Ring battery charger not working? What to do?

Your ring battery is the best way to keep your car safe and secure. But what should you do if the Ring battery charger not working? Here’s how to fix the problem

You will need to check the charger if you find out that your ring battery charger is not working. Your ring battery charger is just a piece of electrical appliance.

Electrical devices can quickly become faulty if there is a broken connection, a problem in the wiring, Wi-Fi connection instability, or even some voltage fluctuations. 

To ensure that it is your ring battery charger’s fault and not your house wiring that is the cause of this issue, you can check the circuits. If you find the breaker tipped, your battery will likely be damaged, and you will need to replace it. This article will talk more about such things as a ring battery charger. 

Ring Battery Charger Not Working

Why Is Ring Battery Essential?

A ring battery charger is vital for the security of your car. This battery charger is responsible for optimization and increasing the battery’s lifespan. Usually, a 12-ampere ring battery requires a 12 volts ring battery charger. This is generally true for cars that are 5I. 

A ring battery is essential for enabling the start and stop functions in your automatic car. There are also some benefits to using a ring battery and charger, such as

  • Usually, the Lithium-ion batteries in your car will sustain damage through sulfate build-up. A ring battery charger automatically removes this sulfate build-up. This process is also known as desulfurization. 
  • By using a ring battery, your battery life will increase. You will have to go for fewer repair and maintenance sessions. 
  • A ring battery allows the battery to have a soft start. This helps in protecting the system from immediate shocks. 
  • The battery also charges quicker and faster. 
  • The ring battery also enables the user to determine the percentage at which you lose battery charge.  Thus, you come to know of the correct battery status
  • The ring battery keeps the battery packs charged for a long time without overcharging the battery. It ensures the battery power recharges when the car is at an optimal position. The ring battery also plays a crucial role in repairing the battery health. 
  • The ring battery allows a smooth input of the battery level even when it is at the last twenty percent capacity. This makes the battery last a bit longer. 


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Why Is My Ring Battery Charger Not Working? And How To Fix It?

There can be many potential reasons for your ring battery not charging. Some of these reasons are

Not enough reduction in the power output

Sometimes, the ring battery cannot receive a sufficient amount of input power, which stops working. Due to this reason, the start and stop function of your car might also stop working. 

Ring Battery Charger Not Working

Faulty battery

Your ring battery might not be charging because you bought a dead battery. You can fix a faulty battery by connecting that battery to a fuse board through cables. You can check whether it’s charging or not through this method. 

You can use a ring battery that does not permit sulfate build-up in the battery. Sulfate accumulation is among the primary reasons for a battery not charging correctly. 

How To Fix Sulfate Build-Up In The Battery?

If you purchase an intelligent car battery, then it will automatically solve this issue. These batteries follow a procedure of desulfurization, due to which they automatically remove the sulfate accumulation. 

The initial cost of a ring battery may be more, but it is still less than replacing an entire battery after some time.  Switches are easy to access in a battery. Getting a ring battery will be more affordable and efficient in the long run. 

Sometimes the battery stops working because of a faulty switch. You just need to remove the top part of the battery, and then you are good. 


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How To Fix The Low Voltage Problem?

There is a minimum required voltage to reach the battery so it can charge. You need to ensure that your car gets that nominal voltage level without any hassle. 

If your car battery suffers from voltage issues, you can attach a voltage booster to the battery. This voltage booster will supply the necessary amount of voltage to the battery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when my Ring battery is charging? 

You will need to look out for the additional light on the battery. When this light indicator turns into a solid green color, it indicates that the battery is fully charged. 

Different battery models have various indicators for a charging battery. Some ring batteries will have a blinking light as an indicator, whereas some ring batteries will have a red light indicating that the battery is charging. 

Ring Battery Charger Not Working

What happens when a Ring battery dies? 

Ring batteries will lose their performance over time. You’ll feel the battery of a ring battery-draining slowly and gradually. There are a fixed number of charging cycles for which a battery remains operational. 

Once a battery crosses this fixed number of charging cycles, it stops working correctly. When the ring battery of your car dies, you will not be able to access special features on your vehicle, such as the automatic start and stop touch button. 

What color is the Ring battery when fully charged? 

In most cases, the ring battery will flash a bright and solid green color when fully charged. A ring battery has both red and green lights. It flashes a red light when the battery is charging. 

The ring battery will flash a solid red light when the battery is about to die, and it will spark a solid green when the battery is fully charged. 

What does orange light on a Ring battery mean? 

An orange light on a ring battery means that the battery is about to die, and you need to put the battery in for charging as soon as possible. 


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Wrap Up

A ring battery is an essential part of a car that helps the main battery work for a longer lifespan. You can struggle with a ring battery if this battery is not charging efficiently. To set this battery, you will need a ring battery charger. 

A ring battery charger may stop working due to voltage issues, damage to the charger, or some wiring issues. Thank you for reading, and we hope you have been able to find the answer to your questions.

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