Is Thornton Chip Tuning Legit? A Friendly Guide to the Truth

When it comes to optimizing your vehicle’s performance, you may think of chip tuning. This has emerged as a popular method to spruce up the performance of your vehicle.

Among the various companies offering this service, Thornton Chip Tuning has established itself as a prominent contender in the market.

However, there are ongoing debates about the legitimacy and effectiveness of their products. In this article, we will explore Thornton Chip Tuning’s offerings and dive into customer experiences to get a comprehensive overview in this regard.

Is Thornton Chip Tuning Legit

About Thornton Chip Tuning

Thornton Chip Tuning is a company that claims to offer performance-enhancing chips for your vehicle. These chips can optimize horsepower and fuel efficiency.

Customers have reported mixed experiences, with some praising the improvements in their vehicles, while others are skeptical about the company’s technology.

In order to provide an unbiased analysis of Thornton Chip Tuning, we will consider the range of factors that contribute to the effectiveness and compatibility of their performance chips, as well as the support offered by the company.

Thornton Chip Tuning: An Overview

Thornton Chip Tuning is a plug-and-play device. It claims to boost a car’s performance and fuel efficiency using its technology. It works by connecting to the OBD2 port and remapping the Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

  • Pros:
    • Simple installation
    • Adapts to driving habits
  • Cons:
    • Controversial effectiveness
    • No customization for specific cars

OC Tune and Stages

The Thornton Chip goes through various stages. Stage 2 and Stage 3 chips focus on performance improvement, like increased horsepower and torque. The Thorton Top Speed OBDII CAT Performance Chip is another product under the Thornton Chip Tuning line.

Thorton Chip vs Thorton Top Speed OBDII CAT Performance Chip:

Feature Thorton Chip Thorton Top Speed OBDII CAT Performance Chip
Ease of Use
Performance Gain

While a user could see a 40 hp boost after driving 125 miles with the Thorton Stage 3 Chip, others might not experience the same benefits from the product. Therefore, the result varies from one vehicle to another.

Is Thornton Chip Tuning Legit

Enhancing Your Vehicle’s Performance

Power Boost

Thorton chip tuning claims to enhance your car’s performance by increasing the horsepower and torque. Here are some common benefits:

  • Horsepower: Some reports suggest that Thorton chip tuning could boost engine horsepower by 40 hp or more.
  • Torque: Users might experience an increase in torque for improved acceleration.

While these power boosts might seem appealing, there are testimonials from users who haven’t noticed any significant improvements in performance. This inconsistency is worth considering when evaluating Thorton chip tuning for power enhancement.

Improved Throttle Response

Thorton chip tuning also claims to improve throttle response, leading to better acceleration and fuel consumption management. Some potential benefits drivers expect are:

  • Faster acceleration: Quicker response time from the engine when accelerating
  • Fuel consumption: Better management of fuel consumption, potentially leading to reduced gas usage

However, just like power boost claims, there is no solid evidence that consistent Thorton chip tuning delivers these improvements. While some users may notice improvements, they may also be due to placebo effect or other factors.

Feature Potential Benefits Reported Consistency
Power Boost Increased horsepower & torque Inconsistent
Throttle Response Better acceleration & fuel consumption management Inconsistent

The Impact on Fuel Efficiency

Before delving into the impact on fuel efficiency, let’s understand the basic terms.

  • MPG: Miles per gallon (MPG) is a common measurement of fuel efficiency.
  • Fuel consumption: The amount of fuel used by a vehicle over a specific distance.

For example, a car that gets 30 MPG will consume less fuel than a car that gets 20 MPG over the same distance.

  • Engine Control Unit (ECU): The ECU is an onboard computer that controls multiple aspects of the engine, including fuel efficiency.
  • Performance tuning: Adjusting the ECU can result in improved performance and fuel efficiency.

The ECU and performance tuning can affect fuel efficiency. Thorton Chip Tuning aims to improve the car’s performance and fuel efficiency but it’s essential to consider a car’s MPG and fuel consumption.

Aspects Thorton Chip Tuning Other ECU Tuning
Performance Improved Improved
Gas mileage Mixed reviews Can be improved
Fuel consumption No significant change Can be decreased

Therefore, Thorton Chip Tuning has mixed reviews and its effect on fuel efficiency is uncertain. Factors like gas mileage and ECU tuning should be considered for better fuel efficiency.

Safety and Legal Considerations

Chip tuning, including Thornton Chip Tuning products, raises safety and legal concerns. Modifying the ECU can potentially lead to increased wear and tear on engine components, affecting long-term reliability.

Moreover, some regions have strict emissions regulations, and ECU modifications might lead to non-compliance.

It is essential for vehicle owners to research local laws and regulations before opting for chip tuning to avoid legal issues and maintain roadworthiness.

Is Thornton Chip Tuning Legit

Performance Mapping and Customization

Unlike Thornton Chip Tuning’s plug-and-play approach, custom performance mapping offers personalized tuning solutions for individual vehicles.

Drivers need to achieve tailored improvements in horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. Performance mapping considers the unique characteristics of each engine and optimizes the ECU settings accordingly, potentially providing more consistent and reliable performance gains.

Impact on Vehicle Longevity

While chip tuning can deliver short-term performance boosts, there are concerns about its impact on long-term vehicle longevity.

Over time, aggressive tuning may put additional stress on engine components, potentially leading to premature wear and reduced engine lifespan.

Combining chip tuning with regular maintenance and using high-quality components can mitigate these risks and help ensure the long-term health of the vehicle.

Application and Compatibility

Thornton Chip Tuning claims to be compatible with various engine sizes and vehicle models. However, it is essential to understand that these plug-and-play chips may not always deliver the promised performance improvements.

For example, the Thornton Chip Tuning device was tested on a Hyundai Sonata Limited with a 2.4L engine. The results did not show any significant improvements in the car’s performance.

Testing on engine sizes and vehicle models:

Brand Engine Size Compatibility
Hyundai 2.4L Not reliable
Mazda Various Questionable

To ensure a reliable engine tuning option, it is advisable to consult third parties or consider using a Performance Map instead, which is created by professionals specifically for your vehicle. Be cautious and avoid scams such as the SuperOBD Scam Chip, which promises unrealistic improvements.

Key Features of Thorton Tuning Chip:

  • Plug and play
  • Potential power increases
  • Potential fuel economy improvements


  • Easy to install
  • Potential performance improvements


  • Marginal gains in some cases
  • Possible lack of effectiveness for naturally aspirated engines

Comparison between Positive and Negative Reviews:

Aspect Positive Review Negative Review
Effectiveness Noticeable Marginal
Suitability for all engines Yes Not for naturally aspirated engines
Ease of installation Plug-and-play Plug-and-play

Guarantee and Refund Policy

Thorton Chip Tuning has a return policy in place. To complete a return, customers need to provide a receipt or proof of purchase.

The company has some limitations on refunds:

  • Only partial refunds may be granted in certain situations
  • Purchases should not be sent back to the manufacturer

Thorton Chip Tuning’s business address is 3201 Macon Rd Suite 139, Columbus, GA 31906.

Is Thornton Chip Tuning Legit

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a noticeable performance increase with chip tuning?

Some users report no noticeable improvement in performance, gas mileage, or anything else after installing a Thornton chip tuner. However, results may vary depending on the vehicle and conditions.

What are some alternatives to Thornton chip tuning?

  • ECU remapping
  • Performance intake or exhaust systems
  • Turbochargers or superchargers
  • Performance camshafts or valve springs

Are there any negatives to using Thornton chip tuning?

Some customers have reported worse gas mileage and check engine lights after installing a Thornton chip tuner. Additionally, the product has been criticized for not delivering the advertised performance benefits.

Does installing a chip tuner void the vehicle warranty?

Installing a chip tuner can potentially void a vehicle’s warranty, depending on the manufacturer and specific warranty terms. It is essential to review and understand the warranty terms and conditions before installing a chip tuner.

How does chip tuning compare to other performance upgrades?

Performance Upgrade Pros Cons
Chip tuning Easy installation, relatively inexpensive Potentially limited results, may void warranty
ECU remapping Customized performance, tailored to specific vehicle More expensive, requires professional installation
Intake/exhaust upgrades Improved air flow, potential horsepower gains Can be costly and labor-intensive

How easy is it to install the Thornton chip tuner?

The Thornton chip tuner is designed for easy installation by plugging directly into the OBD2 port. To uninstall, simply unplug the tuner from the port.


Chip tuning has emerged as an effective solution for drivers seeking to enhance their driving experience. Amidst ongoing debates regarding its effectiveness, Thornton Chip Tuning stands as a prominent contender, dedicated to unleashing the untapped potential of vehicles.

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