How To Clear A P1299 Code And Cool Off Your Car!

Have you ever seen a P1299 code flashing on your car dashboard? Wondering how to clear a P1299 code? This article will give the right answer.

For newbie drivers, having basic and detailed knowledge of the error codes of a car is crucial. It can help them to recognize the basic problems of the vehicle and take the next steps to solve them without running to the mechanic every time. And one of these codes is the P1299 code (.

So what is the P1299 code, and how can you solve it? Read on to find out.


How To Clear A P1299 Code

What Is The P1299 Code?

The P1299 is a manufacturer-specific error code that is displayed when there is an overheating of the vehicle engine. In automobiles, the code is also defined as Cylinder head Overtemperature Protection Active (specifically in companies like Ford and Mercury).

Every car comes with a Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor (CHT), which is responsible for monitoring the heat being produced in the engine. If there is overheating in the engine, the sensor will immediately send a message to the main Powertrain Control Module (PCM) that the engine’s heat needs to be decreased.

All automobile manufacturers have a specific normal operating temperature limit set for the car’s engine. If the critical limit is crossed, the engine is in trouble and needs to take care of. The P1299 code is sent to the driver when the engine has crossed the critical limit.

Symptoms Of The P1299 Code

Like any other car trouble that you run into, it is important to know when the problem arises and how to fix it before any damage is done. So here are a few signs you should look out for when a P1299 Code occurs:

  • The ‘Check Engine’ Light of the car turns ON
  • The car engine takes longer than usual to start
  • When you are trying to accelerate, the car becomes limp and has no response
  • The fuel efficiency and performance of the car are reduced by a considerable margin
  • The engine shuts down randomly without any action

You have to remember that these symptoms can also be a result of other problems in the car. Make sure that there are no other direct controls that are causing trouble in your car.


How To Clear A P1299 Code

What Causes The P1299 Code?

There are a number of reasons which can cause a P1299 code in your car. The reasons may differ from the vehicle model and manufacturer, but there are common causes for this kind of trouble to occur.

  • Faulty wiring: Any kind of circuit damage, disconnected or burnt wiring, or circuit failure of the cooling system can cause the overheating of the engine, resulting in the error code.
  • Coolant loss: In a car’s engine, the coolant is used to keep the engine cold and prevent it from heating over time. Due to holes in the radiator or radiator hose, the engine coolant level falls as it evaporates or starts leaking and fails to cool the engine. The loss of coolant will cause the engine temperature to rise up more rapidly.
  • Clogging of the radiator: If the radiator of an engine gets clogged, there is a problem with the coolant circulation. In most cases, it can cause a leak of the coolant or damage the water pump of the car.
  • Thermostat fault: If there is a malfunctioning in the thermostat of your car, it can cause a coolant leakage by overflowing. It also overheats the engine faster without additional protection.
  • Fault in the CHT: A sudden increase in fuel consumption in your car can lead to a fault in the Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) sensor. This sensor is the main indicator of temperature in the engine. A fault in the CHT could mean that you will get a P1299 error due to a faulty temperature reading.

A few other reasons for the P1299 failure could be a failed water pump, failed airflow, and damage to the radiator cooling fans.

How To Fix The P1299 Code?

There are a few different things you can do when you are trying to solve the P1299 Code in your vehicle:

  1. As the first step, check for other diagnostic codes and keep track of how the codes are showing up. This will help to clarify that you will be trying to fix only the P1299 Code at hand.
  2. One of the most efficient ways to fix the P1299 code is to clean the radiator. Cleaning the coolant properly and removing all kinds of rust and corrosion makes sure that the radiator runs smoothly. This helps to run the coolant uniformly through the radiator.
  3. Check for any kind of fluid leaks before firing up the engine. Certain problems with the radiator, like holes and burst hoses, can cause fluid leaks in a vehicle. Make sure the coolant levels are set appropriately as you let the car engine warm up.
  4. Damaged circuitry has to be checked next. To sort out the P1299, you have to replace or repair any kind of damaged wiring or connectors. In most cases, fixing the circuit can help you fix the overheating problem.
  5. Try to replace the cylinder head if you find the head to be warped. If you find fluid near the cylinder head, it causes an engine block and causes it to reach the critical limit.

You should get a professional opinion when you are trying to solve a manufacturer code. They can help you with the proper cleaning of the vehicle and diagnose any other problem that you might have skipped.


How To Clear A P1299 Code

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my engine overheating?

There are a number of reasons that can cause a car of the engine to heat up. Some of the common causes include failure of the radiator, damage in the circuits or leakage of coolant. There has to be a specific diagnosis made to determine the right cause of heating the engine.

Is the P1299 code harmful?

The P1299 code can be harmful to a car since it is overheating the car’s engine. But it also depends on how much the car is getting heated up and how it will react. In most cases, the car shuts down, and you will not be able to start the engine again.

Can I drive with the P1299 code showing?

It is suggested to stop driving and cool down the engine if the P1299 code is showing up on the vehicle. It shows up on the vehicle to prevent any kind of accident or permanent damage to your car and engine. Display of this code means that the control mode is already in ‘Fail Safe’, and you should stop your car immediately.

Will a CHT sensor cause a car to shut down?

The CHT sensor is the sensor that determines the Cylinder Head Temperature of the car’s engine. This sensor will not cause an engine to shut down, but it can cause an error code in the car to determine any other problem with the temperature of the engine.


The P1299 Code is one of the most error codes that occur in a car. All you need to know is to recognize the signs, run a full diagnostic and fix it before any major trouble shows up. For this, make sure you know the symptoms to look for and go from there.

Thank you for reading!

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