What Size Wheel Spacers For Silverado?

How do you know what size wheel spacers for Silverado are best? How to install the wheel spacers in your truck? Let’s find out in the article below.

Wheel spacers are installed between your vehicle’s wheel and hub area, pushing the wheel away from its suspension parts. It helps prevent rubbing and is mainly used to give a wider track for better performance and give your vehicle the right look.

It can be challenging to find the best wheel spacers for your truck. When you look for wheel spacers, you might have to do a lot of groundwork to find the right size for your vehicle. Every vehicle or truck is different and requires different size wheel spacers. 

So, What Size Wheel Spacer For Silverado Is Right? There are a lot of wheel spacers available in the market, which makes it difficult to choose the right one for your vehicle. It helps widen the space and offers better stability in the Silverado 1500. There are various factors to consider before buying a new wheel spacer. 


What Size Wheel Spacers For Silverado


In this article, let us look in detail at the factors to consider when buying a new wheel spacer for a pickup truck and other related questions that people often ask. But before we look in detail, let us look at what wheel spacers are and what are its benefits when combined with Silverado.

What Are Wheel Spacers, And What Are Its Benefits

Wheel spacers are a component added between the wheel and the hub, making the wheels move outward from your trailer’s body, and it helps in providing better performance for the trailers.

Well, if you do not have any knowledge about wheel spacers, you will mostly find it attached in Silverado. It helps widen the track and benefits in various ways.

When the spacer is added to Silverado, it offers many benefits. Let us have a look at some of the benefits.

It Can Take Large Wheels

You will find many people purchasing wheel spacers for their Silverado 1500. This is because it can take larger wheels that do not rub while driving. If you need to travel long-distance or need large wheels for any reason, you must make space to add larger tires so it does not rub the tire wells. This is when the wheel spacers help.


What Size Wheel Spacers For Silverado


Offers Better Performance

Wheel spacers help in better performance when it comes to handling, cornering, and grips. Since it helps keep the wheels apart, you can enjoy your drive.

Widened Stance

Adding wheel spacers makes your vehicle look sportier, which is why many people add this to their tracks. 

Brake Clearance

Adding wheel spacers in Silverado helps improve brake clearance and gives better performance.


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Wheel Space Sizes

The wheel spacers are available in different sizes. It includes:


If you are looking for a small-length wheel spacer to move out your wheels on a Silverado 1500, a 1-inch or 25mm wheel spacer is better, and it helps improve stability and give a better stance.


This size wheel spacer is the most popular. It gives a more aggressive look and comes with handling features for better performance. If you are not sure about the size of your Silverado, a 1.5-inch (40mm) spacer will never go wrong.


You can go for a 2-inch (50 mm) spacer if you want more space between your wheels and tires, and it provides much better grip and traction while driving.


For people who want to add larger wheels and tires, having a 3-inch wheel spacer will help. Many people who require workhorse capability own a full-size Silverado model or truck, and these spacers are suitable for off-roading.


What Size Wheel Spacers For Silverado


What Size Wheel Spacer Should I Put On My Truck?

There are different ways to check the wheel spacer size of your truck or Silverado. To find the size, you need to check the suspension and car body distance. You will have to remove the wheels and put washers near the lug nuts until you reach the length you want.

The size of the spacer will be similar to the washer thickness used. If the wheel spacer is more than 5mm, you will need to have larger lug nuts or buy a spacer that comes with studs.


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How Do I Know What Size Wheel Spacers I Need?

Usually, the size of the wheel spacer you need will depend on the washer thickness. Like if the spacer is more than 5mm, you need long lug studs or need to buy wheel spacers with studs. 

The spacer size will be different for different vehicles. So it is essential to measure the exact thickness. For this, you need to first know the wheel gap. The wheel gap is the space between the rims’ outer edge and the inner fender, and this will help measure the proper thickness. 

Does Wheel Spacer Affect The Alignment Of Your Vehicle?

If the wheel spacer is installed correctly, it will not affect the vehicle’s alignment. However, this is true only if you have not adjusted the vehicle’s caster, camber or toe for any reason. 

If you have just added the wheel spacers and not modified anything else, then it will not affect the alignment, and you will have your wheels pushed out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big Of Wheel Spacers Is Safe?

Since the wheel studs do not support your truck’s weight, it is safe to use wheel spacers. Usually, you need to have the same size of spacer as the stud. For example, for a 1.5-inch stud, you will require 12mm thread to be safe.


What Size Wheel Spacers For Silverado


Are Wheel Spacers Safe For Pickup Truck?

Yes, it is safe to add spacers to your pickup truck.

But you need to make sure you have installed them properly. If you install the spacers incorrectly and use low-quality spacers, it can be dangerous. You need to make sure the spacers are installed and fitted correctly.

Can I Install Larger Wheels After Adding Wheel Spacers?

Most people add wheel spacers because they want to install larger wheels and tires in their vehicles. Adding wheel spacers makes it easy to install the tires in the wheel well.


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A Few Final Words

The size of wheel spacers is different for different vehicles. Choosing a 1.5-inch or 2-inch wheel spacer for Silverado is best. Adding wheel spacers are great for off-roading and offer better performance and stance.

Thank you for reading the article, we hope we answered all the questions that you were looking for. If you still have unanswered questions, feel free to drop us a word and we will get back to you.

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