AC Only Blowing Cold On Passenger Side: 5 Reasons & Solutions

Is your AC only blowing cold on passenger side, and leaving the driver hot and uncomfortable during the summer months? You need to read this article to understand the problem

You switch on your air conditioner while driving on a hot day. Unfortunately, your AC is blowing cold only on the passenger side.

There are various potential reasons for air blowing on only one side. For instance, if the vent door is broken, the air conditioner will blow only on one side of the car cabin.

Additionally, if the temperature sensors don’t work or there are issues in dual-zone climate control, then you will face such a problem.

AC Only Blowing Cold On Passenger Side

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Reasons For Car AC Blowing Cold On Passenger Side

#1. Problem In Climate Control System

Modern cars like Ford F 150 are equipped with dual climate control features in which the driver and passenger can adjust the temperature according to their desire.

If there is an issue in climate control settings, the AC will only blow on the passenger side. Try to check the car’s manual and adjust the settings to get rid of the problem.

#2. Faulty Blend Door Actuator

Most people ignore the blend door actuator. But it is an essential part of the car that helps control the temperature and airflow inside the cabin.

It is an electric motor that controls the climate control system of any vehicle. The blend door actuator is a small plastic box with plastic gears. It is so tiny that you can easily fit this device in one hand.

The signals use this device whenever you increase or decrease the airflow temperature inside the car cabin.

But it can malfunction with time. The plastic gears can break, or improper installation can hinder its working, and the car Ac starts to blow only on the passenger side vent. 

There are other signs by which also you can know that your vehicle has a bad blend door actuator. For instance, if you hear a squeaking or clicking noise from the car dashboard, then it indicates the malfunctioning of the blend door actuator.

#3. Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant plays an essential role in cooling your car cabin. When you turn on your AC, the refrigerant flows from the evaporator to the compressor. It is compressed to high pressure and temperature and then moved to the condenser. 

It is condensed there and changes to liquid form. But there will be no change in pressure and temperature at this stage. It will then move to the expansion valve, where its temperature is reduced drastically.

It then moves to the evaporator, which absorbs the warm air inside the cabin and provides cool air. This principle of air conditioning helps keep you cool and comfortable while traveling on a hot day.

But when the refrigerant level decreases, it can create issues, which may be why cold air does not blow from driver vents. The vehicle engine may also overheat because of less refrigerant, which is dangerous.

Where there is refrigerant leakage, then less freon can significantly affect the temperature inside the air cabin. Whenever you face such a situation, then correct the leakage. 

Additionally, drain out all the old freon and do a freon charge according to the factory’s recommendation to get rid of the solution.

#4. The vent Door Is Broken

The vent door is responsible for blowing cold air into the car’s cabin. But if the vent door is damaged or jammed, your car AC will only blow on one side.

#5. Faulty Temperature Sensor

If the temperature sensor is faulty, the car will find it challenging to pick up the information, which disturbs the air blowing from the vents. It can be the reason for your vehicle Ac to blow cold air only on one side.

What Can You Do If Your Car Blows Cold Air Only From One Side?

#1. You Can Change Blend Door Actuator

If you hear a noise from the dashboard and your car is constantly blowing cold air only on the passenger side, there may be issues with the blend door actuator.

If you find the blend door damaged, then it’s better to replace it.

You can follow the below steps to change the temperature door actuator.

  • Remove the guards, and then you will find a metal shield behind them. Remove the metal shield for changing the temperature door actuator.
  • Disconnect the wirings which are connected to the actuator.
  • Remove the two bolts by the 8mm socket and ratchet, then pull the device.
  • Connect the new actuator and then put the bolts in the correct place.
  • You need to tighten the bolts by the 8mm socket and ratchet.
  • Connect the wirings and then test the temperature door actuator.

#2. Replace AC Vents

The Ac vent of your car may be damaged. So, you need to replace it. We discuss below the procedure you need to follow while replacing AC vents.

  • Use the trim remover tool to open the side cover panel
  • Remove the old AC vent by disconnecting the electrical connector.
  • Take out the new AC vent. 
  • Connect the electrical connector with the new AC vent and carefully install it in your vehicle’s proper position.
  • Install the side cover panel
  • Now test the air conditioner of your car.

How Can You Clean The Airconditioning System Of Your Car?

You need to keep your car’s air conditioning system clean so that it will operate effectively. But before cleaning, you need to wear all the safety devices for safety purposes. You have to wear gloves to deal with dust, dirt, and debris. 

Secondly, you need to wear a respirator because breathing dust particles continuously can cause respiratory illness.

You need tools like a spray gun, an atomizer-fitted hose, and an air conditioner cleaning solution for automobiles.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your car AC.

  • Remove AC filter
  • Connect a hose to the spray gun.
  • You will see some packages along with automotive air conditioner cleaning solutions.
  • You can put one or two packages inside the container on which the hose is fitted. Now put the automotive cleaning solution up to 33.8 ounces.
  • Now the solution is prepared and sprayed on various components of the air conditioning system, including the evaporator.
  • You need to remove some components, like the blower motor, before spraying on the evaporator in some cars. So, if required in your vehicle, then remove it.

Do I Need To Replace AC In My Vehicle?

The air conditioning system in vehicles lasts for 8-10 years. So car owners usually don’t need to replace it. Sometimes the AC parts last through the car’s life if proper care and maintenance are taken.

But sometimes, components like compressors, O rings, fixed orifice tubes, and washers can break down, and you need to change them.

When Should I Change My Car Coolant?

Car coolant plays an essential role in providing comfort inside the car cabin. It helps supply you with cold air while driving on a hot scorching day. You need to change car coolant within a gap of 5 years or after covering 1,000,000 miles distance.

Can I Operate My Car Airconditioner When It Is Leaking?

If you find water leakage, then you don’t have to worry about it. It is pretty common on summer days. You can operate your airconditioner if you observe water under the vehicle.

But if the refrigerant leaks, you need to fix it instantly. Take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic so that he will find out the leaks and solve the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How much does it cost to replace a blend door actuator?

If your blend door is damaged, it will badly affect the cold air blowing inside the car cabin. You may experience a 10 to 20 degrees temperature difference on the passenger and driver side. Well, you can replace it by spending $100 to $400.

#2. How do you reset a blend door actuator?

You can reset the blend door actuator by following the steps.
Find the blend door actuator in your vehicle.
Remove the actuator safely. Ensure that the actuator and the safe should remove freely. If it does not remove, then lubricate the actuator.
Turn your car engine and allow the heat to enter the car. Ensure the parking brake is activated in this condition. You can do this in a well-ventilated area for safety.
Turn air conditioner
You need to move the actuator in the direction from where hot air is blowing and then move in a direction where cold air is blowing.
Turn the shaft in the direction where you get the most heat and make sure that the maximum heat selects on climate control.
Put all the things back in place.

#3. How do you know if your blend door is stuck?

If you hear a clicking or squealing noise from the dashboard and there are temperature fluctuations in your car cabin, it indicates issues in the blend door actuator. Secondly, during the defrost time, your car’s windshield may not work. So it may get stuck for some time.

#4. Where is the blend door actuator located?

Depending on the vehicle, you may have one or two blend door actuators. However, you will find it in the dashboard’s center in most cars. If you wish to take it out, you have to unscrew two bolts.

#5. Why is my car heater blowing hot air on one side and cold on the other?

There is a good chance that the blend air door motor on the side on which the driver sits has vents that have failed. I am assuming here that the problem is on the driver’s side, but if it is on the passenger side, then also similar trouble could have cropped up.

#6. Why is half my car blowing hot air?

Usually, the problem happens because the refrigerant in your car is leaking. Refrigerant is a substance that goes all over your car’s engine and keeps it cool. It first expands to absorb heat and then expels this heat by becoming cooler very quickly, thus venting out hot air from the car. This is exactly how an air conditioner in a house works as well.

#7. Why are half of my vents blowing cold air?

It is quite possible that the air filters, whose job it is to clean the air in your car’s air conditioner, have become clogged and dirty. If this happens, the vents might start letting out cold air, because dirty air filters make your heat exchanger less efficient.

Wrap Up

Airconditioner in our car provides cool air by which you feel comfortable while driving on scorching heat days.

But it can be pretty frustrating if it starts to provide cool air only on one side. We have discussed a few reasons for which it can happen and hope it will help you investigate the problem.

Thank you for reading this article.

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