Where To Store Winter Tires In An Apartment?

Where to store winter tires if you live in an apartment? You can store winter tires in a cool and climate control environment. Read on to know more about how to store your winter tires if you live in a limited living space.

A car is a valuable asset for anyone. You spend thousands of dollars on maintaining your vehicle every year.

If you stay in a place that gets a lot of snow and ice, you will need to invest in winter tires. This will help you deal with snowy or icy conditions properly.

Adverse driving conditions in cold weather lead to 12% of all accidents. 

When the summer arrives, it’s time to replace the winter tires with a set of summer tires. This is why people have this question: Where to store winter tires if you live in an apartment?.

It is essential to store winter tires properly after cleaning them up, so you can use them again when the temperature decreases. You should always store them in a climate-controlled environment. There is a lot more than just storing your winter tires. Let us look in detail.

In this article, let us further look at

  • Certain tips before storing winter tires.
  • Where should winter tires be stored in an apartment?
  • Should the tires be kept flat or upright when storing?
  • Can you store tires in an apartment for long?
  • Is it safe to store tires on the balcony?

Where To Store Winter Tires Apartment

Certain Tips Before Storing The Tires

When storing winter tires, it is essential to store them properly if you are not using them for a while. This will help you use the tires again the next time the temperature decreases. If you do not store them properly, their durability will reduce after a point in time. Let us look at some tips that will help you properly store the tires.

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You need to clean the tires and remove all the dirt and grime before storing them inside. Wash your tires with soap and water and let them dry, so the moisture gets reduced. 

You can use a vacuum clever if you find any dirt built up. Letting the dirt and grime sit on the tires while storing will damage the rubber compound over a while. 

No Direct Sunlight

Always try to store them in a cool and climate-controlled environment. Avoid storing any tire outdoors in direct sunlight. Not even if you cover it with some protective covering. The harmful UV rays and radiant heat will damage the rubber.

Room Temperature

You need to make sure the storage unit where you store your tires does not exceed the room temperature. If your room gets heated up, protect your tires from exposure.

No Chemicals Nearby

Make sure that your tires do not come in contact with any lubricants, fuels, or chemicals. 

Storage Bags

If possible, you can keep the tires in storage bags. It will help protect the tire rubber.

Where To Store Winter Tires Apartment

Where Should Winter Tires be Stored In An Apartment?

A cool and climate-controlled environment is an ideal place to keep your tires. But if you stay in an apartment, sometimes it may not be very feasible to keep tires somewhere indoors. 


In such cases, you can store your tires outside in a shed but keep them above the ground and put a waterproof covering with holes. This way, the moisture will not get built. Make sure it gets good ventilation and do not let moisture or steam get inside.


If you are storing it indoors, make sure to keep the tires away from any welding equipment, chargers, motors, or even generators. This is because all this equipment may wear down and damage the tire faster over a period of time if it gets in contact.

However, you will need some space to store the tires properly and keep them in good condition so you can use them the next time.

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Best Places To Store Tires

Have you ever thought about where you can store your tires? Let’s look at the best place to store tires.

  • Workshop. If you have a workshop with a cool and dry environment, you can stack your tires and fit them perfectly here.
  • Basement. If you put your tires in airtight storage bags with holes for some ventilation, you can ideally store them in your basement area.
  • Storage Units. Some storage units allow you to store a set of tires in their facilities. Though there may be some restrictions on how to store the tires. But it is an excellent option if you don’t have space in your apartment.

Where To Store Winter Tires Apartment

Should The Tires be Kept Flat Or Upright When Storing?

Many people wonder about how to store tires that will help maximize their space in their apartment. 

The ideal way to store winter tires is in an upright position. Storing them in this position requires less space and does not ruin their shape.

Do Not Stack Tires

Usually, people stack the tires one above the other. But this puts more pressure on the tire and distorts its shape. But if you are still want to stack them up, you can place dividers between them, so it does not affect the rubber material.

Avoid Hanging Tires

If you are storing tires without rims, they may not maintain their shape and may get uneven over time. Also, avoid hanging the tires as they may distort their shape. 

If you are storing tires without a rim, always place them in an upright position side by side on a tire stand and keeping them on the level. 

What Should You Put In Your Tires Before Storing?

When storing the tires, do not place them directly on the ground. By doing this, moisture gets built up, which may cause some issues when you use these tires again. 

To prevent this issue, you need to place something under the tires so the air can circulate prosperity and to avoid moisture from getting accumulated. 

One best way to prevent this is placing a tarp below the tires. If you are storing your tires in your garage, you can place the tarp or a rubber mat easily on the top of a cemented area.

If you have a pallet, you can store your tires in it. Once you put your tires in storage bags, you can place them in the pallet. 

Placing the tire on the pallet will allow air to pass through from beneath. This is one of the easiest ways to store tires.

Where To Store Winter Tires Apartment

How Long Can Winter Tires Last When Stored?

Though if you don’t use your tire, it may not last forever. But keeping your tires clean and storing them properly in an upright position in a cool and dry place will make it last for atleast six years.

Just make sure the tires do not contact furnaces, compressors, generators, electric motors, or any other chemicals. This is because this equipment will damage the tires over time, and it may even crack.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Store Tires On A Balcony?

Yes, it is safe to store tires on a balcony if you cover them adequately. Make sure to clean and dry the tires before storing it in an airtight bag. We personally know of an incident where a condo building caught fire (in the Greater Toronto Area) because of someone from the floor above dropped a burning cigarette onto the tires. So if you are storing your winter tires on the balcony, please cover them with a fire retardant tarp.

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Should You Deflate The Tire When Storing?

If you store your tires with rims, you can place them in an upright position while inflated. You should fill the air in the tires to 10 PSI or as recommended. It is ideal for deflating your tires to 50% of their normal pressure.

So Where To Store Winter Tires?

Winter tires should be placed in a cool and climate-controlled environment. It is essential to keep winter tires properly after cleaning and removing all the dirt so you can use them again. Make sure to stack them vertically, so it does not lose its shape or become distorted after a period of time.

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