Where Are PowerStop Brakes Made?

PowerStop Brakes is a famous brand in the US for its brake and brake components business. But where are PowerStop brakes made? Are they made in the US or in China like many of its peers? Let’s find out.

PowerStop is a Bedford Park-based company in the US that designs brakes and braking parts. The company is a well-known brand in the US and is quite popular among professionals as well as car enthusiasts

PowerStop deals in manufacturing and distributing several components, including rotor kits, brake pads, sensors wires, calipers, and other braking systems for vehicles such as SUVs, trucks, cars, duty trucks, etc. In other words, this brand is your safe place to buy kits and components related to braking systems in vehicles. 

From designing high-quality materials to offering quite affordable prices to buyers, PowerStop has come a long way since 1995. Most customers only have lovely things to say about its products and services. 

If you wish to get your hands on a good brake kit, head over to PowerStop and get a much-needed upgrade in your braking system. To help you learn more about where the PowerStop brakes are made and more, we have come up with this article. Read on, and learn something about PowerStop and the excellent quality braking kits and tools.

Where Are PowerStop Brakes Made

PowerStop Brakes: Where Are They Made?

For the most part, PowerStop brakes are designed in the US and manufactured via the company’s partners across the world. The company is based in Bedford Park, where most brake kits are manufactured.

Power Stops is a leading supplier of aftermarket brake kits and components; it has been manufacturing brakes since 1995, and it has been enjoying immense popularity among customers ever since. 

PowerStop has promised and delivered nothing but high-quality products and services at relatively affordable prices throughout its years. It is a company that boasts high-quality brake components at relatively affordable prices. 

It is one of the few braking companies in the US that provide 100% customer satisfaction simply because it delivers excellent products and services.

However, the company doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty on its components and kits, and it deems pretty reasonable. Brakes are one of the most intensely and rigorously used parts of a vehicle, so one can only expect them to wear off with time. 

Keeping the same in mind, PowerStop refrains from offering a lifetime warranty on its products, but it does give a warranty of 3 years or 36,000 miles on its brakes. 

Let’s not forget that most companies offer around a two-year warranty on their components. Even in this, PowerStop has stepped up a notch in keeping the customers happy and satisfied. 

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For How Long Do the PowerStop Brakes Last?

Usually, the PowerStop brakes last about three years, maybe more. However, it depends on how well the buyer takes care of or maintains the product that decides the life of the brakes. 

Thus, there is no hard and fast rule regarding the longevity of the PowerStop brakes. It entirely depends on the driver and the kind of roads that he is traveling on. Even so, the company offers a 3-year warranty on its brake kits and components, which is a year more than the warranty offered by other companies, that is, two years.

What Is PowerStop Known For?

PowerStop is a famous US-based company best known for designing and developing braking materials. The company uses high-quality components in its product and yet sells the kits at affordable prices. Not only production, but the company also invents and offers spectacular brake upgrades for the vehicles. If you love driving, you must have already heard about PowerStop and its products.

Where Are PowerStop Brakes Made

Why Is PowerStop a Top Brand for Brake Upgrades?

Several companies sell brake components and kits, so what makes PowerStop a customer favorite? The reasons are several, but we have listed the top few for your perusal below. 

#1. Brake kits upgrade is available for almost all models of all years 

They cover the brake kits of almost all the models, ranging from the 60s muscle cars to today’s trucks, everything. They claim to have upgrade kits available for at least 98% of vehicles on the road. 

#2. No compromise on the quality of products 

The company designs high-quality brake components and kits. For instance, the brand’s brake pads are made from carbon-fiber ceramic material, which means you can have fail-free braking and, thus, an enriching driving experience. 

The company also remains updated about braking technological advances and research to bring the best braking system to its customers. 

#3. It is a mission to get high-quality brakes in every vehicle in the US. 

The co-founder of Power Stop, Mr Ervin Scott, has dedicated his entire life to bringing the best out of cars and their engines. He would run the cash register at his grandfather’s auto store and developed his interest in cars as a child. 

During this development, Ervin realized that brakes are certainly the essential parts of a vehicle, and yet most of them lack a sound quality brake system. Thus, his mission was to bring the highest quality of brakes possible. And so, PowerStop brakes came into existence.

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What Else Is There That Makes PowerStop Better Than Its Competition?

The most remarkable thing about this company is that its products are eco-friendly. The products are safe, harmless to the environment, budget-friendly, and provide 100% customer satisfaction; what else can we expect from a top-notch company?

What sets PowerStop apart from other top brands?

Most brands are compatible with different kinds of vehicles, but here’s the thing – they aren’t suitable for a purpose like towing or passionate (read strenuous) driving. 

This is where PowerStop brakes step up; they can quickly help you tow or lift light or heavy material, no matter the size. They are also more durable than most of their contemporaries and create low dust. 

There is another thing customers have noticed about PowerStop and how it has paved the way for other brake brands. The brakes of several companies are pretty noisy, and the pads squeal in an uninteresting way. 

Most people are almost irritated with the brake pads’ noise even at the slightest raise, especially if it has passed three years of service. Fortunately, PowerStop uses material that makes the brake pads noise-free. 

Where Are PowerStop Brakes Made

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is PowerStop brakes a good brand?

According to customers, PowerStop is not only pleasing but one of the best brake brands in the country. The company’s co-founder has spent a good part of his life learning about the importance of good-quality brakes and how most vehicles lack the same. 

Thus, it began as a dream and soon turned into a mission. With time, PowerStop became one of the major brands of the product and currently contends to have 98% off upgraded brake kits of the vehicle on the road. 

Besides this, most customers have only lovely things to say about the product, design, material used, manufacturing, price, etc. You must give this brand a try and decide the same for yourself. 

#2. Where are PowerStop calipers made?

Every PowerStop caliper is custom-made and powder-coated to provide the best possible experience to the users. 

It is re-manufactured at the Chicago, IL facility of the company. However, the company itself is based in Bedford Park, US, where the main business takes place, from designing to overseas distribution. 

The PowerStop calipers are manufactured with bleeder screws and pad attachment hardware that ensures a sure shot upgrade in the brake system of every vehicle. 

It is pretty easy to install and is covered under the cost of the entire kit. The powder-coated calipers of PowerStop are great for daily commuting and heavy lifting or towing. 

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#3. Are all brake rotors made in China?

Generally, all brake rotors are made in China. However, some cast, components, or parts of rotors are also made in the US. 

Mostly, the material built or designed in China is considered authentic, but you can always check the quality of a brake rotor by testing how heavy it is; the heavier it is, the better quality it has. 

#4. What are brake pads made in the USA?

Yes, some companies design and manufacture brake pads and other components in the USA. These brands are Baer, Akebono, FDP Brakes, Dexter Axle, EBC Brakes, Hawk Brake Pads, etc. 

You might think that these companies might not produce a high-quality brake kit or components. Well, think again because they are great at their jobs! 

For example, Hawk Brake Pads are used in sports cars, including Ferrari. The brand is at the top of its game and ensures durability and quality. 

Apart from it, many brake pads are made in the US under their technology, which makes them unique and should be allowed to interact with the customers. 

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A Few Final Words

With so many brake companies growing their brand in the US, it is quite possible that the country won’t need the brake material from any other nation. PowerStop is a top-notch company and has the skills, services, and material to remain at the top of its game for years to come. 

So, it is expected that US brands of brakes and kits will only go uphill from the current scenario, and car enthusiasts certainly cannot wait to see the upgrade that the country’s brake brands are already bringing to the market. 

Thank you for reading the article, we hope we were able to answer all your questions about PowerStop brands. If you have further doubts, please reach out to us through the comments section and we will respond asap.

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