Who Makes Honda OEM Brake Pads?

If you have tried to replace your Honda’s brake pads the first time, you might have wondered: who makes Honda OEM brake pads, and can I get a set of original brake pads directly form them? Find out the answer to your question below.

Honda is one of the most popular and reliable brands in the world of cars. Thus, when replacing your Honda’s brake pads with the new ones, make sure you only get your hands on the original ones. In this case, you can get OEM brake pads from either Honda Parts Guys or else Honda Factory Parts.

When you get yourself new brake pads or any other car parts, you usually have two choices. You can either choose the original equipment manufacturer parts (OEMs) or go for cheaper, aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are designed by third parties and may or may not be approved by the manufacturer. 

It is important to replace the worn-out brake pads with those developed by original manufacturers. It is especially recommended in the case of brake pads since they ensure the safety of your car and your body. 

So, in this article, we shall discuss the makers of Honda OEM brake pads and some other popular brands. So, the next time you look for a replacement, we hope you know where to go!

Who Makes Honda OEM Brake Pads

What Are OEM Brake Pads?

Before learning about the OEM brake pads, we should better understand brake pads. So, for those who don’t know, brake pads are an important component of the braking system in a vehicle, and the main function of brake pads is to slow down or stop the car. 

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer pads are often made of semi-metallic materials containing metals like steel wool, iron powder, shredded metal wire, and more. They are harder than ceramic brakes and offer more variations as well. 

OEM pads are used more in modern vehicles since they cost less than ceramic brakes and give more longevity. The slow-wearing-down process also means that they readily transfer heat from the rotor, which prevents warping and keeps the entire braking system safe from wearing off soon. 

Now that we know have a bit of an understanding of OEM brake pads, we can safely jump to the next topic, which will answer the question that you came looking here for.

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Who Makes Honda OEM Brake Pads?

Honda OEM Brake Pads are developed by Honda Parts Guys and Honda Factory Parts. You may find genuine parts under other Honda stores as well, but only the above two companies have Honda OEM brake pads in bulk. 

Honda Part Guys largely supply Honda EOM brake parts, including Honda EOM Front Brake Pads and Honda EOM Rear Brake Pads. Some other benefits of buying your products from the company are listed below – 

  • The company offers competitive prices. 
  • Their turnaround for orders is very quick.
  • All the brake components are engineered as per the company’s standards.
  • There is no compromise on the quality of the products. 
  • The brake pads are tested many times before they are forwarded to the customer.
  • The products are mandatorily tested for unique design and genuine material in the laboratory before being ready for customer use.
  • The company includes the replacements of the brake pads as well if needed. 
  • The company offers upgradation of brake pads without costing you a fortune. 
  • It has a large inventory, which means that the shipping and manufacturing of products take place quickly. 
  • The Honda OEM brakes will last between 25,000 miles and 60,000 miles. However, it also depends on the way you maintain the braking system. Its wear and tear may be affected by the driving conditions. 

If you are looking for Honda OEM brake pads, Honda Party Guys and Honda Factory Parts should be your go-to party. The Honda products are available across several factories in the US and the UK. 

Who Makes Honda OEM Brake Pads

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Who Makes Ford OEM Brake Pads?

The genuine maker of Ford OEM brake pads is Motorcraft USA. The company has a massive collection of new and replacement OEM pads for the customers. 

OEM brake pads offer friction that helps in slowing down your Ford whenever needed. Even though Ford OEM brake pads are known for their longevity, it depends on how well you maintain the vehicle. The climate and condition where you drive the car also determine the wear and tear of the brake pads. 

Thus, it is recommended to look for only OEM brake pads for Ford and make sure to check them from time to time. Therefore, the brake pads should be examined at a certain interval to optimize the braking system’s performance. 

The genuine OEM brake pads follow a strict protocol at the Motorcraft, and we have shared a few in the paragraph below:

  • Take the 100 years of experience of the company and ensure continuous product improvement.
  • Include the replacement parts.
  • Restore the car’s performance, like it was when the customer drove it from the showroom.
  • The company ensures that the braking pads pass at least 27 braking system tests before being approved for customer use. 
  • Each vehicle type at the company goes through comprehensive design testing in the laboratory to bring out its uniqueness. 
  • All the vehicle components, including the brake pads, are engineered as per the company’s standards. 
  • The brake pads are expected to survive for 30,000 to 70,000 miles at least, and usually, they last for as long as necessary to Ford. 
  • They can be customized as per the choice of the customer.

Each product created by Motorcraft boasts high quality and longevity. Thus, Ford OEM brake pads are certainly one of the best in the market. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Are Honda OEM brakes good?

Of course, Honda OEM brakes are better than the aftermarket products. Firstly, the company has goodwill like no other in the market, and secondly, original parts replaced by the original manufacturer are always better than those purchased from third parties. 

Even so, Honda OEM brakes come with their pros and cons. One of the good things about Honda OEM brakes is that the company installs only tested OEM as an authorized dealership. Thus, it is much safer than the brakes installed by an aftermarket party. 

The bad part is that OEM parts are always going to cost you more, so be prepared to shell out extra bucks for them.

#2. What are Honda OEM brakes made of?

Honda OEM brakes are non-semi-metallic materials and are further built with the help of iron powder and shredded metal wire. Unlike ceramic brakes are quite harder and have a longer life since they can easily transfer heat from the rotor, which prevents warping of the braking system. 

Who Makes Honda OEM Brake Pads

#3. Are Honda brake pads good?

Honda brake pads are quite attractive, strong, and very lasting. Even though a few customers have complained about their corrosive material, brake dust, and hard material, most love how the brake pads work. Almost all reviews online for these brake pads are positive.

So, yes, Honda braking system components braking system is quite good and is recommended for the brand’s customers. 

#4. Does Akebono make Honda brake pads?

Akebono is a Japanese automobile company that manufactures a wide range of brake materials. Their direct replacement of OEM brakes is used by the manufacturers of several popular brands, including Honda. 

So, yes, Akebono, the 85 years old company, makes Honda brake pads and is highly recommended by the experts in the industry. 

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A Few Final Words

Every OEM company has its pros and cons about its brake pads and other components. So, the best-suited OEM brake for your vehicle would be the one manufactured by its company, in this case, Honda. 

It is advised that you should also consult an experienced person and be open to other suggestions. The final choice, however, should always be yours. Think it through and buy the brake pad of your choice but always remember that nothing can match the original. 

Thank you fo reading this article, we hope we have answered most of your queries. If you need to know about the OEM manufacturers of any other car’s brake pads or indeed any other car part, you can drop us a word in the comments section below.

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