Why Do Tire Shops Over Inflate Tires?

Have you noticed the difference when you inflate tires yourself vs when a tire shop does it? Why do tire shops over inflate tires? Let’s see the reasons.

Does your tire get damaged too quickly? Did you know that your tire pressure reduces by one PSI every month? Yes, it is true, thus you must get your tire’s pressure checked at least after a month.

Tire pressure plays a vital role in maintaining the safety of the vehicle and the rider. It makes the tires last longer. Many people think tire pressure is not that important but let me tell you the performance of the ride is affected immensely. 

Get your tire checked even while you are purchasing a new tire as tire shops over inflate the tires to maintain the tire pressure for a long time. 

Read the article further to know why tire shops over-inflate tires and the importance of tire pressure.


Why Do Tire Shops Over Inflate Tires

How Does Tire Pressure Affect The Tire And Its Performance?

For a stable running of the tire, it is important that the tire has proper air pressure. For an even weight distribution of the vehicle remember that the air pressure in the tire needs to be proper. If the tire loses its stability then remember it will be difficult for the rider of the vehicle to handle it. 

If the tire pressure is not appropriate it will lead to early wear and tear. Did you know uneven tire pressure also affects the braking system too? Thus, to avoid a collision and to stay safe in case of emergency it is essential that the tire pressure is appropriate. 

The low-pressure tires also flex excessively making the walls of the tire generate heat. Due to the heating effect of the tire, there are chances that the treads of the tires come out and it can further lead to blowouts. This can be really dangerous. 

The improper tire pressure also affects the fuel economy thus, resulting in poor rolling movement. Further, this will lead to sooner replacement of tires.


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Other Reasons Why Tires Must Not Exceed The Optimum Tire Pressure

Rough ride: You will find that if the tire pressure is inappropriate then your ride is rough and not smooth. You will feel more bumps, and jerks while driving. Every bump on the road will be felt and this will affect your ride and the performance too.

Loss of traction: the tire helps to hold the ground and makes the ride smooth. If the tire pressure is more there are more chances that the car can crash or the tires spin unevenly without touching the ground. Overinflated tires can cause more loss of traction especially during winters. 

Tires become stiffer and noisier: over infrared tires become stiffer and the shape gets deformed due to excessive air pressure. While moving the tires become noisier too. They overall have a shorter lifespan. 

Always remember that the air pressure varies due to the temperature. Thus, next time you get your tire inflated there are chances that the 1-2 PSI (pound per square inch) for almost a 10 degree drop in temperature

In general, if your tire is warm the air pressure can reduce by 2-3 psi. Before planning a long trip it is important to check the tire pressure. Always keep an extra tire in the car and check the tire pressure limit suggested in the car`s manual. 

As every car is different from the other, you can also find details about air pressure on a label near the driver’s seat. You can keep a check on that too.


Why Do Tire Shops Over Inflate Tires

Why Is It Essential To Measure The Tire Pressure When Buying A Vehicle In Winter?

When buying a car, or when planning to take your car out for a long drive it is essential to check the psi of the tire. Remember that the heat generated while driving the car can increase the temperature of the tire. 

This increases the tire pressure. During winters tires need extra care and protection. They can lose the pressure during cold temperatures thus, the best way is to keep checking the tire pressure every month.

increase tire pressure, so you’ll get the most accurate reading when tires are cold.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to slightly over-inflate your tires?

Yes, it is bad to overinflate your tires as the chances of damage are higher. The greater the air pressure, the higher will be the risk of blowouts and the lower will be the traction. Blowouts do not let you get full control of the vehicle and furthermore do not let you apply proper brakes.  The tire does not touch the ground thus, the chances of wear and tear are higher if the tire is overinflated. Over-inflated tires put you at a higher risk of accidents.

Why do tire shops always over-inflate tires? 

The temperature within the tire shops is cool thus they normally inflate the tires. When the car comes onto the road the tires get heated up resulting in expansion. Thus, the tires get over-inflated due to the heat of the tires and due to the weather conditions.  The tire companies want the riders to enjoy the ride quality and thus, they feel it is always better to over-inflate the tires rather than under-inflate it. 


Why Do Tire Shops Over Inflate Tires

Is 40 psi tire pressure too high? 

Generally, the PSI for passengers and other cars needs to be around 33. But a few sports cars allow the tire pressure to be between 32 to 40 psi. If your tire is cold then the pressure is considered as good. But, when it is heated up, 40 psi is not considered very good. Thus, it is always better to get your tire pressure checked before you drive your car. 

Is it better to have overinflated or underinflated tires?

There are two sides of every coin the same way both over and underinflated tires both are not considered as good for driving the vehicle for long distances. Underinflated tires lose their shape and the risk of losing control of the vehicle is much higher. The tires let loose and roll here and there and sometimes it also bends. The fuel efficiency also reduces if the tire press is under-inflated.  

On the other hand, over-inflated tires get stiffer and the traction quality gets hampered. With stiff tires driving for long distances is not possible. But when we compare between over and underinflated tires underinflated tires are much riskier than over-inflated tires.


Why Do Tire Shops Over Inflate Tires


The reason can be many for overinflation of tires, but the truth is over-inflated tires can be really dangerous as it not only damages the tires but risks the life of the rider too. 

I hope after reading the above article you will be careful while getting your tires inflated. Maintain the air pressure limit that needs to be between 32 to 40 PSI. It is always better to keep the air pressure according to what is set by the manufacturer.   

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