Why Does My Brake Pedal Squeak

Why does my brake pedal squeak? This may be because of the worn brake pads or some other cause. You need to fix the brake immediately if you have this issue. Read on to know more.

Do you hear a squeaking sound whenever you press and then release your brake?

This probably means your brake has some issues and needs to be repaired soon. Most of the time, the brake pads may have worn down with regular use. 

A brake is one of the important things to consider in your vehicle and is important for safety. Avoid ignoring this sound for too long.

In this article, let us look at:

  • What causes a squeaky brake pedal?
  • How do you fix a squeaky brake pedal?
  • How do I make my brakes stop squeaking?


Why Does My Brake Pedal Squeak

What Causes A Squeaky Brake Pedal?

Many times the brake pedal of a vehicle breaks due to regular wear and tear. It is essential to look at why and from where the noise is coming out and fix it soon. Let’s look at some of the common causes of squeaky brake pedals.

Worn Brake Pads. 

When you drive your vehicle regularly, the brake pads wear down and become thin. You will get to know if the brakes wear out when you press the brake and release it. It would help if you changed the brake pads once it started making noise or squeaks.

Dry Brake Joints. 

Sometimes, when the brakes are not lubricated, your vehicle’s brakes have chances to squeak. And to fix this, you will first need to find which part or area of the brake is squealing. Then lubricate or apply grease on that area.

Wet Brake Rotors. 

When you drive your vehicle on wet roads or when it is raining, there is a high chance the brakes will get wet—the moisture from the rain or condensation that gets inside the surface of the rotor. 

And when the moisture gets inside the brake rotors, a thin layer of rust forms. While the rotor turns, the brake pads scuff the rust out of the rotors. Its particles get inside the brake pads, which causes squeaking. 

Usually, the noise goes away after some time. But if it does not, you need to go to the service station and get it fixed. Also, try storing your vehicle inside in a garage to prevent any type of squeak.


Why Does My Brake Pedal Squeak

Brake Pads With High Metal Content. 

The brake pads in any vehicle have at least some bit of metal. But some brake pads have a very high metal content. Metal presses into the brake pad. This drags the rotor and causes squeaking.

To prevent this type of squeaking, it is better to look for brake pads with organic brake material like the one made of rubber, fiber, resin, etc.)

Uneven Brake Rotors. 

If you have replaced your brake pads and still hear the noise, you must resurface your brake rotors. With regular use, the rotors wear out and develop imperfections. So when you replace it with a new brake, it may not match its shape. 

It would help if you resurfaced the area before placing the brake. And this depends on how old your rotor is.

How Do You Fix A Squeaky Brake Pedal?

After you have found out the cause of the squeaky brake pedal, you need to fix the issue as soon as possible so as to make your vehicle run smoothly. 

So what you can do is use a light penetrant oil and apply it to the brake. You need to spray a small amount of oil on the holes and each side of the pivot. Try pressing the brake pedal and release it firmly. This will help fix the squeaky brake pedal.

Though the above action is just temporary, if you find the same issue again, you can apply white lithium grease. Make sure the grease reaches properly inside the pivot.

To remove the noise of the brake pedal, you may even need to replace the pivot bushing. Avoid doing it on your own and take your vehicle to the service center for any repair work.


Why Does My Brake Pedal Squeak

Some Brakes Always Make Noise

In most vehicles, you will find the brakes work quietly. While in some vehicles, you will find brakes squeaking, which you cannot avoid. 

You will find this in high-performance vehicles with heavy-duty braking systems. When you use it in cold weather, the vehicle’s rotors and brake pads make a noise anyway.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make My Brakes Stop Squeaking?

If your brakes make noise when you press the brake pedal and release it, there are some ways to prevent this issue.

Apply grease On the brake Pads

If you have recently changed your brakes and it is still making noise, grease it once. For this, you may have to remove the brake pad and apple grease on all points. Don’t apply grease on the surface of the rotor and keep it free.


Why Does My Brake Pedal Squeak

Use Brake Pad Shims

For some better resistance and to prevent squeaky noise, you can use brake pad shims. If the brake pad shims are not already installed in your vehicle and can set up one. This will help prevent squeaky noise.

Replace Brake Pads And Rotors

With regular use of your vehicle, the brake pads and rotors wear out. Because of this, you may hear the squeaky sound as the brake pad and motor gets in touch. To prevent this, you need to replace the pads and rotors.

How Do I Prevent The Squeaking At Low Speed?

Sometimes the brake pads wear out, causing the squeaking sound. You can remove and clean the brake pads or replace them with a new one to fix this issue. Make sure to clean the area around the caliper and pivot properly. Apply some grease or adhesive and put back the brake pads.


Why Does My Brake Pedal Squeak

From Making Squeaky Noise To Quiet

Now you know the main causes of brake pedal squeaking. You can fix and resolve the issue depending on your problem. You can simply apply lubricant oil or grease to prevent this issue. Or change the brake pads for better performance. 


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