My Car Dies When Brakes Are Applied, What Should I Do?

If your car dies when brakes are applied, the first thing that you need to check is to your brake fluid. In case there is leakage, you should get it repaired right away. Read on to understand why cars stall and how your braking system is linked to it.

Driving a car smoothly requires many factors, including technical knowledge of the vehicle and experience in operating a particular model and brand. 

Nowadays, newer models of vehicles are much easier to drive than older models, with advancements in technologies like automatic gear, hydraulic braking systems, and much more. However, sometimes these advancements can create problems that you simply don’t understand at first glance. One such problem is your car stalling when you apply your brakes.

We will be looking deeper into this problem and answer why this might be happening and what you can do about it.


Car Dies When Brakes Are Applied


Why Does Your Car Stall?

Car Stalling is a common term given to the phenomenon of stopping your car’s engine under different scenarios while driving. This is not an everyday phenomenon and happens due to any error or failure in the system of your vehicle. 

Some of the most probable reasons which can ignite the stalling of your car are:

  • Lack of fuel supply to the engine
  • A sudden increase in the load
  • Unwanted electric spark
  • Leakage of fluid in the braking system
  • Bad mechanical part

You must first find the reason behind the stalling of your car before proceeding any further. In most cases, the problem will be apparent, and you will be easily able to determine it while driving. 

A stalled engine can prove to be a fatal issue while moving and can become the reason behind major accidents. Having your car stop suddenly while driving will bring you under the potential risk of an accident and the others who are driving nearby you.


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Why Does a Car Die When Brakes Are Applied?

Brakes are meant to slow down the car, but if the car’s engine is abruptly stopping while pressing the brake, it can be because of any leaks or failure in your car’s braking system. 

With modern technologies, more and more advanced braking systems are being introduced. Earlier, when the braking system had no relation to the engine and its working, brakes didn’t cause many problems but were not as effective as the ones we have today.

One of the most common braking systems that we can observe in cars nowadays is the hydraulic braking system. Hydraulic braking systems are directly associated with the engine, and any failure or lousy part in the braking system can also influence the working of your machine. Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems that could be causing the stalling in your car:


Car Dies When Brakes Are Applied


#1. A leak in Brake Booster

Brake boosters are one of the essential parts of a braking system and help the user exert a stronger force on the wheel with the application of minimum possible effort from the user’s side. 

A brake booster works on the mechanism of vacuum and exerts forces on the brake with the help of brake fluid. A leak in the brake booster can cause the absorption of extra air from your car system and cause your engine to work improperly or even stop while driving. 

A leak in the brake booster can be caused due to a wide range of reasons, including a leaking diaphragm or a blockage of the vacuum hose.

#2. A Bad Fuel Pump

A bad fuel pump can cause many problems, including stalling your car. A fuel pump is an essential part of the engine and can help transfer the fuel from the tank to the machine. If you have an improper fuel pump, it can cause excessive or lack of fuel transfer which can cause many associated problems. 

If your fuel pump overheats, it can also cause your car’s engine to overheat. Overheating of the engine internally can cause stalling in your vehicle. Although it may not be associated with braking, it is still a probable reason why you can be facing a car stall.


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#3. Problems in Brake Line

If you are wondering why a car shuts off when brakes are pressed, then one of the probable reasons behind that issue can be a brake line obstruction. 

Brake Lines are an essential part of the braking system of any car, and it helps in stopping the car more effectively with force applied. 

If there is damage and blockage in the brake line, then not only will your braking be less effective, but you will also face the danger of getting your engine to stall while applying the brake.   

#4. Leak in the Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is one of the most important parts of the braking system, and leakage or blockage in the transfer of brake fluid can cause a wide range of problems, including car stalls. 

The presence of air in the brake fluid can also prevent proper braking and reduce the effectiveness of your braking system and influence the performance of your engine. 

A vacuum leak caused due to the leak in the brake fluid in the anti-lock brake system or hydraulic brake system can even cause your car to stall. 


Car Dies When Brakes Are Applied


More Reasons That Can Be Causing Your Car To Stall

If your car is stalling while driving, it doesn’t need to be only caused due to an irregularity in the braking system. 

  • An abnormality in the ignition system or an improper speed sensor, or a damaged engine control unit can also be reasons for this. 
  • If your car is not stalling while applying the brake, the most probable reason that can be causing your vehicle to stall is an issue in the spark plug. 
  • You can also face an increase in the vehicle’s RPM while braking but only for a while, and although it is not a big issue, it can still cause fuel and power wastage and result in jerks while driving.
  • A car stall can also happen while accelerating, and in those cases, the most common reason is an irregularity in the fuel pump. The engine may not be getting the required amount of fuel supply or air supply and can cause your car to stop while accelerating abruptly. 

If you are unable to find out the reason behind the stalling of your vehicle, it is best to take professional help before any further damage to your car parts.


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A Few Final Words

A stalled car in the middle of the road when you are driving can cause major accidents. If your car is stalling when you are pressing the brakes, then you need to immediately take a look at the entire braking system, especially the braking fluid. 

Thank you for reading the article, we hope we answered most of your questions about your stalled car. For more, please write directly to us.

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