Volvo Bulb Failure Position Light: What To Do?

A bulb failure position light message can be dangerous if you do not attend to it? Here’s how to resolve the Volvo bulb failure position light message.

Modern cars like Volvo are equipped with numerous sensors or computers to maintain the vehicle and alert the driver quickly about equipment issues.

For instance, the sensors of these cars can detect if there is any issue with the position light of your car. The position lights are all the lights found on the exterior of your Volvo car.

In this article, we discuss the failure position light error message one can often see on Volvo cars and what to do about it. 

So, keep reading this article to know what needs to be done when the bulb failure position light turns on your car’s dashboard.

Volvo Bulb Failure Position Light

What is a Bulb Failure Position Light? 

Position lights increase the safety of your vehicle while driving on the road. These lights are present on the exterior of your car and help improve your car’s visibility to other drivers driving on the road. Failure in any position light can increase the risk of road accidents. 

So, it’s better to maintain the position light in tip-top condition. Position lights in your car are also called illuminators, driving lights, and fog lights.

If there is an issue in the position light of your car, you will receive a message on your dashboard that says “Bulb Failure Position Lights.” Your car will still run on the road, but you should attend to the message quickly. 

You need to inspect all the position lights of your car and, if required, change them. Sometimes you need to detect the entire circuit and any issue with it.

Why Does This Light Turn On?

Sometimes there is a problem with the position lights of your car, and you get a warning message on the dashboard. The bulb failure position light indicates an issue with one or more position lights on your car

The issue arises when there is 

  • A faulty bulb or bulb failure
  • A problem with the connection or wiring
  • A problem with your car’s computer.

Whenever you turn the lights of your Volvo car, electrical current starts flowing from the source to the bulb through wiring. 

But if there is any issue with the bulb, then the electrical resistance of the circuit varies, which affects the voltage in the circuit. 

The computer of the car detects any changes in the voltage. If there is a change, it will alert you with a warning light on your dashboard. 

Bulb Failure Position Light

Resolving the Position Lights Issue

Take your vehicle to a safe place and inspect the position light of your car. You need to follow the below steps to resolve the position light issues.

#1. Vehicle Must Be In Accessory Mode

Your vehicle must be in accessory mode so that you can inspect all the exterior lights or position lights of your car. If you have an old-fashioned key-operated car, then the ignition position 11 will put your car in accessory mode. 

But if you have a smart key and a push button to start your car, you need to put your key in the center console instead. Then push the start button without applying the brakes of your car.

When you do this, the car will not start, but it will turn the position lights on. Now you can thoroughly inspect them and detect the problem.

#2. Walk Around And detect The Issue

You must walk on both sides of your car to defect any fault in the position lights. You need to carefully look at bumpers, license plate bulbs, rear bulbs, tail lights bulbs, parking lights, and headlights. 

Position lights are present on both sides of your car. If you find all position lights on one side of your car are turned on, you need to inspect the other side.

#3.OBDII Scanner Can Detect a Defect In Position Light

If you have an OBD (onboard diagnostics) scanner, you can easily detect faults in the position light on your car. Try to plug the OBD II scanner into the OBD II port of your car and detect the issue.

Bulb Failure Position Light

#4. Remove The Bulb

Once you detect a faulty position bulb, you need to remove it and replace it with a new one. If you cannot do it on your own, it’s best to take the help of any mechanic. If one side of your car’s position bulb has gone bad, then you need to replace both sides of your car.

You also need to inspect the bulb’s socket, and if there is an issue with it, then repair it instantly. Remember to add a little dielectric grease at the contact while installing a new bulb to give it weather-protection and corrosion protection as well.

#5. Go Again To Accessory Mode

Now turn your vehicle off and again go back to accessory mode. You will find that the “bulb failure position light” message is now absent. It indicates that the problem is now solved. 

If you still find the message, you should follow the steps below.

#6. Repeat Step 1

Now repeat one and check whether you have fitted the bulbs properly on your car.

#7. Inspect The Socket And Electrical Wiring

If the problem persists, you need to detect the socket again. If it is in good condition, the wiring may be an issue. If your good idea for electrical wires, then tries to detect the problem and correct it. If you don’t have much idea, you need to take the help of a mechanic.

Should You Drive With This Light On?

Yes, you can drive with the light on. But you should not neglect it for a long time. It’s best to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Position lights help mark your car’s presence on the road. If there is a fault in the position lights and you don’t repair them immediately, it can result in a collision.

Bulb Failure Position Light

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What does bulb monitoring warning light mean?

A bulb warning light means there is an issue with your car’s bulbs. Try to inspect all the bulbs in your car thoroughly, and if you find the ends of the bulb are darker, try to change the bulb.

#2. What is a position light on a motorcycle?

The position lamps on a motorcycle are fitted 1.5 meters above the ground to provide white light to the front. The lamp used is 7 watts or less than it. If the motorcycle has no headlamp, then there is a need for a position lamp on it.

#3. How do you reset the position of light bulb failure?

Sometimes the bulbs of the position light get loosened with time. You need to smack the bulb with your hand. But if you find wiring issues or the bulb needs to be changed, then take the help of a mechanic to correct it.

#4. How do you reset a Cync light bulb?

Turn on the light for 10 seconds and then again turn off the light for two more seconds. 

If you repeat the process five to six times, it will help reset your Cync light bulb easily without having to spend a lot on a professional to do it.

Wrap Up 

We have discussed steps to follow if you get a bulb failure position light message on your dashboard. You need to follow them to correct the error message. However, if you don’t have much automotive knowledge, it is better to take your car to a professional.

Thank you for reading!

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