What Causes A Tire To Shred? 9 Reasons For Shredding In Tires, And How You Can Protect Them

What causes a tire to shred to pieces? If you have ever been in a situation where your tire blew out and got shredded, you might have wondered about it. Well, wonder no more!

I loaded my vehicle with my family, and we were all heading towards our first vacation in years. Suddenly the tires of my vehicle blew out and were shredded into pieces. 

I was on the highway and could not find any garage nearby. I inspected the vehicle everywhere but could not find any reason why my tires had shredded, which disappointed me. 

I asked a friend of mine: what causes a tire to shreds? After talking, I realized I am not alone in have faced this problem. It can happen to anyone. So, I researched a bit and am sharing some of the important reasons for shredding tires.

What Causes A Tire To Shred

What Causes Shredded Tires

Tires should always be in good condition while driving. The four patches of rubber in your car are the only thing that is in physical contact with the pavements. 

The performance of the suspension system and the braking system of your vehicle is mainly dependent on the condition of the tire. 

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Shredding of tires can damage your car and poor vehicle handling, which can be dangerous not only for the driver but also for other drivers on-road and pedestrians.

There are many reasons why your tires get shredded. I will discuss some of the important reasons below.

#1. When The Tire Is Under Pressure

Air in the tire plays a vital role in driving. If your tire does not have a sufficient amount of air pressure, then it can be dangerous. 

The air inside the tire is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI), and the recommended value is usually written on a sticker near the driver’s door frame.

When your tires do not have sufficient pressure, internal components like fabric, rubber, composites will be affected. Your tire will heat up quickly when underinflated, which can lead to the shedding of tires. An over-pumped tire is equally bad. It affects your tire badly and may lead to shredding.

#2. Overloading Of Vehicle

Adding too much weight to your vehicle can also be the reason for shredding tires. You should always prefer to load your vehicle with a reasonable amount of weight. Otherwise, it can be dangerous on the road.

What Causes A Tire To Shred

#3. Hazards On-Road

The conditions of the road greatly affect the tire of your vehicle. When your car hits a heavy crack, rock, or a large pothole, then there is a lot of stress on your tire. The suspension system is designed to absorb shocks, but have you ever wondered where the energy absorbed goes? 

The impact of the energy on your tires can badly affect the outside or inside condition of the tire. Sometimes you hear the blowout immediately because of large cuts on your tire

Otherwise, it may take a few months to detect the condition of the tire. One day you will suddenly find your tires have been shredded in pieces which can be dangerous while driving on the road.

#4. Small Debris

Small debris on the road like nails, glass bits can enter into the tires, which can lead to blow out, and finally, your tire may shred into pieces. 

So you should visually inspect your tires regularly. If you see anything poking on your tire, then repair your tire immediately.

#5. Camber Angle

Camber angle is the angle between the centerline of the vehicle’s wheel with respect to the road surface. It distributes the load across the entire tread of your tires. 

The camber angle can be of two types. Positive camber angle is the angle in which the two wheels of the vehicle are leaning outward, whereas, in negative camber angle, the two-wheel leans towards the inward direction.

Both positive camber and negative camber have benefits. If I talk about positive camber, it reduces the steering effort of the driver and provides good stability in a straight line. That’s why manufacturers give a positive camber angle in off-road vehicles.

Similarly, a negative camber angle is provided in racing cars because they provide good cornering grip at high speed.

But if the positive or negative camber angle goes out of the designed maximum limit, then it severely affects your tire. It will cause misalignment of the tires of your vehicle, which is extremely dangerous. Your tire can have premature wear and tear, which can lead to the shedding of tires.

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#6.Toe Angle

Toe angle is the direction of tires pointed with respect to the centerline of the vehicle. If the car’s wheels point inward when viewed from above, we call it toe-in angle. This angle provides stability in a straight line and is mainly found in streetcars and off-road cars. But excessive toe-in angle can damage the outer portion of the tire, which can even lead to shredding.

Now, if I talk about the toe-out angle, it is the angle when the two wheels of the vehicle are pointed outward when viewed from above. They are mainly used in racing cars because the toe-out angle improves the steering mechanism when drivers turn in the corner. 

But excessive toe-out can severely affect the inside portion of the tire, which is not visible for a few months and may finally shred tires.

#7.Slow Leak

Sometimes your tire may have a slow leak, and you don’t recognize it. You may head towards any picnic with your family members, and suddenly your tire cannot bear the heavy load and may lead to shredding of tires. So, I will advise you to check the pressure of your air from time to time.

What Causes A Tire To Shred

#8. Worn Ball Bearings

The ball joint is a vital component of the suspension system of your car. But it becomes dry or may get damaged with time and starts moving freely. 

Consequently, it disturbs the camber angle of your vehicle, which affects your tire. Finally, it may lead to the shredding of tires. I will advise you to lubricate the ball joint from time to time to prevent it from getting dry.

#9. Damaged Rubber Bushings

The rubber bushings of the upper and lower control arm may damage with time and disturbs the camber angle. The disturbance of camber angle may lead to shredding of tires.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What causes a tire to shreds on the inside?

When the tire’s pressure is low, the internal pieces of the tier will become weak, and it will finally shred in pieces.

#2. Can you drive on a shredded tire?

The flat tire acts as a cushion and protects the rim of the wheel. But if your tire has shredded, then you can drive a few yards, but it’s better not to drive. Going on a shredded tire is extremely dangerous for your life and other drivers on the road.

#3. How does a tire get ripped?

Your tire may get ripped by a sharp object like nails or glass on the road. You need to avoid driving on such a road where you find a lot of derbies.

What Causes A Tire To Shred

Wrap Up

The tires are the safety item of your vehicle. It should always be in fantastic condition. Any misalignment, puncture, shredding in the middle of the road is extremely dangerous.

I hope this article has helped you in knowing some of the important reasons for shredding your tires. Anyways don’t forget to share your suggestions for this article. I would love to read your suggestions.

Happy Driving.

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