Working on Car in Storage Unit – Is It Allowed and What to Know Before You Start

Are you considering using a storage unit to work on your car? This article will discuss the ins and outs of this practice and whether it’s allowed. It’s important to know the rules around car maintenance in storage units, as both the facility’s regulations and local laws come into play. Self-storage facilities and laws may … Read more

Carbon Fiber Yellowing – Effective Solutions for Restoration

Carbon fiber is a lightweight, strong material used in various applications, such as automotive parts and sporting equipment. However, one downside to carbon fiber is that it can begin to yellow and deteriorate if not properly protected. This yellowing of carbon fiber is caused by exposure to harmful UV rays which can break down the … Read more

Accidentally Washed Key Fob: What to Do Now?

Accidentally Washed Key Fob - What to Do?

Accidentally washing the key fob is a common mistake that you may end up committing. When your essential tool for unlocking and locking your car gets waterlogged, it may seem like a major disaster. However, by taking the right steps, you can rescue and restore your key fob’s functionality. As soon as you realize your … Read more

Does Tint Get Darker as it Cures? Find Out Here!

Does Tint Get Darker As It Cures

Window tinting is a popular automotive customization option offering both functional and aesthetic benefits. However, as a car owner, you might be willing to know more about the tinting process. One common query is whether tint gets darker as it cures. This is an important aspect to consider, as it can affect the final appearance … Read more

Is Thornton Chip Tuning Legit? A Friendly Guide to the Truth

Is Thornton Chip Tuning Legit

When it comes to optimizing your vehicle’s performance, you may think of chip tuning. This has emerged as a popular method to spruce up the performance of your vehicle. Among the various companies offering this service, Thornton Chip Tuning has established itself as a prominent contender in the market. However, there are ongoing debates about … Read more

Truck Bed Doesn’t Line up With Cab: Quick Fixes to Solve the Problem

Truck Bed Doesn't Line up With Cab

The alignment of your truck bed with the cab happens to be a key determinant of the vehicle’s performance, handling, and fuel economy. Misaligned truck beds can cause various issues, ranging from low fuel mileage and difficulties in hooking up trailer hitches to incorrect braking response and suspension damage. Addressing this problem timely and effectively … Read more