5 Reasons Why People Put Tires On Their Roof

Traveling by the rural part of the US, you might have noticed tires on top of some mobile homes. Why do people put tires on their roofs? Let’s find out.

Whenever you cross a rural area, you may have come across many homes that have tires on their roof, but have you ever wondered what the reason is? 

Of course, most mobile homes have tires on their top, but even stick and brick homes have the same concept. 

So what is the purpose of tires for homes, and how do they benefit the residents? In this guide, we will provide you with detailed information about houses with tires on the roof. 

In this article, you will learn: 

  • What are mobile homes? 
  • Pros and Cons of Rubber Roofing 
  • Why do residents put tires on their roofs? 
Why Do People Put Tires On Their Roof

What are Mobile Homes? 

Mobile homes are commonly known as trailer houses; they are prefabricated houses built in a factory and kept on a trailer chassis so that you can easily move them as and when you want.

Mobile homes are one of the most affordable housing options. Most of the time, people in mobile homes live on leased land or parks. 

Mobile homes are a lower-cost option than having a stick-built home. In addition, they are environmentally friendly houses. 

Why Do People Put Tires On Their Mobile Home Roof?

In rural areas, you can see many houses with tires on their roofs. Tires are heavy objects, and they are great for holding down a roof that is not nailed down. 

Bowstring Design

In rural towns, the roofs are in a bowstring design, which means that they have a bow-shaped truss in the center, arched towards the center and flat at the sides.

Now, to hold the roof in place, wooden trusses are nailed to the sides of the house, and the sheet metal plating is nailed on top of it. But nothing is holding the sheet metal plate to the center of the truss.

This is done because wood and metal will expand differently during summers, and if the sheet metal roof is nailed down to the wooden truss, there will soon be holes leaking rainwater in it.

Roof Rumble

The flip side of this is that the roof tends to rumble every time a strong wind blows by it, so to keep the roof from vibrating like this, you need a strong weight to hold it in place.

This is where old tires come in. In places like Texas, rocks are harder to find than old tires. So it’s easy to get some old tires and put them on the roof, just like a paperweight holds down paper when the wind blows.

Why Do People Put Tires On Their Roof

Why Use Tires?


One of the biggest advantages of using tires for roofing is its price. As per other types of roofing, this is the cheapest option. 

Easy Installation 

There is no special skill or technique required to install tires on the roof. You don’t need to nail down anything; hell, you may not even require a ladder if you are strong enough.


Rubber Tires are long-lasting; they can stay in single pieces for many years. 

Less Maintenance 

Rubber-tired roofs do not require frequent maintenance. 

Greenest Choice 

The tires are made up of recycled materials and take less energy to produce than other roofing materials. 

About the only drawback of the tires on the roof is their dark black color, but really who cares about that stuff! The only thing you need to remember is to keep the tires in a straight line, and that’s it.

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How Do You Keep A Mobile Home Roof From Rumbling?

The two common ways to stop roof rumbling are explained below: 

Using Tires 

The old school remedy is using tires, and you must have seen many mobile homes have tires on their roof; this is because it is considered as one of the affordable and long-lasting ways to avoid roof rumble. 

The tires keep the wind away from the tunneling under the metal, dampening the sound. Using tires can fix the problem permanently. 

Sealing and Coating 

Another best way to stop the wind from entering the metal is sealing and coating.

Sealing the seams and edges and then coating the entire roof with an elastomeric layer is a wise decision to stop roof rumbling. But, again, it is important to pay attention to the edges of the roof. 

Why Do People Put Tires On Their Roof

Causes of Mobile House Roof Leaks 

Here are some common causes of mobile home roof leakages: 

# Snow and Rain 

Snow and rain is the most concerning cause of roof leakage. The major problem of a flat-surfaced roof is snow, as it allows snow to sit on the roof and melt away slowly. This is a cause of concern. 

Remedy: Sealing and coating or having a pitched or slanting roof. 

# Debris

Debris from the nearby yard or tree branches can cause leakage. Although it is tough to cut the nearby trees to stop flying debris, you should look into hiring a professional tree cutter. 

# Condensation 

Condensation due to moisture is the common problem of leakage in old mobile home roofs. It has to be treated as soon as it is seen to avoid further damage. The best way to treat condensation is by having tires on the roof. 

# Material Breakdown 

We all know that roof coatings or tin sheets have a tendency to be cracked down or stretched away that can allow the water to enter the metal; in that case, there are high chances of leakage.  The best way to deal with material breakdown leakage is by installing tires on the roof.

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Signs of Mobile Home Roof Leakage 

Ideally, you will get visible signs that show there is some leakage on the roof. However, whether you have tires or other ways of roofing, it is important to look inside and outside of the house for leakage. Here are a few things you must look for when locating a leakage on your mobile home roof. 

# Sagging And Dark Spots 

The most common indicator of leakage of your mobile home roof is dark spots. It shows there is some moisture on the roof.

Even when your wallpaper or wall panels start peeling off, it is a sign of leakage. These signs may show there is a problem of leakage or condensation. 

# Light Peeking 

If you see some light coming from the roof, some crack could have to be sealed immediately. 

Why Do People Put Tires On Their Roof

Top States In the US With Maximum Mobile Homes 

Nearly 20 million people live in mobile homes. The following states have the maximum number of people who prefer to live the mobile home life. 

  • South Carolina 
  • North Carolina 
  • West Virginia 
  • New Mexico 
  • Alabama 
  • Ohio 
  • Michigan 

Why Do People Put Tires On Their Roof? To Prevent Roof Rumble

Given the vast number of people who live in mobile homes in the US, especially in the southern states where the countryside is very big, it is not unusual to see people who have tires on their roofs.

Tires are a simple and cost-effective way of keeping the roof from vibrating whenever a strong wind blows. They keep the sheet metal roof in place and protect the residents from loud noise during a windstorm.

So next time you see tires on someone’s roof, you should be able to guess why they have done so! 

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