Where Is The Electronic Brake Control Module Located?

The electronic brake control module controls the braking system of most vehicles. But do you know where is the electronic brake control module located? Let’s find out.

Earlier, the vehicles’ braking system was hydraulically handled, and there was no electrical system to monitor. Over the decades, car manufacturers have come up with safety features and modern designs with the electronic braking system with the advancement of technology. These braking systems have sensors and modules for better control. 

Today, every vehicle has speed sensors on its wheels, and the valves have converted from hydraulic systems to electronic systems. All the features operate together got better traction control and braking system.

Where Is The Electronic Brake Control Module Located

The electronic brake control module or the EBCM controls the functions of the braking system. But where is the electronic brake control module located? 

It is placed in the engine bay beside the brake fluid reservoir. Sometimes this module may become faulty and activate ABS or traction control unnecessarily. 

In this article, let us further look at some common problems with EBCM and how you can reprogram the EBCM.

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What Are The Common Problems Of the Electronic Brake Control Module?

Many vehicles may still have a hydraulic brake system while the electronic brake system is getting popular. These modern brakes have a lot of electronic parts installed and may be more complicated to use at first than the hydraulic system. Still, the braking system has become more precise and gives better safety. 

As mentioned earlier, the EBCM controls vehicles’ braking system and activates the ABS and traction control features when needed. Sometimes the electronic brake control module may become faulty, and it may disable the ABS and cause problems. 

Let us look at some common symptoms that indicate bad EBCM.

#1 ABS Warning Light May Turn On

One of the common problems with the electronic brake control module is when the ABS light turns on. The EBCM activates the ABS. When it becomes faulty, it disables the ABS light, which alerts the driver about some issue with the system. 

#2 Engine Light May Illuminate

Another sign that your vehicle may indicate bad EBCM is the engine light illuminating. Some vehicles’ engine lights may illuminate to alert the driver if there is any problem with the EBCM instead of the ABS. There can be a lot of causes that may turn on any of these lights. 

Where Is The Electronic Brake Control Module Located

#3 If The Traction Control Or ABS Fails

If your ABS or traction control becomes faulty, your EBCM may have problems. The EBCM controls the vehicle’s braking system, and if it fails, the action control and ABS will be disabled. 

In some cases, these features may function erratically and may interfere with the safety and handling of your vehicle. 

Since the EBCM is an essential part of the vehicle that controls the ABS and traction control module. If you find any problem with the electronic braking module, get it checked by a professional mechanic.

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How Do I Reset My Electronic Brake Control Module?

If the EBCM has some issues and needs to be reprogrammed or replaced, you must follow the below steps.

EBCM Programming Steps – Hybrid

To reprogram the EBCM, you can look at your vehicle’s service programming system. Before resetting the module, make sure the vehicle is at 35° or warmer and the brakes are in rest position.

Note: You need to use a scan tool and follow the steps below. The scan tool will have the label “reset.” You need to press this key to start reprogramming. 

  • Turn on the ignition and turn off the engine. Access the EBCM using the scan tool and perform Relearn.
  • The scan tool will show “process complete.” If the process fails, remove all DTC and repeat the step.
  • If the relearn is not processed, you need to wait for a few minutes more and do not release the brake pedal.
  • Remove the DTCs from the module.
  • Now, switch off the ignition and remove the key.

Where Is The Electronic Brake Control Module Located

How Can I Reset The Brake Light And ABS?

  • To reset the anti-lock brakes, you need to disengage the cable from your vehicle’s battery. Hold on to the vehicle’s brakes to evacuate your car’s electrical system. This helps to reset the car’s central system.
  • You need to change the light of the ABS if it is still illuminating.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix an Electronic Brake system?

The cost to fix the electronic braking system depends on the kind of ABS in the vehicle. The price ranges from $320 and can go to more than $1000, and the labor cost may range between $80 and $120.

What Causes ABS Failure?

The ABS may become faulty or fail when the dirt and debris get inside the sensors, especially if you find metal shavings on the ground. The sensors may become faulty if the wire is damaged or runs irregularly. To check the fault with the sensors, you can physically inspect the wiring and sensor settings.

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Can I Still Drive if There Is Some Problem With The ABS?

Yes, you can still drive if the ABS becomes faulty as long as your vehicle’s conventional brake functions normally. It will not have the electronic ability to help drive on wet or slippery roads conveniently. This is because you will not be able to lock your brakes with the ABS, and your tires will not lock until they are flat. 

So you need to be extra careful when driving on wet roads as the anti-brake mechanism will not work, and you will not be able to control your steering if the tires get locked.

Where Is The Electronic Brake Control Module Located

How Long Does It Take To Fix E-Brakes?

Most professional mechanics will take just a few hours to fix the e-brakes, and you can even do it by yourself in one to three hours maximum by looking at the procedures. You will need a stand, floor jack, cutters, pliers, screwdriver, a flashlight, and a wrench set to fix it yourself.

A Few Final Words

Usually, the EBCM lasts the lifetime of your vehicle and is located in the engine bay. Only in a few cases may the electrical parts get damaged or become faulty. You will need to get it checked by the mechanic and replace the parts. 

There are no measures as such to maintain the EBCM. But it is necessary to make sure your electronic control system is working correctly to prevent accidents and collisions while driving.

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