Clicking Sound When Pressing Brake Pedal – What to Do?

Irritated with the clicking sound when pressing brake pedal? This article will clear all your doubts and teach you how to fix them.

Are you facing issues with your vehicle’s brake pedal

It is very common to face problems in your car after a couple of years of buying as they require constant servicing. Sometimes these issues arise even in newly bought vehicles.

There are multiple types of issues you can find in your brake pedal that indicate that you need a brake job. A clicking sound while pressing the brake pedal is the most noticeable problem that lets you know of a faulty brake. 

In this article, I will discuss the reason why you hear a clicking sound when pressing the brake, and along with that, I will also discuss some of the other factors indicating that you require fixing the braking system of your vehicle.


Clicking Sound When Pressing Brake Pedal

Why Are You Hearing Clicking Sound When Pressing The Brake Pedal?

Whenever the brakes of your vehicle start making a clicking or rattling noise while pressing the brake pedal, it means you need to replace your brake pads. The reason why you hear the clicking and rattling is because of the vibration of loose components, mostly screws. Those loose screws damage the vehicle’s brake pad. 

The components usually become loose when you change the brake rotor or the wheels. Other factors include incomplete brake service, improperly torqued lugs, or the use of unbranded brake pads.

If this kind of situation arises, you might need to go to a mechanic if you are not too handy with tools. During inspecting the brake mechanism, the mechanic will focus not only on the brake pads but also on the situation of the brake hardware. You can also fix the clicking sound yourself by tightening the lugs 

In some cases, you probably have only to clean the caliper hardware and ears of the brake pads. You can also fix the clicking sound yourself by following certain simple steps:

  • Try to locate the wheel from where the sound is coming as it’s most probable that the problem is in one wheel.
  • Unscrew the lugs.
  • During unscrewing, you will find if any lug is improperly torqued (too tight or too loose).
  • Tighten the lugs properly till the clicking sound is gone.
  • If nothing works, replace the brake pad.


Clicking Sound When Pressing Brake Pedal

More Signs That Your Brake Needs Fixing 

Until now, we discussed the issue of clicking sound in the brakes, but there are many other signs too that indicate that your vehicle’s brakes require fixing.

I have listed some of the factors for you.

Vibrating Brake Pedal

One of the apparent indications of the requirements of new brakes is when your car’s brake pedal is vibrating or pulsating when you press it down. Worn brake pads and rotors typically cause pulsating brakes. In this case, you need to inspect both brake pads and rotor and might replace them if required. 

Car Pulling Towards One Side

Often you will find your car pulling towards one side when you apply the brakes, and it indicates that there’s unevenness in applying the brakes. 

It can be a lack of braking at one or more wheels in which the brake pad does not make any type of contact with the rotor at all. Or yoit is also possible that the brakes are binding (the pad not retracting through the rotor surface). A mechanic will find a definitive diagnosis.


Clicking Sound When Pressing Brake Pedal

Deep Grooves In Rotor

When constant usage wear-down brake pads severely, they usually leave circular and deep grooves in the rotor. If you can locate such grooves, you must replace hardware and brake pads. You may also require rotor servicing or replacement. In short, both rotors and brake pads should be examined in this case too.

Grinding Sounds

When you press the brake pedal, a growling or grinding sound often means that the brake pads have become thin (worn out) and are now grinding into the car’s rotors. 

Basically, the brake’s growling sound tells you that there’s some metal-on-metal contact, indicating there’s no braking material left. You will find that the brakes will take a longer time to slow down your car. This situation requires immediate attention as the longer you wait to fix it, the riskier it is for you and other passengers in the car.

Thin brake pads

Other than all that I mentioned so far in this article, sometimes conducting just a visual inspection of the car’s brakes frequently is an excellent way to keep yourself safe from any sudden problems faced during driving. 

If you check during your inspection that less than one-fourth of an inch of braking pad is remaining, then the pads are clearly thin and need replacing.


Clicking Sound When Pressing Brake Pedal

Wrap Up

I hope this article has answered your important questions about the clicking sound when pressing the brake pedal. All the other factors that I have added ghat indicate that your car’s brake needs fixing will also help you. 

In short, make sure to keep inspecting your brake pads and rotors once in a while to keep your car safe.

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