How Long Can I Drive On 0% Oil Life?

One of our readers asked us: How long can I drive on 0% oil life? Well, the answer is that you shouldn’t! Read on to know what this important indicator means

As long as the quantity of oil is within the high and low-level marks, it is safe to drive your vehicle. However, once the levels drop to the points nearing the low benchmark, it is time to get the oil replaced. 

This article will discuss all things related to oil life and answer how long you can drive if your vehicle has given signals of 0% oil life. 


How Long Can I Drive On 0% Oil Life

Why Is My Car’s Oil Light On?

Have you witnessed this event yet? Has the oil light in your vehicle turned on and left you astonished as to the reason behind this occurrence? 

Please stick with us till the end to understand what prompts cars to show such signs. Below is the list of the four most probable events owing to which the car’s oil light may be on. 


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Low Oil Pressure

If the oil pump cannot circulate enough oil or the oil level is way too low for the pump to carry out the circulation, the oil light on your vehicle will turn on. 

One must also understand that driving with an oil quantity less than your car’s specified low-level mark can affect the vehicle’s engine.   

Old Oil Circuit

Oil circuits can wear over time. For example, existing gaps might have enlarged in size because the oil pressure may experience a drop. 

Dipping of the stress can lead to the oil light turning on. One can check this with a mechanic, and they would help repair the circuit. 

Faulty Oil Sensor

The oil sensor’s job is to essentially respond to a probe which is placed into the oil passage. Entry of a foreign object like dirt or grime can lead to faulty messages and flash the car’s oil light. 


How Long Can I Drive On 0% Oil Life

Regular Oil Change 

Your car’s oil requires regular changes, and if you know you haven’t done the same as per the schedule then, this is why you can see the oil light flashing. 

How Can I Check the Oil Level of My Vehicle?

Park your car and wait for a while so that the engine cools down. Next, locate the dipstick, which is ideal on the top of the oil tank. 

Once you find the dipstick, pull it out and clean it with a rag cloth. Finally, put the clean dipstick back into its original location. Voila! You are done. 

Can I Drive With the Oil Light On?

No, it isn’t safe to drive with the oil light on. Going with the oil light on can ruin the vehicle’s engine and even completely break the motor. 


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How Far Can You Drive on 5% Oil Life?

Well, what does this 5% mean? These numbers can be considered as a countdown to the oil replacement session. The number indicates that the oil needs a change utterly soon. Therefore, one important thing is to ensure that the monitor is reset every time the oil is replaced to avoid discrepancies. 


How Long Can I Drive On 0% Oil Life

What Happens if the Oil Life of Your Vehicle Is at 0?

When the oil life on your vehicle has hit the 0% mark, it is indicative that your car needs to go for a not-so-regular health checkup. 

The service on the engine perhaps is long overdue. You shall not ignore signals like so from the vehicle. Driving past the 0 mark is not a good idea because the metal and sludge particles in oil will eventually reduce the engine’s life. 

At What Percent Should Oil Be Changed? 

Now the most important question is, when should I get the oil changed? Well, between 10 to 5% would be the ideal time to get the oil replaced. A well-maintained car can go as many as 5000 miles or even 7500 miles between two consecutive oil changes. 

Good quality oils can surpass beyond this limit and last even longer miles. However, the best place to reach out for this information is the manual you received when buying your car. Also, the number of miles is different if you are opting for synthetic oils

Can You Drive a Car With No Oil Life?

Yes, you can drive a car with no oil life when it is utterly necessary but, it is not good for your vehicle, and you must immediately halt your vehicle in a matter of five to ten minutes to prevent major damage to the engine. 


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How Long Can I Drive With No Oil Life?

Yes, engines can run without oil for about 30 minutes, but the effect can be so damaging that the machine will fail after some time. The oil light may come on for several reasons. One of these can be a low oil level. 

The second reason is less likely to happen; the sensor could be faulty. If the oil light flashes or gets turned on while driving, the first thing you must do is pull your vehicle aside and turn it off. This rules down the event where the car shuts down on its own and can lead to an accident. 


How Long Can I Drive On 0% Oil Life

What Is Negative Oil Life?

Yes, it is as negative as the term sounds. It indicates that the vehicle has surpassed the maintenance required point and needs immediate attention. The display comes on every time you turn the ignition switch to the ON (II) position. 

A Note to the Reader

All the statements mentioned above are based on the writer’s personal experiences and research across various platforms. 

We do not hold claims to the truth of these statements and request you to verify the best for your vehicle with an authorized service center. We wish very good health to your four-wheeled beauty. 

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