What Kind Of Paint To Use On Tires?

There are a lot of paints available in the market, but every paint is not suitable for tires. To know what kind of paint to use on tires, read on.

Tires are the most integral part of the car, and when they get dirty, they become the most highlighted part. The older the tires get, the dirtier they become, and they lose their shine over time. Giving them a new colorful look will bring them back to life, whether you are worried about the fading glow or you want to make a vibrant tire swing for your kids.

All you need to do is awaken your inner artist and be ready with all the necessary tools. Let’s dive in! We will walk you through all the information you need.

What Kind Of Paint To Use On Tires

Types Of Paint

Paint comes in varieties such as 

  • Oil Paint.
  • Emulsion Paint.
  • Enamel Paint.
  • Cement Paint.
  • Anti-Corrosive Paint.
  • Bituminous Paint.
  • Synthetic Rubber Paint
  • Aluminum Paint.

Each surface requires a different paint to meet the right conditions and to last long, and you can not use a particular color on every surface.

The Regular Paint Won’t Work

Tires are made of rubber because they are required to sustain a lot of pressure. If you want to paint your tires, you will need paint to sustain heat, water, mud, pressure, and dirt. Using regular paint, in this case, they will not work because they are made for solid and immobile structures,

A tire is constantly moving, so regular paint will not hold up, and if the chemical composition is not suitable for rubber, they will harm your tires and cause them to deteriorate faster.

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What Will You Need?

What you will need depends on why you want to paint. If you wish to renew the shine of your tires, you will need four silicon-based spray paints. If you’re going to paint the letter on your tires, you will need four oil-based acrylic paints. For a vibrant tire swing, you can use any outdoor spray paints, preferably with primer.

How to paint your tires?

Before we start on that, detach your tires and clean them thoroughly. To do so, you can use a dishwasher and soap or products such as simple green. You will need to put a little effort into cleaning the treads; you can use a toothbrush to efficiently clean the tires’ tracks.

Once cleaned, leave them out to dry overnight.

What Kind Of Paint To Use On Tires

Painting The Tires

Now comes the fun part. It is time to show off your artistry. Have your spray paints and paint markers with you; follow the simple steps, and you will get your tires ready to rock on the road in no time!

  • Brush off any visible dirt and wipe off any remaining moisture.
  • Stick the tapes around the rims to create a round wall-like structure. So the paint does not drip onto the rim.
  • Tape the letters in case you want to paint them differently.
  • Shake the spray paint and spray it on the treads. Leave them to dry for an hour.
  • Now spray it on the sidewalls. Leave them to dry for an hour.
  • Spray another coat, leave them out to dry for 2 hours.
  • Repeat the same for each tire.

TIP: place the tire between two bricks; it will help you paint the tire without the sides touching the ground.

That’s it. Now your tires are shiny as new, keep reading further to know how to paint the letters.

What Kind Of Paint To Use On Tires

Painting The Letters

Now it’s time to paint the letters engraved on your tires, and this is where we will use the oil-based and acrylic paint markers. You can easily scratch off any unnecessary paint with the help of a screw without harming your tires. Also, do not be afraid of going over the line.

  • Identify the smooth and the rough letters.
  • Paint the smooth surface with an oil-based marker of your choice. Once done, leave it for an hour to dry up.
  • Paint the rough surface with an acrylic paint marker of your choice. Once done, leave it for an hour to dry up.
  • Re-coat them for a smooth opaque look
  • Repeat the same on each tire.

Tire swing

If you want to paint the tire as a swing, you can use any color spray paint for outdoor use as long as it is suitable for plastic. Most paints available in stores come in a combination of paint with primer added to them. You can check the label to make sure.

The steps to paint a tire swing are the same as painting the car tire, make sure that you build drainage holes, and it will require several coats of paint for it to become opaque on a black tire.

Precautions: Paint contains chemicals that may be hazardous for your health to prevent any health issues. Always wear masks and make sure to paint in a well-ventilated area.

Advantages and disadvantages Of Painting The Tires

Advantages may include:

  • Improved overall appearance
  • Rust and corrosion prevention
  • Increased weather resistance
  • Thermal resistance.
  • Increased life.

Disadvantages may include:

  • Very costly.
  • It does not last very long
  • Harm the tire in the long run

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How Long Does The Paint Last?

How long the paint will last depends on many factors such as; Quality of the paint, surface, weather, exposure, whether it is done professionally or by yourself, etc.

Tire paints are supposed to be a temporary solution meaning they will not last long. They will last for about six months at best. If you are about to repaint your tires, make sure to wipe off the previous paint completely.

Alternatives To Painting The Tire

Seems like too much hustle? Well! Do not worry. There is an easy alternative to that as well.

It’s called Tire dressing. It’s simpler and revitalizes the tires while maintaining a shiny glow, which helps prevent cracking or hardening of tires. It comes in cans or as an aerosol gel, which you can easily spray or wipe on.

There are mainly two types of tire dressing available on the market;

  • Solvent-based: They use hydrocarbon silicon to suspend the product, which may harm the tires in the long run as it contains petroleum distillate and is not eco-friendly.
  • Water-based: They use water to suspend the product, which is safer in the long run and eco-friendly because they are biodegradable.

Tire dressing is a good alternative if you want to save time. Contact any car service in your area, and they will do it for you in no time, or you can do it yourself as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the paint stripper damage my tires?

Painting tires can be very exciting, but we are bound to make mistakes that we must erase while painting. It’s very typical to go out of the line and over-spray. 

To remove paint, people usually go for thinners, and the problem with spray paint is that they make a strong bond with plastic, so applying thinner and keeping them in contact with thinners for long can damage your tires.

So the answer is yes. Thinners can damage your tires. Use a rag or a brush to rub off the thinner once applied quickly, or use sandpaper as a safe alternative.

What Kind Of Paint To Use On Tires

Can I use acrylic paint on my tires?

Well, that depends on how you are going to use your tires. If you are going to use your tires as a swing its possible to use acrylic paint because, in this case, a tire will not go through too much wear and tear, but if you are going to use it for car tires will it wouldn’t be a good idea, you can use them on the letters of tires. They will crack and fade away quickly if you use them on sidewalls and treads.

So the answer to that question depends on the use of tires. A better alternative would be to use silicon-based paint or any flexible and compatible rubber paint.

Is painting your tires bad?

Not at all. Painting your tires not only gives them a better appearance but also extends their life by protecting them from harmful agents and corrosive tendencies. Painting your tires will not harm them as long as you are using the paint with a compatible chemical composition that does not go against the nature of your tire.

So the answer is no. Generally, spray paint should not affect your tires, but there is always a possibility of harm with chemicals, so be careful and learn from trial and error.

Wrapping up

Over time tires lose their shine and become cracky. Painting can extend the life of your tire and prevent them from further degradation by protecting them from dirt, ultraviolet rays and holding the cracks together. 

Whether you want to give your tires a new look or have them as a swing, or just want them to be used as your lawn art, painting is the way to go. With the right paint and precaution, you can get the desired results, that’s all for now. 

We are always open to suggestions; If you have any, share them with us. 

Happy driving!

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