Why Wont My Tire Come Off?

Why wont my tire come off? I tried everything but it just seems stuck! In this article we will talk about some tips and tricks to losen a stuck tire and answer some of your most frequently asked questions on the topic.

Loosening a tire isn’t as complicated as it looks. All you need is to learn a few tricks that usually take no time to help the tire come off. In this article, we will be discussing some of these tricks. 

It can be pretty frustrating to have a stuck tire in your vehicle, especially when on the road. However, it shouldn’t be a matter of worry when you know how to loosen it quickly. 

We mean that there are some quick and easy tips that you can remember in the back of your head and apply when the situation demands. And yes, most of these tasks can be easily performed by a regular driver, who doesn’t need to hone any mechanical skills. 

If you do not believe us, you must read this article. So, go ahead and learn about these tricks, and by the end of it, we hope to have you saying: taking off a stuck tire is easy!


Why Wont My Tire Come Off

Why Won’t My Tire Come Off?

The reason why the wheels of many vehicles get stuck is because of corrosion. Since most cars are equipped with alloy material, they are less likely to get corroded. You can, however, not 

avoid the corrosion of the wheels entirely, because all metals corrode eventually.

To prevent this from happening, you must keep the insides of the wheels clean and painted. It is also suggested to apply a layer of thick grease before remounting your wheels. To be on the safe side, get an experienced mechanic to check your vehicle once or twice a year. 

In this way, your vehicle will last longer than most, and in case any issue crops up, it can be dealt with in time. 


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How To Remove a Stuck Tire From a Vehicle?

Before we go ahead with the tips to remove a stuck tire from a vehicle, remember always to safely use the tools and equipment. 

Occasionally, you can also get some guidance from a good mechanic or someone who is more experienced than you, especially if you are unsure about the solution. 

Now, if your tire won’t come off, or is stuck, follow the steps mentioned below:

#1. Blunt force to loosen the wheels

We all know that the most common cause of a stuck wheel is dirt and corrosion; all you need is a blunt force to the tire to help it come off quickly. 

You can use a hammer or timber to do the work. If you are using timber, place it behind the wheel on the wheel’s surface. Now, hit the wheel with the timber to loosen it. 

Even if you do not have access to timber or a hammer, you can also use your foot to loosen the wheel. Use the sole of your shoe to kick one side of the tire and continue doing it until the tire loosens. 


Why Wont My Tire Come Off

#2. Loosening the nuts and slow driving 

Loosen the nuts of the wheels but do not remove them completely. Now, drive the car a few feet forward and backward. Repeat the process for a while but make sure that the car is slow. 

Now remove the nuts completely (on a jacked-up car), and try to remove the wheels from the vehicle; the chances are that they should have loosened up. Remember to drive your vehicle slow to avoid the nuts falling off completely and causing an accident. 

#3. Torch it up 

The easiest and probably the most fun way to loosen the wheel of a vehicle is to heat it! Jack up the car, secure it and use a blow torch to heat the surface of the hub and wheel. 

However, you must make sure that you do not heat the brake lines or CV joint boots, or the damage will cost you a pretty penny. It would help if you focused on heating the center of the wheel to avoid the burning of other parts. 

After heating the area for about 2 minutes, spray WD40 lubricant (or any other rust removal lubricant) between the wheel and hub. You might also have to whack a few kicks on the wheel to loosen it further after heating. 

If it doesn’t come out, repeat the process but make sure that the lubricant has dried up before touching the wheel again. 

#4. Take the vehicle to a service center. 

If none of the above methods work in your favor, the best thing is to take your car to a good service station. Find a good mechanic and tell him all the methods and tricks that you have already tried on the car so that he can take it further from there. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What do you do if your tire won’t come off?

There are a few things to try when your tire doesn’t come off. Check them out below – 

  • Loosen the nuts of the wheels and slowly drive backward and forward. It is recommended to try it when you are at home. 
  • Heat the outer center of the wheel to loosen the nuts and, thus, the tire. You should use rust removal lubricant after 2 to 3 minutes of heating to make the process easier. If the tire doesn’t loosen, repeat the process after the lubricant has dried up. 
  • Use some blunt force on the tire to help it loosen and come off. You can either use a heavy hammer or a thick timbre to do the job. Often, you can loosen the nut and use your foot to hit either side of the tire to unstuck it. 
  • If none of the above tricks work, it is recommended to take your vehicle to a good service station and get the job done. 

#2. Is it hard to take a tire off?

Changing a tire off the vehicle is difficult, but removing a hard, stuck tire is entirely different. It is a challenging process that can be pretty frustrating. However, you will quickly loosen the stuck tire and get your vehicle running again when you know exactly what to do. 

However, it can be annoying to unstuck or change a tire yourself. So, it is recommended to get some assistance or help from other people, if possible. If nothing is working, it is best to take your vehicle to a service center and let experts handle it. 


Why Wont My Tire Come Off

#3. How do you get a hard tire off?

The first step should always be to loosen the nuts of the wheel of a raised vehicle. Disconnect the wheel and tire from the car. Now, remove the cap from the valve and press it to release the air. Now, lay the tire flat on the ground by breaking its bead off the rim’s edge. 

Insert a tire lever in the tire’s lip to pry it upward. Work it up the rim until the entire rim falls off. Use the lever in the same way to pry the other lip off of the rim by pulling the tire upward. It will thoroughly remove the hard tire. 


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Wrapping up  

It is pretty standard for the wheels to become stuck in the vehicle. However, with proper care and maintenance, one can avoid dealing with this issue from time to time. 

Remember, prevention is better than cure, so wire brush the wheels often. You can also lubricate the tire with copper greases when rotating your tires. If somehow the wheels get stuck, you now know what to do. 

Thank you for reading the article, we hope this answers all your questions. Let us know how we did by liking and sharing the article with others!

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