Comparing 862 Vs. 706 Heads: Which Ones Are Better?

862 Vs. 706 Heads: which is the best cylinder head for your car? Let’s find out!

862 heads and 706 heads are both cylinder heads that make up the top of the combustion chamber. So, they need to withstand extremely high temperatures and immense pressure. Both are almost identical in appearance, but the differences lie within their compression ratio and the range of vehicles suitable for the particular heads.

What are 862 Heads?

Many automobile components are out in the market, so much so that you might need clarification about choosing the right cylinder head for your car. 862 LS2 heads serve as one of the best options due to their high performance. Engine heads are a vital part of a car and play a crucial role in determining the engine’s efficiency of your vehicle.

Cylinder vehicles need to be strong so that they can withstand high pressure and temperatures. It should keep its shape and size the same in resisting such immense conditions. The 862 LS has the right features to perform efficiently in a vehicle. The most popular 862 heads in the market are the CNC Ported 862 LS heads with a stainless-steel swirl that is polished and has 2.00 and 1.57 intake valves.

They also come with new springs that allow 0.650. The different types of 862 S weights fit differently to various vehicle models such as Silverado, Tahoe, and others. For Some models, manufacturers have to resurface them to incorporate a polycrystalline diamond at 45 degrees.

Moreover, 862LS heads are one of the cheapest options available that are also reliable. You can rebuild your 862-cylinder head for engine builds such as LM4, Lm7, and 5.3LS.

862 heads are often made of a lightweight metal called aluminum. They are non-conductors of heat and electricity, so they can dissipate these energies much better than conductors. They give much better fuel economy and performance. Another attractive features of the car are its auto engine cooling unit.


Comparing 862 Vs. 706 Heads: Which Ones Are Better

What Are 706 Heads?

Cylinder heads are the communication point of your combustion engine. The cylinder heads are fixed above the cylinder of your engine, thus forming the top of the combustion chamber. The cylinder heads are a vital part of the setup as they control the air going in and out of the combustion chamber. They are also responsible for maintaining the flow and deployment of the fuel into the combustion chamber.

Like 862 cylinder heads, 706 heads are another cheap option for cylinders of car owners like you. It is also very effective and efficient in terms of performance. You can use them in vehicles with an engine capacity of 5.3 L, 4.8 L, or 6.0 L.

It might sound too much of a claim, but 706 heads have been in the market for a long time. Many car enthusiasts have performed several tests on the Vortec heads by GM. Almost all reports show that 76y heads have a good performance record.

The Vortec heads are cathedral offerings, as they are almost always in stock and sell out quickly. Many truck heads built in small factories are known to drop the engine’s compression, but 706 heads are not one of them.

The 706 heads are suitable for several engine models of various vehicles, including 5.3 L and 4.8 L engines. There is a large chain of manufacturers producing the heads, thus more the supply of the products, the lesser the price remains of the product in the market. Its affordable price and high efficiency make it a popular choice among car owners.

Comparison Of 862 And 706 Heads

862 and 706 cylinder heads are popular among car owners due to their relatively low price and high efficiency and durability. As mentioned earlier, cylinder heads need to be robust. It makes up the top of the combustion chamber, where appropriate amounts of fuel and air react to produce enough energy to drive the car. And so it needs to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures.

If you judge by appearance, the 862 heads seem almost identical to the 706. Both of the cylinder heads possess the same valve size. Additionally, they have ports and chamber cores of the same size.

The actual difference lies within the compression ratio of the two.

  • 862 heads are cast on sand molds, but 706 cylinder heads are cast on a semi-permanent mold.
  • 862 heads also fit into smaller combustion chambers as compared to that 706 heads, which are more suited for larger combustion chambers.
  • 862 heads have a lesser surface area, so they also have more significant compression than 706 heads.

Apart from these, the difference between the two heads is negligible. To conclude, sand cast 862 heads are advantageous as it gives your car the appropriate setup. Also, the price of 706 heads is nearly the same as the cost of 862 LS heads, so there is no reason to choose 706.


Comparing 862 Vs. 706 Heads: Which Ones Are Better

Why Is 862 Heads A Better Choice Than 706 Heads?

Sand-casted 862 heads have proved to be better than others. They perform well, even with smaller exhaust valves ranging from 1.8 to 2.0 intake runners. 862 heads also possess small combustion chambers that increase the overall compression ratio provided by the 862 LS heads in cars like Chevy.

862 cylinder heads have a great flowing head that ensures high compression in the combustion chamber of your vehicle’s engine. Most importantly, 862 LS heads provide a lot of power at a cheap rate. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of old 862 heads built in 1999 are available in the exhaust port volume ranging from 4.8 to 5.3 L, often meant for truck heads.

Why Casting 862 Heads Is A Great Choice?

Casting 862 heads could be a great idea because of the following reasons:

  • Most importantly, 862 LS are readily available in the market and the port.
  • 862 heads are one of the most high-performing cylinder heads available.
  • The cost of 862LS can vary depending on the model of your vehicle and the volume of your compression engine. But be sure that its price is much lesser than that of other similar products that provide identical efficiency.
  • The cylinder heads are robust. You can rely on them to stay in the same shape and form even when immense heat is released at high pressure.
  • They are almost the same as the 706 heads and are suitable for various vehicle models.
  • Supply is consistent. Even though it’s always in high demand, there is plenty of collection of the heads.


Comparing 862 Vs. 706 Heads: Which Ones Are Better

Why Is 706 Head Better Than Others?

Many experts consider 706 heads superior to 862 heads as they are made of semi-permanent molds. The semi-permanent molds are more reliable as the shape is consistent, leaving no room for errors. Some other reasons why 706 heads are considered the best by many car owners are given below.

  • 706 heads are affordable and often priced lesser than the popular 862 LS heads.
  • Like 862 heads, 706 are always in stock, and you can easily find them in your nearby automobile market in online stores.
  • 706 heads have smaller combustion chambers to prevent any loss of compression.
  • 706 heads are superior to other commonly found heads, such as 317 cylinder heads, due to their better manufacturing method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 706 heads better than 862 heads?

Many experts do consider 706 heads to be superior to 862 ones due to their consistent manufacturing method. 706 heads are made using a semi-permanent mold, whereas 862 are sand cast. But some car enthusiasts debate that sand casting benefits 862 heads and is not a disadvantage.

Are 862 heads good?

Yes, 862 heads cod be a good option for making the top of your combustion chamber. It is robust and withstands high pressure and temperatures. Moreover, it is affordable and readily available on the market.

Are 706 heads good

Yes, 706 heads are a good option for your cylinder heads. They are strong and are built on semi-permanent mold. They are of consistent shape and have smaller chambers. They are of lower price and are plentiful in the market.

What heads are better, 799 or 706?

By design, the 799 heads are considered better than the 706 heads. It is because the 799 heads allow better flow and smaller chambers size, thus increasing the compression ratio. But the dyno of the 799 heads showed that it provides less power than the 706 ones.


Wrap Up

Both 706 and 862 heads have high efficiency and durability. Moreover, both are within the affordable range. The differences lie with the larger combustion engines or smaller ones. The size of the engine determines the compression ratio of the head. The engine provides lesser the compression ratio, the more power.

Thank you for reading.

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