Honda CRV All Warning Lights On: How To Solve

Have you started your Honda CRV, and all its warning lights are on? If yes, then the article is meant for you.

There can be two main reasons why all the warning lights on your Honda CRV dashboard come on. The first is battery problems, and the second is electrical issues. If you are facing a problem for the first time, you should not worry.

You can resolve this problem yourself if you have (a little bit of) technical knowledge. And we will describe a few things below that you can try.

But if you feel that you are not very technically inclined, we recommend you take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic sooner than later. In case it is a serious issue, they can thoroughly inspect the car and, stop a minor problem from becoming a major one.

Honda CRV All Warning Lights On: How To Solve


Why Does Honda CRV All Warning Lights On?

#1. Battery Problems

If you have been driving a 2017 Honda CRV for a long time and have kept the battery the same, you should change it. The longevity of a battery is approximately 3 -5 years.

If the car battery is already more than five years old, its multiple warning lights will switch on your car dashboard.

Simultaneously your battery can die in the middle of the road, and the car will come to a sudden stop, which is very dangerous. Change your battery as soon as possible. Changing the battery is an affordable option to resolve this problem.

But if you have recently changed the battery and all the warning lights are coming on your dashboard, there can be wiring or connection problems.

Low voltage on the battery can prevent the sensors from functioning correctly. As a result, all lights come on on your car dashboard.

#2. Intermittent Issues

The next possible reason all warning lights are coming on is intermittent issues. It means there is a fault in either sensor, wire, or electronic problems.

It takes a lot of work to figure out when a vehicle has intermittent issues. Try to write when you are facing a problem and what you are doing at that time, i.e., whether you are starting your car, accelerating parking, or anything else.

Take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic or dealer to resolve the problem. Inform the noted thighs to a mechanic to help him easily and correctly detect the problem.

#3. Loose Ground Wire

A loose ground wire can be why warning lights suddenly come on your car. If the ground wire is loose, it will prevent the alternator from providing the proper current to the battery.

Consequently, the battery will drain within less time and will die. Your car can automatically shut down when the battery becomes dead.

Honda CRV All Warning Lights On: How To Solve


#4.Bad VSA Module

VSA means vehicle stability assist. You can handle the car properly while cornering because of the VSA module.

It is mainly useful when different wheels of the vehicle have different grip amounts, a condition that can lead to skidding or plowing.

VSA allows smooth acceleration on slippery and steep roads. But if the VSA module goes wrong, then there is a possibility that all warning lights can come on.

#5.Malfunctioning Of AC Control Unit

AC control unit module regulates and functions all the AC systems electronically in the car. The module reads the cabin data and the ambient temperature and accordingly adjusts the AC to keep the car cabin at the proper temperature.

But the AC control unit can malfunction because of refrigeration leaks or compressor problems. As a result, all lights will come on on the dashboard of a car.

Take your vehicle to a professional car garage. They will inspect thoroughly and make the changes as required.

#6.Bad Fuel Injector

A fuel injector works to inject fuel into the intake manifold. The air and fuel mix in the intake manifold, compresses and ignites, and finally provide power to the engine.

But when the fuel injector is coated with carbon, dust, dirt, and other deposits, it will prevent the proper amount of fuel from mixing with the air.

It reduces the power and mileage of the car. There is even an engine misfiring. All the lights are on for the malfunctioning fuel injector in the vehicle. Try to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

#7. Oil Contamination

Oil helps lubricate various components of the engine. But it can become contaminated with time. Hence you find all the lights are on on the dashboard at a time in the car.

Try to change the oil from time to time to avoid this problem

Honda CRV All Warning Lights On: How To Solve

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How do you clear the warning lights on a Honda CR-V?

Sometimes all the warning lights are switched on in your car, like the parking brake, check engine light & brake light. You should switch off your car for 10-15 minutes and then turn it on again. You will observe that all the warning lights are now off.

Well, it’s a temporary solution. There can be various reasons for all the warning lights to switch on at a time. For instance, there can be issues with the battery, AC control unit, VSA module, or faulty fuel injector. Take your car to the mechanic, who will inspect and correct it.

#2. What do Honda dashboard lights mean

Honda CR-V has various dashboard lights. Red or amber lights are critical and indicate severe issues in the car. Blue or green lights provide information to the driver like the cruise control is on or running.

#3. What does the wrench warning light mean on a Honda CR-V

It indicates that your Honda CRV still needs to do maintenance service. Once the service is done, the light will automatically disappear.

#4. What does the orange exclamation point mean for Honda CR-V

An orange exclamation point in Honda CRV indicates low pressure in the tires. You need to fill the air in the tires as soon as possible.

Wrap Up

When all the lights are on at a time, it’s pretty obvious to get worried. If you are unable to handle the issue on your own, you are best off taking your vehicle to the mechanic.

They can diagnose the issue and figure out what needs to be done so that a small problem does not become big with time.

We have listed above some reasons why all the warning lights come on in the Honda CRV, and we hope they will help you detect the problem.

In the past, readers have asked us about their CRV’s sun visor not staying up and we researched and wrote about it. If you have any other article suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for reading this article!

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