What Should Be The Tire Pressure When Towing A Travel Trailer?

Many people who are new to towing often think about tire pressure when towing a travel trailer. Let us look in detail at the required tire pressure when towing a travel trailer.

If you are new to towing or have just bought new tires, you might have wondered about the tire pressure your vehicle needs to have. Many people think that the tire pressure of the vehicles depends on how heavy the load is. 

Every tow trailer’s tire pressure has to be monitored regularly. It is necessary because if the tires are not properly inflated, they will blow out and cause major problems while towing. 

When the tire is not inflated at the right pressure, the trailer or RV may shake if you are moving too quickly. It will affect the overall towing experience and cause problems for the tow vehicle. So it is important for smooth and safe driving to have the correct tire pressure while towing. 

Depending on the trailer weight, the ideal tire pressure is 40 PSI to 65 PSI. When you adjust the tire pressure, make sure you can balance and tow the weight of the trailer properly. 

In this article, let us look at how to find the right tire pressure tire for different trailers and other related questions.


Tire Pressure When Towing A Travel Trailer


How To Find The Right Tire Pressure For RV Tires?

Many RV manufacturers stick to the load rating chart. The load rating chart specifies the trailer weight and the wheel’s specifications that show how much tire pressure is required at the specific load weight. 

To find the right tire pressure, it is important to weigh every axle. This weight is then divided by the total number of tires in the trailer. If there is some extra weight of the things being carried in the trailer, add 10% more to it. The weight that you get this way will give you the right tire pressure on the table provided by the manufacturer. 

Make sure the weight is specified at each tire position to get the right tire pressure. There can be an imbalance when the weight distribution is not proper or while packing. So the load weight will help know the correct tire pressure at each side. 


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Some Basic Information About RV Tire Inflation

  • There are different types of RV tires available nowadays that fit into the width and diameter of the wheels. The tire pressure of different wheels depends on their weight ratio. 
  • Make sure the load capacity of each wheel is similar to or more than the maximum weight load. Just keep the weight of the RV well-balanced, so the weight of the tires and load are proportional. 
  • When the weight of the load is not properly balanced, make sure the tires of each side are well-inflated. You may need to measure the weight of each load, including the fuel, water, and other supplies that determine the total weight distribution.
  • When your RV is fully loaded, you need to inflate the tires to their maximum pressure. It is not right to lower the tire pressure just to have a soft ride, as it is dangerous. You can use a tire pressure gauge to find the pressure.

Tire Pressure When Towing A Travel Trailer


Do I Need To Increase The Pressure While Towing A Trailer?

Yes, you need to inflate your tires when towing with a heavy load. 


If the tires are not properly inflated and give out due to heavy load weight while pulling, it may result in blowouts. So it is essential to make sure your trailer or RV is inflated with the right pressure before towing. Over-inflating and under-inflating can both lead to dangerous situations with towing. 

While towing a trailer you may inflate your tires to 75 PSI or maximum PSI. After towing, you can decrease the tire PSI in the range of 55 to 60. This is the comfortable pressure when you do not need to tow anything. 

Else you might have to replace your tires, or they may burst out while traveling. Some people inflate and deflate the tires at different PSI in the front and rear parts. The PSI depends on the towing weight load and which side the weight is located on. 


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Can I Inflate Trailer Tires To Its Maximum Tire Pressure?

Yes, but only when you are towing. Afterwards, you should reduce the pressure back to normal.


You must have seen specified PSI there on your tires. The listed PSI is the highest recommended pressure by your manufacturer. Anything more than the specified tire pressure is dangerous and can fail while riding. 

But can you inflate your tires to their maximum PSI all the time? The answer is no. It is ideal to inflate the tires to their maximum PSI when you need to tow a heavy load that needs more support. If you inflate more than the maximum PSI limit, it can strain the tires.

You can only inflate tires with maximum PSI when it’s cold outside as it will cause less heat and take up the full load of the tires. Thus resulting in better fuel mileage and longevity. Even if you are keeping your trailer in a very cold space, make sure to inflate it to maximum PSI and not more than that.


Tire Pressure When Towing A Travel Trailer


RAM 1500 Tire Pressure When Towing

The Ram 1500 is a truck that picks up load and has around 19 trims and 12 different tire sizes. 

The recommended tire pressure for Ram 1500 for the 2011 to 2021 models is 35 PSI to 80 PSI. The tire pressure range depends on the Ram model year, tire size, and model trim. 

For example, for the 2021 model, the recommended tire pressure for front tires ranges between 36 to 55 PSI and 36 to 45 PSI for rear tires.

Towing Features

The RAM 1500 has some advanced towing technology that makes towing easy. Let us look at some of its features below.

  • Towing Power. The RAM 1500 is well-built to carry heavy loads with ease. It comes with five different powerful engine options. It includes a 5.7 ltr V8 engine and torque hybrid system to generate 395 horsepower. It has a towing capacity of around 12,750 lbs.
  • 360° Camera View. Having a 360° camera makes it easy to tow loads. It makes it easy to have a look at the load.
  • Reverse Steering. Many times, you may forget which side to steer while reversing. With the reverse steering control, it is easy to reverse the steering knob that controls your truck’s steering wheel. 


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Silverado 1500 Tire Pressure When towing

The Silverado 1500 can tow larger trailers or boats with ease. It comes with some innovative features and a large towing capacity. This trailer is ideal for both new drivers and experts. This pickup truck comes with 13 trims and 17 tire sets.

The recommended tire pressure for Silverado 1500 model 2005 to 2021 ranges from 30 PSI to 45 PSI. The tire pressure depends on the model year, trim, and tire size for better performance, fuel efficiency, and safety.


Towing Features

  • Comes With 15 Camera Views. This pick has around 15 camera views, thus making the towing work easy. So whether you are driving or parking the trailer, the cameras help move the trailer easily.
  • Advanced Trailering. This advanced trailer is equipped with an in-vehicle trailering application and lighting diagnostics and monitors tire pressure. It also offers many more features making it easy to tow for a longer time. It includes hill start assistance, auto-grade brakes, and sways control options.


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How Do You Find The Recommended Tire Pressure For Silverado 1500?

You can look at the owner’s manual or tire placard placed in the driver’s door, trunk lid, fuel door, or console. To check the tire pressure of your trailer, you need first to know the recommended tire pressure of both front and back tires. You can use the tire pressure gauge to know the tire pressure of each tire. 


You will have to adjust the tire pressure to the required level. If the tire is overinflated, you will have to remove some air out; else, the tire will burst out. Keep a check on tire pressure and make sure all the sides of the tires are properly inflated.


Tire Pressure When Towing A Travel Trailer


Tire Pressure When Towing A Fifth Wheel

You can check the correct tire pressure in the vehicle’s placard, owner’s manual, and vehicle’s certification label. When towing a fifth wheel, the recommended tire pressure is 60 to 65 PSI, and when it is cold, the recommended pressure is 80 PSI in some vehicles.

Some Tips On Maintaining Tire Pressure

Inspect The Tire Pressure Regularly

Make sure to keep a check on the tire pressure regularly, especially while traveling. This will help find out if there is any wear and tear that can cause more damage to the tires. 

Wash The Tires Regularly

You should wash your tires with a brush and water or a solvent. Please avoid using any petroleum-based products as they can damage the tires prematurely.

Cover Your Trailer Tires When Not In Use

If you do not use your trailer regularly, keep the tires covered to extend their life. It will help protect the tires from UV rays, which can degrade them.


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A Few Final Words

It is essential to monitor the tire pressure regularly while towing. This will help prevent the tire from blowouts and other related issues. Also, if the tire pressure is not correct, your trailer may vibrate or become shaky when you move at a higher speed. Keep the tire pressure at a recommended level depending on your trailer model for better performance and safety.


Thank you for reading so far, we hope we answered most of what you wanted to know. If not, just drop us a line in the comments and we will get back to you.

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