What Does H/T Mean On A Tire?

Choosing the right coded tire for your vehicle is essential for your safety and comfort. Let’s find out what does H/T mean on a tire below in this article.

Often car owners neglect or don’t know the meaning of the codes written on the sides of a tire. But knowing the meaning of the code is quite important. It will help in choosing the right kind of tires.

For instance, if you usually take your vehicle on off-roads and choose a highway tire, your tire may blow out or lose its stability in the middle of your journey. This can be quite frustrating, especially if you are on a dirt road. So, I will say, purchasing the right tire will make your drive smooth and comfortable.

You might find the words H/T written on the side of some tires. So what does H/T mean on a tire? H/T means highway terrain. 



The tires where H/T is written are specially designed to be driven on highways. Most of the SUVs are equipped with H/T tires. These tires are very comfortable and last for a longer time on smooth highway roads.

If you don’t drive off-road and want a tire that will run well on both dry and wet roads, then opt to buy H/T tires. Below, we will discuss H/T tires in detail: what they are, why they are used, and what are some of their disadvantages. Keep reading to know more!

What Are Highway Terrain Tires?

Highway terrain tires are specially designed to run on paved roads. These tires are mainly designed for commuting purposes and perform well in almost every type of weather. 

The tire’s sidewalls are thicker, enabling them to last for more than five years. The best thing is you can purchase them at an affordable price.


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General Features Of Highway Terrain Tires

#1.Tread Void

Tread void is an essential part of the design of your tire. It refers to the space between the tread blocks of your tire, which gives the tire flexibility and adjusts to various road conditions. Moreover, it helps in preventing aquaplaning or hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning of your vehicle tires occurs when a layer of water starts building between the wheels and road surface. Consequently, your tire loses traction on the road. Fortunately, highway terrain tires have less tread void, enabling the tire to have good traction on a dry road.

#2. Tread Blocks

Tread blocks are the raised portion of the tire that comes in contact with the road surface. The highway terrain tires have tread blocks of various sizes that help in reducing noise.

#3. Grooves

The grooves are channels that run circumferentially around the tire. Highway terrain tires have circumferential grooves that help reduce noise when coming in contact with the road.

#4. Tire Shoulder

The shoulder is the area on the tire where the tread and sidewalls of attire meet. The highway terrain tires have semi-closed shoulders on the tire, which enable them to run quietly on roads.



Benefits Of Using Highway Terrain Tires

#1. H/T Tires Are Durable

Heat is usually generated when a tire runs on the road. The highway terrain has a special tread pattern that will enable it to reduce noise and liberate the maximum amount of heat. Consequently, it helps in enhancing the life of the tire.

#2. Good Traction On Wet Roads

Some models of highway terrain tires have waved pattern grooves that help channel water. Consequently, they increase traction on a wet road and reduce hydroplaning. So, if you usually drive vehicles on both wet and dry roads, I suggest you purchase highway terrain tires.

#3. Maximizes Fuel Economy

Highway terrain tires are designed to provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride. Moreover, it also accelerates fuel economy. Fuel economy means the number of miles your vehicle can travel by using a precise amount of fuel.

Highway terrain tires will enable your vehicle to travel much more miles in a set amount of fuel which is rarely seen in other tires. It is an excellent advantage for trucks and SUVs that usually travel with less mpg(miles per gallon)

#4. Good Braking And Cornering

The tread design on the tires is less aggressive, which provides good braking and cornering, which is hardly seen in other tires.


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Disadvantage Of Highway Terrain Tires

#1. Not Fit For Snowy Roads

The tread patterns on the highway terrain tires will not make a good grip when the roads are covered with snow. However, you can have a smooth journey on wet and dry roads.

#2. Poor Performance On Off Roads

If you have SUVs or lightweight trucks and fitted them with highway terrain tires and wish to take on off-roads, then the tire will perform very poorly.



Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What does 104T mean on tires?

T or H written on the tires determine the speed rating. If a tire is rated T, it can withstand maximum speed up to 118mph. If a tire is rated H, it can withstand a speed of 130mph. 

You need to remember the speed limit of the tire fitted on your vehicle and drive accordingly.

So, if a tire is rated 104T, it means it has a speed limit of 118mph and a load-carrying capacity of 2,000 pounds.

#2. What does 88h mean on the tire?

H indicates the speed rating of a particular tire. In this case, the tire can withstand a speed of 130mph. 88 is the load index of a tire. It can withstand a load up to 1235 pounds at maximum air pressure.

You will find various codes written on the sides of your tire. For instance, P/185/65 R15 88H

The numbers and alphabet may confuse you. But in reality, they are confusing. You need to understand the meaning of the alphabet and numbers to determine the correct size of the tire.

  • P- Passenger rated tire
  • 185-Width of the tire
  • 65- The aspect ratio of the sidewall of the tire is 65 percent of the width of the tire
  • R- Radial
  • 15- tire diameter in inches
  • 88 – Load index of the tire

The load index will determine the load-carrying capacity of the tire.



#3. What does 89h mean on a tire?

89 is the load index of a tire. Here the tire can withstand a load up to 1279 pounds.

H indicates the speed rating of the tire. Here the tire can withstand a speed up to 130mph.

#4. What does 94V do on a tire?

V indicates the speed rating of the tire. Here the tire can withstand a speed up to 149mph.

94 indicates the load index of the tire. Here the tire can withstand a load up to 1477 pounds.


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A Few Final Words

Tires are a pretty important part of our vehicle. So you need to choose the right tire so that you can have a smooth and comfortable journey. So while selecting a tire, you need to pay special attention to the numbers and letters written on the side of the tire. Each letter and alphabet has some significant meaning.

We thank you for reading this article and hope we answered all your questions – if you have more doubts, just write to us in the comments and we will get back to you.

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