What Does Brake Pads Per Axle Mean?

Brake pads keep you safe, and it should be your priority to get them replaced periodically. But you need to know “what does brake pads per axle mean?” in order to change your brake pads.

Let’s find out.

Brake pads are essential to stop your vehicle when you apply brakes. Brake pads are the ones that apply sufficient force on the rotor, which is affixed to each wheel. The transfer of pressure causes friction, which is the driving force to stop the car. Ironic! Isn’t it?

The friction damages the brake pads through minor wear and tear. You should replace them every 10,000 to 20,000 miles of driving. 

During the replacement process, you may encounter the term “Brake Pads Per Axle.” It simply means the cost of a brake pad needed for one axle. Let’s jump into some data to clear out facts about brake pads, axles, and your vehicle’s brake system.

What Does Brake Pads Per Axle Mean

What Does Brake Pads Per Axle Mean?

Axles are spindle or rod-like structures responsible for rotating the wheels, thus moving the car forward or stopping the wheels when the brake is applied. Axles are either connected to the wheels or your vehicle’s body. As the Axle rotates, so do the wheels. 

Brake pads are affixed to the wheels connected to the Axle. The brake pads have a surface to conduct frictional force, which is required to stop the car. The frictional surface faces the rotor. Once the brake is applied, these brake pads transfer the energy of the moving vehicle to friction, thus releasing heat. This heat acts as a catalyst for the degradation of the brake pads, so it would be best if you change the brake pads regularly. A good-quality brake pad can sustain 10,000 to 20,000 miles of driving. 

When you replace brake pads, you will encounter the term “cost per Axle”. An automobile has two axles, front and rear, and two wheels are attached to each Axle. 

Cost per Axle means that the cost covers two wheels attached to one Axle. It is best if you change brake pads for both axles simultaneously. 

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3 Signs Of Bad Brake Pads

You should regularly check the health of your brake pads, especially if your vehicle is in constant use. The more you drive, the more you come across situations to apply brakes. The brake pads suffer friction to stop the car, releasing heat whenever you apply brakes. 

Both the heat and friction causes wear and tear of brake pads. Worn-out brake pads can cause serious hazards such as failure of the brake system. 

You need to be careful and keenly observe the signs of damaged brake pads. Here is a guide to checking for signs and symptoms of a bad break bad that needs immediate change. 

#1. Measure the thickness

It will help to measure the thickness of your brake pads while checking the wheels. The width of the brake pads should not be less than ¾ th of a cm. If you observe it to be less, immediately change the brake pads.

What Does Brake Pads Per Axle Mean

#2. Squeaking or Groaning Sounds

A high-pitched squeaking sound while applying brakes is a major indicator of worn-out brake pads. Alternatively, some cars applying brakes make loud groaning or grinding sounds when brake pads are worn out. 

#3. Vibration in the steering when applying brakes

If your car’s brake pads are damaged, you will notice a vibration in the brake pedal when applying brakes. If your car has a brake maintenance light, it will turn on. 

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How Much Money Would You Need To Replace The Brakes Of Your Car?

Each Axle has two wheels, and each wheel requires two brake pads. You should never change only one brake pad of a wheel and leave the other for changing later. 

You might sometimes observe that one of your brake pads is less worn and can sustain the driving for another month. But it could cause imbalance, due to which difficulty may arise in applying the brake to stop your vehicle. 

Brake Pads

Usually, brake pads come in sets of 4 for one Axle. The price for these sets widely varies based on their quality. The lowest price of the set is around $30, and the highest quality may cost around $150. 


The labor cost for replacing the brake pads for one Axle would also be around $100 – $300, depending on the severity of your car’s brake pads and the service center. 


You may also need to replace the rotors affixed to the brake pads. Rotors are usually priced at $25-$100, depending on the quality. One Axle needs two rotors, and thus for one Axle, you would need to spend $50-$200 on rotors. 


The average cost of the brake pad replacement and rotors comes out to be around $400 and $200 without rotor replacement. 

So, for both the front and rear axles, you would need to spend anywhere between $400 to $800 depending on the quality of the brakes, the service center charges, and the severity of the issue. 

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How To Increase Lifespan Of Your Car’s Brake System?

A healthy brake system of your vehicle protects the lives of you and your passengers. It is essential to check your brake’s health regularly. Here is a guide to increasing the lifespan of your car’s brake system. 

  • Gradually bring down the speed of your car before applying brakes.
  • Avoid loading your car with unnecessary items or adding too much additional equipment to upgrade the car. The heavyweight of your car harms the tires and the brakes of your car.
  • Change the brake fluid regularly.

What Does Brake Pads Per Axle Mean

Frequently Asked Questions?

#1. How many brake pads do an axle set have?

One axle set has four brake pads, which is for two wheels. 

#2. Is a set of brake pads 2 or 4?

Generally, a set of brake pads is for one Axle, and one Axle has two wheels, and each wheel requires two brake pads. So, the brake pads come in sets of 4.

#3. Do brake pads come as pairs?

Brake pads come in a set of 4. Each wheel needs a pair of brake pads.

#4. How many axles does a car have?

A car has two axles, front and rear, having two wheels affixed to them.

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A Few Final Words

Cost per Axle for brake pads means the cost of 4 brakes pads for two wheels and one Axle. Worn-out brake pads might cause brake failure, which is hazardous to your life. Thus it is advised to check for signs of bad brake pads regularly. 

The cost of changing brake pads for one Axle may vary in the range of $200-$400. It is advised to take good care of the brake system to increase its life, thus your life’s security. 

Thank you for reading the article. We remind you once again that precaution is better than cure, so always inspect your brake pads regularly and get them replaced well in time.

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