Vibration In Steering Wheel When Turning Right

Steering wheel is the connection of the driver to the car’s health. For example, vibration in steering wheel when turning right is usually an issue in the wheels or the suspension system. Find out more below.

What can be more annoying than a constantly vibrating steering wheel when taking a turn? 

Sometimes it is even accompanied by noise. The problem can lie in malfunctioning tires. Other underlying issues such as problems in the suspension system or a defect in the braking system may also cause vibration in the power steering system or the damper.

It will be best if you try to detect the problem by troubleshooting your car. Identifying the main culprit and fixing it is crucial to solving the issue permanently. 

Without further meandering, let’s jump into the reasons behind vibration in the steering wheel when turning right and learn to fix the issue on your own

Vibration In Steering Wheel When Turning Right

What Causes Vibration in a Steering Wheel?

Bad Wheel Alignment 

Your car wheels need to be aligned appropriately. Each tire must have the same amount of pressure to maintain the alignment. Therefore it is important to regularly check your car’s tire pressure and adjust them accordingly.

When the issue only happens if you are turning right, it is likely that the wheel alignment of the front right tire is off its axis and needs to be corrected immediately.

Moreover, after running for thousands of miles, your car’s wheels tend to be disoriented. 

Disorientation or unevenness amongst the tires can cause tremendous vibration in the entire car. 

It would be best to see a mechanic and fix the alignment to avoid problems with your car’s suspension system, struts, shocks, and steering system. 

Defective Bearings

If your steering shakes when you are making a turn, and the steering wheel does not bother you when you are driving in a straight line, then the bearing of the wheels might be the problem.

When turning right, vibration can mean that the bearings of the right tire are worn out. The bearings might need lubrication, repair, or replacement. Bearings of the wheel can easily be taken out and fixed. 

If your steering is shaking only when turning a particular side, check the wheel bearings accordingly.

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Defect In The Suspension System

The Suspension System in your car connects the underfloor of the vehicle, including wheels, to other car components, including brakes, the power steering system, engine, etc. A healthy suspension system prevents noises or vibrations in your car.

The problem will happen only when turning right if the suspension on the right side of the car is broken or damaged. 

If you observe that your steering wheel starts making noise or vibrating whenever you increase your speed, it is more likely that the problem has arisen due to a faulty suspension system.

Defect In The Braking System

The brake system is connected to the steering block. So, vibration in the steering wheel could result from problematic brakes.

Components such as brake discs, wires, pads, etc., can be broken due to wear and tear.

You easily identify whether we’re steering wheels are shaking because of faulty brake parts or not.

You will observe that your car’s steering tends to vibrate only when applying brakes. 

The steering wheel will not bother you for other tasks such as turning your car. 

Once you are sure that brakes are the troublemakers in your car, inspect the brake system for any blockage caused by dirt or loosened wires that need tightening.

Vibration In Steering Wheel When Turning Right

Identifying The Culprit And Fixing The Problem

Check Out The Tires

The most obvious reason behind a car vibrates when turning steering wheel is a defect in the function of the tires. 

The troubleshooting process should start with checking the tires thoroughly. You might observe any bump or issue in your car’s tire.

You should also check the tire pressure of all four tires and adjust the pressure accordingly.

If you find any defect in your car’s tire, visit the mechanic or change the tire yourself

Otherwise, move to the next inspection stage.

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Inspecting The Power Steering System

If you cannot observe any problem in your tires yet find your steering wheel shakes when hitting bumps, you need to inspect your power steering system.

The power steering system is the driving mechanism behind you driving your car. In simple words, the power steering system converts the small force that you give to your steering wheel to a larger force that drives the car’s four wheels. 

Any defect in the power steering system may result in several issues such as stiffening of the steering wheel, groaning noise while turning, the vibration of the steering wheel, etc. 

First, you need to check the level of the steering fluid. Leakage in the power steering system’s hose pipes may lower the liquid level. Lack of fluid means lack of lubrication which can cause shuddering of steering. To immediately fix the problem, add steering fluid into the tank. For a further check-up, it would help if you visited a mechanic.

Inspecting The Steering Damper

Steering dampers are used in motorcycles and cars to decrease the unpleasurable shuddering of the steering wheel. It acts as a shock absorber of vibrations. 

Issues in the steering damper will cause shuddering of the steering wheel. 

You need to unlatch the last part of the damper and try to contract and expand. You would feel opposition force for each action for an active steering damper. If you find spots where you can’t feel any force, it would be best to replace the muffler.

Vibration In Steering Wheel When Turning Right

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Why does my steering wheel shake when I turn right?

If your steering wheel shakes while turning your car, your wheel bearings might need lubrication or repair. 

#2. Can tires cause steering wheel vibration?

Yes, Uneven tires and overall misalignment of the wheels might cause a vibration of the steering wheel.

#3. Can a bad steering rack cause vibration?

The power steering system is responsible for how the steering and the wheels work in coordination. So yes, a bad steering rack might cause vibration in the rotation.

#4. Can bad struts cause vibration?

Yes, sometimes worn-out struts can cause vibration in your car. 

#5. Steering wheel shakes when hitting bumps?

This is most likely happening because the suspension system is broken or requires maintenance. The suspension system makes sure that your car does not bear the brunt of bumps on the road, so if it is broken, you will feel more vibrations and jerks when you hit bumps.

#6. Car vibrates when turning steering wheel?

Sometimes the vibration might be caused due to the steering wheel system itself. You might be low on steering fluid, or have worn out belts. As mentioned earlier, tire issues can also be a cause for this problem.

Vibration In Steering Wheel When Turning Right

#7. How much steering wheel vibration is normal?

No amount of steering wheel vibration is normal. 

It can indicate underlying problems in bearings, tires, or the power steering system. It will help if you inspect your car parts according to the occurrence of your vibration following the guide. 

A Few Final Words

Vibration in the steering wheel can indicate various worn-out parts of your car that need attention. You need to check your car parts according to the occurrence of the vibration. 

For example, check your car’s suspension system if your steering wheel vibrates when you are speeding up. If vibration occurs while making a sharp turn, check your car’s bearings. If vibration occurs when you apply brakes, check the brakes, etc. 

Thank you for reading, we hope this answers your question.

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