a fuel gauge not working correctly. If you need to find these fees in your car, you will find them under the steering wheel column on the driver’s side of the vehicle. 

Wrap Up

The speedometer and the gas fuel gauge are two small yet significant parts of a driving experience. Both these components ensure the driver’s safe and comfortable driving experience. This article will tell you about their work, potential causes, and quick fixes.

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