Where Are Wagner Brake Rotors Made?

Wagner brakes is a popular name in the world of brake and braking components manufacturers. But where are Wagner Brake rotors made? Are they made in the US, or do they have factories outside? Let’s find out.

Wagner brake rotors are among the most trusted companies for manufacturing aftermarket brake systems for cars and other commercial applications. 

About Wagner Brakes

Wagner brakes have a history dating back to 1891, when their founder H.A. Wagner established the Wagner Electric Manufacturing Company in St. Louis, Missouri. They first started manufacturing brake products in 1966. In 2000, they relaunched Wagner brakes, achieving the number one position in the market.

What Do They Manufacture?

Wagner brakes are one of the leading companies in braking technologies. With the aim to deliver a high-quality braking experience, their expertise in engineering sets the industry standard level high. 

They manufacture all the necessary components from brake fluid to brake rotors for repairing a brake completely. All of their products are of high quality, ensuring the highest performance level. Apart from brake components, Wagner is also known for its lighting products. 


Where Are Wagner Brake Rotors Made


Where Do They Manufacture?

While Wagner brake is an American company, you would be surprised to know its brake rotors are not entirely made in America. The brake rotors are made in China or Taiwan. And not just them; most of the brake rotors commercially available in the American market, marketed by American companies, are made in either China or Taiwan. 

Top Products

Wagner e-coated brake rotors are one of their high in-demand products. The coating on top offers protection against rust and corrosion. The top coating also helps distribute the heat evenly, which keeps the rotor from overheating. 

Another best rotor from Wagner brakes would be the E-shield rotor. The brilliance in the vane structure design of this rotor allows sufficient ventilation. The even heat distribution in this rotor offers the optimum performance of the rotor while keeping the noise and vibration to a minimum. 

One of the best parts about this rotor is that you don’t have to spend time breaking it as it comes pre-turned, and they are pretty easy to install too.


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The best part about Wagner rotors is that they are cheaper than OEM replacements. While you can not expect the Wagner brake rotors to outperform your original factory rotors, they can indeed offer good braking performance without breaking your budget.


Other than Wagner brakes, there are several other manufacturers of brake rotors in America.


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Other Brake Rotor Manufacturers

Centric Parts

Centric parts brake rotors are among the most in-demand replacement parts for automobiles. The merger of Centric parts with AP emissions resulted in the formation of APC, which offers a range of more than 145,000 brake components for medium-sized trucks and passenger cars.


Centric Premium brake rotors are among the best brake rotors on the market. Rotors are highly prone to rust and corrosion when coming in contact with dirt and overheating, but Centric parts brake rotors come with a protective black coating on top which makes the rotor corrosion resistant. 


The split design of the core casting helps distribute the what evenly and thus protects the rotor from overheating; however, the problem of overheating starts in these rotors after a few months of use.


Brembo is another such manufacturer of brake components that is highly in demand in aftermarket sales. Their products are one of a kind with excellent features. They manufacture more than 50 million brake rotors every year, sufficient to determine their popularity among consumers.


One of the best performing rotors from Brembo is the Premium UV-Coated OE Replacement Disc Rotor. It comes with a high price tag, but its quality makes up for the price. The use of high carbon in making the interior of the disc enhances the brakes response and efficiency. Carbon material has a natural property of evenly distributing heat, which avoids overheating the brakes. It also helps reduce the noise and vibrations of the brakes. 


The UV coating on the top of the rotor also helps reduce the heating of the brake rotors. While UV-resistant coating may seem strange, it helps increase the brake pad longevity by managing the friction.


Where Are Wagner Brake Rotors Made


EBC Brakes

EBC brakes are also a leading manufacturer and supplier of brake components in America. While they got famous because of their brake pads, they also offer a wide array of brake rotors.

One of the best parts about EBC brakes is that their products are manufactured in either the USA or UK. 


Ever since its foundation in 1990, EBC motors have been known to produce some of the high-quality products. The USR1386 USR Series Sport Slotted Rotor brakes are one of the most popular brake rotors from EBC brakes. 

These slotted rotors are made of high-quality disc blanks. It features a multi-slot design with the slot at a specific angle to reduce the noise. The angled slots help eliminate water, dirt, debris, and gas. It also helps in even wearing the brake pads.

The specific angles also help eliminate debris, gas, and brake dust and thus enable the rotors to function smoothly. The slots and holes also allow cool air to pass and therefore help keep the rotor from overheating.


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Bosch is another well-known brand in the American market. They offer a premium quality brake rotor without creating a dent in your wallet. Their brake rotors are high quality, durable, and provide optimum performance. 

One of the best rotors from their wide range of rotors is the Bosch QuietCast Premium Front Disc Brake Rotor. It is made using a sturdy aerospace alloy with a rubber core which offers a layer of insulation against the noise. The multiple layers ensure a strong build and lower the noise, which results in a stronger, quieter, and smoother braking performance. It also features a protective coating on top to protect against dirt and corrosion. 

One main issue with Bosch rotors is the fitting. Some of the supposed compatible vehicles have trouble fitting the rotors.


Akebono is known for its high-quality brake rotors, and they claim to manufacture all their products 100 percent in America. They source the labor and materials domestically, ensuring the quality of their products. Akebono rotors can fit several vehicles, but people mainly consider them for Japanese-made vehicles.

Frequently Asked questions 

#1. Are Wagner rotors good?

Wagner rotors are fantastic as anyone can afford them due to their affordable prices. They firmly believe in good quality products so that you won’t complain about their durability. 

The ratio of the braking system will help to a great extent maintain the equilibrium and these products are lightweight. 

They don’t weigh much, and it becomes easy for you to carry them conveniently. Last but not least, they also provide an excellent rotation quality that enhances your performance speed.


Where Are Wagner Brake Rotors Made


#2. What brake parts are made in the USA? 

Many people believe that excellent quality brake rotors are manufactured in the United States of America. However, popular brands like Bendix, centric, Delco, Motorcraft, and Raybestos are the products that are manufactured in China nowadays. The keyboard brand is manufactured in North America.


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#3. Where are brake rotors manufactured?

Most of the brake rotors are manufactured in China or Taiwan. However, these brake rotors’ final touches and designing are done in the United States of America.

There are some American companies that claim to manufacture their brake rotors hundred percent in America. Akebono, SSBC-USA, Baer, Wilwood Engineering, Lyndall Brakes, and FDP Brakes are some companies that manufacture brake rotors in America by sourcing the labor and material domestically.

#4. Are there any brake rotors made in the United States? 

Yes, certain brake rotors are manufactured in the United States of America. The Bosch quiet cast premium disc brake Rotor is manufactured in the US. It is known for its smooth operation with no pedal pulsation. 

The balance is maintained adequately. If you suffer from vibration problems, it will maintain equilibrium, which will enhance the life of your rotor. This product is not only lightweight; however, the best thing about this product is you can get it at an affordable price. You get an excellent durability quality.

Other than that, Akebono, Baer, SSBC-USA, Wilwood Engineering, Lyndall Brakes, and FDP Brakes are some of the manufacturers known for making brake parts in the united states of America.

#5. Are Power Stop rotors made in the USA?

No, power stop rotors are not made in the USA. Most brake rotors, including the Power Stop rotors, are manufactured in either China or Taiwan. Few companies make some of the brake components in the USA, but almost all the famous USA companies source their rotors from China or Taiwan. 

Some companies do the final machining here in the USA, but even then, the casting is done in China. However, even with the brake rotors manufacturing in China, Power Stop rotors are high quality.


Where Are Wagner Brake Rotors Made


A Few Final Words

The braking system is one of the main components of a vehicle responsible for the safety of the riders. Wagner brakes are a well-known brand for aftermarket suppliers and manufacturers of brake parts. 

Since it is an American company, people often assume that they manufacture all its products in America, but that is not the case. When it comes to brake rotors, you would be surprised to know that most rotors are manufactured in China or Taiwan. 

Thank you for reading the article, we hope this answers most of your queries about Wagner brake rotors and other brake manufacturers in the US. If you have further doubts, reach out to us in the comments and we will get back to you.

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