Where Are Raybestos Brake Pads Made?

Are you looking to upgrade your braking system? Planning to add Raybestos braking components? Are you wondering: Where are Raybestos brake pads made? We have the answer to your questions below.

If you are planning to upgrade your car, one of the first things you should look into is the braking system. The braking system can simply enhance and improve with the help of a high-performance brake. 

To complement the high-performance brake, you need to have a perfect brake pad or brake shoes and a premium quality rotor. The combination of a rotor and brake shoes will provide you with safe and quiet braking while being aggressive. 

Raybestos is one of the top-quality manufacturers of brake pads and brake rotors. Often, these products are available together as they complement each other well and let the buyers know which products to buy together.

In this article, we will discuss how good the products are and where Raybestos made the brake pads? So that you get clarity about the Raybestos Brake Pads. 


Where Are Raybestos Brake Pads Made


What are R Line Brakes Made by Raybestos?

R Line brake pads can be helpful in every possible vehicle you can think of, including cars, vans, SUVs, and even light trucks. 

All of the R line brakes consist of premium quality layered steel shims. This type of brake will reduce the noise and vibration alongside the harshness while applying the brake. 

What are R Line Rotors Made by Raybestos?

R Line Rotors ensure safety and guarantee top-quality performance. When you use these rotors, the vehicle’s balance will always remain intact. 

With the help of the rotor, the vibration will be minimal whenever the brake is applied. Other than that, the R Line Rotors also help stop the vehicle quietly and smoothly. 


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Is Raybestos Made in the USA? 

There is a misconception that Raybestos products come from the United States of America. This misconception arose when a few images circulated throughout the internet showing photographs of wheel cylinders having numbers and USA engraved on them. 

Every single car part produced by Raybestos comes from Taiwan and China. You can not buy any aftermarket products such as brake rotors or drums manufactured by Raybestos in the USA. In the Americas, manufacturing is also on hold in Canada. 

Is Raybestos made in China?

As mentioned in the earlier section of this article, all the aftermarket products produced by Raybestos come from Taiwan, China. Earlier products manufacturing of Raybestos happened in the United States of America and Canada.



Who made Raybestos brakes? 

Raybestos is a renowned automobile parts producer, and the organization was established way back in 1902 by Arthur H. Raymond and Arthur F. Law. 

The first batch of manufacturing took place in the small town of Bridgeport in Connecticut. After that Raymark industry took over, and they ran this business successfully from 1919 up to 1989. 

After that, the Raymark industry declared bankruptcy, and the owner once again changed hands. Currently, the manufacturing and distribution are managed by Brake Parts Inc., which is in McHenry, Illinois. 2 years ago, First Brands Group took over Brake Parts Inc. However, they are still operating by the name of Brake Parts Inc. 


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Are Raybestos brake parts any good?

Raybestos is a quality manufacturer of brake parts such as rotors and brake shoes. They know that these parts in a vehicle play an important role in increasing the braking system efficiency. 

The engineering of these parts can improve the whole braking system. Now let’s talk about some of the products made by Raybestos used in most cars. 

Performance Brake Pads 

Raybestos Performance brake pads give your car strong braking at high speeds, while still being much quieter than other brake pads. These brake pads are specifically designed for drivers who like to move fast on street roads.



Performance Rotors

Brake pads made by Raybestos are pretty strong. They are capable of enduring a lot of heat having a maximum heat capacity of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. 

When a performance rotor is added to the vehicle alongside Raybestos brake pads, the street braking pad can be changed to a trackpad according to the requirements and needs. The pad, in association with the rotor, provides controlled aggression. These remarkable features make the products from Raybestos the best products in this category. 


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Enhanced Iron

The brake rotors comprise application-specific enhanced iron. This making material can reduce the amount of noise that will be created at the time of applying the brake. Wherever you apply the brake, it will be quiet and free of any vibration. 

S Groove Rotor Slots

To maximize the contact between the braking pad and the rotor, the groove rotor slots are shaped like an “S.” This will eventually enhance the performance of your car’s braking system. It will offer:

  1. i) Improved feel while pushing the brake pedal.
  2. ii) Strong and improved bite while braking.

iii) The vehicle will stop smoothly after the brake application. 

  1. iv) Increased durability of the braking pad.

Increased Thickness of Rotor Plate

Most vehicles are usually driven on the busy streets of the city. That is why the brake pads made by Raybestos typically produce a significant amount of energy. To handle the power, the brake rotors are made quite thick. 

Proper Burnishing

Both the brake pads and the brake rotor are burnished properly. This is done to maintain the performance for a prolonged time. The burnishing made the parts stand the test of time for all the normal aftermarket products that you can get in the market. 


Where Are Raybestos Brake Pads Made


Testing the Performance

Before selling the product in the market, Raybestos tests brake rotors and brake pads to maintain premium quality standards. In the high temperature, most aftermarket products falter in delivering their performance. That is why the company performs the ‘Friction Effectiveness Test.’ 

The Raybestos brake pads and brake rotor in your vehicle will ensure superior braking. Not only in the performance but the quiet braking is also tested. You can check the report on the official website of Raybestos, where the friction. 

At the same time, braking is compared to other products available in the market, and this graph shows that the Raybestos braking system products fall in the ‘very quiet’ category.

Moreover, you can also look at the result of the Friction Effectiveness Test, plotted on a graph. Raybestos doesn’t hide anything from the buyers, and you will know precisely what you are getting. An adequate amount of bite with the right amount of intensity is guaranteed. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Are Raybestos R Line brake pads suitable?

The Raybestos R Line brake pads are made using top-quality materials to ensure extended life. If we compare the price and the quality of the product made by Raybestos, there is currently no competition for Raybestos in making brake pads.

#2. Are Raybestos R Line coated?

The Raybestos R Line brake pads and brake rotors are made using materials that can catch rust. To prevent the formation of rust while finishing, the entire surface is coated along with the cooling veins present in the case of a brake rotor. 

#3. Do Raybestos brakes contain asbestos?

No, it does not contain any asbestos. At one time, Raybestos brake linings used to be made with asbestos.

Initially, the Raybestos brand used to be manufactured by a company called Raymark Industries (upto 1989). Raymark used to manufacture asbestos brake linings uptil that year in its Stratford factory. The site used to act as both a hazardous waste producer and disposer.

However, Raymark is now in bankruptcy and the brand is now owned by First Brands Group. The ownership changed in 2020. The original Stratford facility is no longer in use. 


Where Are Raybestos Brake Pads Made


#4. Are Raybestos good rotors?

Yes, Raybestos is considered high quality among aftermarket buyers.

Raybestos makes brake rotors using premium quality materials and no harmful chemicals and substances. It uses no cheap quality material in the making process. This is why they are a little expensive compared to the other aftermarket brake rotors available. 

The brake rotors enhance the performance of all types of vehicles and especially heavy-duty vehicles. To prevent corrosion, the brake pads and brake pads are coated. 

This improves the overall braking performance and makes your driving experience smooth. So, overall we can say that Raybestos can be considered one of the best products in this category.

#5. Is Raybestos an OEM?

No, Raybestos is not an OEM. They manufacture aftermarket products.

Raybestos usually produces aftermarket products. All the aftermarket products, especially the brake pads or brake rotors, are engineered and developed so that the wet friction is minimized along with the absorption of energy.  


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Final Words

Raybestos brake pads and the brake rotor will help to improve the performance of your car. 


People often think that Raybestos brake pads’ performance will not be as good as they are manufactured in China. Well, that is not true. Raybestos never compromises the quality of its manufactured products. So, you can purchase them without fearing that the product will be good in quality. 


We hope you have garnered valuable information about Raybestos brake pads and other products manufactured by the organization. Thank you for reading the article and if you have any doubts, please write to us in the comments section.

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