What Is A Chassis Control System Error? Explained

The chassis control system ensures that your drive is smooth under all conditions. So what is a chassis control system error, and should you be worried about it? Let’s find out

Imagine a bone breaking in your body, and suddenly, your entire system stops cooperating.

In the case of your car, that bone is the chassis – the skeletal framework of your car that helps keep everything else in place.

But what happens when the chassis runs into problems? Read on to find out.

Chassis Control System Error


What Is Chassis Control?

The chassis control is a vehicle component that regulates the brakes, steering, and suspension when the car is in motion.

It is an essential element in the car’s control that does not allow it to put too much strain on the car, even in rough areas.

In recent years, chassis control has seen a lot of developments owing to advanced technologies.

In the modern automobile industry, chassis controls are being developed in terms of technology to make drivers more relaxed while steering.

This includes adding Electronic Stability Controls that automatically keep the vehicle on the same lane, avoiding the change of course.

Some related technologies that are used in chassis control are:

Intelligent Ride Control

The Intelligent Ride Control function, aka the Active Ride Control, can be activated when driving on rough terrain. This function maintains the wheel rotation, wheel angles, and traction force of the vehicle.

This function is responsible for adjusting the upper weight of the car with the motion. Tracking of the upper motion enables a more comfortable ride on uneven roads.

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Intelligent Trace Control

The Intelligent Trace Control enables the performance of your braking system. The trace control on the chassis activates the Automatic Braking System (ABS) while turning. This helps to regulate the braking of inside and outside brakes.

In cars like the Nissan Rogue, the Intelligent Trace Control can be partially deactivated, keeping it operational as a background function. The main idea is to give greater control to the driver on any type of terrain.

Chassis Control System Error


Intelligent Engine Brake

The Intelligent Engine Brake makes it possible for the driver to decrease the use of frequent braking while taking sharp turns. This makes it possible for the gear ratio of the transmission to be reduced. Essentially, the driver has to put less effort into slowing down the vehicle in sharp turns.

This is one of the more classic chassis control where the application of brakes is not automated but regulated. While the driver has to put in the brakes while taking turns, the Intelligent Engine brake eases the process by adjusting the brakes along with the turns.

Symptoms of Chassis Control Failure

Like any other machine, the chassis control can run into problems from time to time. In the more modern models, there are chassis control system error messages that help you figure out the problem before your car runs into any trouble.

However, it is safe to know the early signs of chassis control failure so that you can save yourself some trouble at the mechanic.

There are a few warning signs to look out for in case of a chassis control failure. Some of the common ones are:

  1. A warning text shows the “Chassis Control System” Error warning text
  2. The steering is tugging on one side
  3. The compressor of the car is making strange sounds
  4. Uncomfortable and rough experience when riding
  5. Variable tread wear
  6. The front end of the car drops while breaking
  7. Steering control becomes challenging
  8. The compressor is always off
  9. The suspension compressor remains on
  10. Bottoming corroded or greasy strut
  11. Sagging suspension
  12. Car is bottoming on bumps in an uneven terrain

Why Is Your Chassis Control System Showing Error?

In models like the Nissan Rogue, there is a Chassis Control System Error indicator that gives you a heads-up if your car is running into trouble.

This warning message clearly means there is something wrong with the chassis of your car but does not specify where.

If there is an error message on the vehicle information display, there is a problem detected in the Active Trace Control, Engine Brake, or Ride Controls. Similarly, an error message could mean a bad suspension or sensor somewhere in the chassis controls.

Here is a list of probable causes that can occur in your chassis control, due to which you can receive an error message.

You need to keep in mind that a chassis control error may start out small but can result in long-term damage to your vehicle. So it is important that you consult a qualified mechanic to sort out the issue at the earliest. Once you know how to look out for the signs, do not wait for the problem to escalate.

Chassis Control System Error


Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the chassis system faults?

The chassis system fault of a car is usually related to the hydraulic system or air system leveling in the vehicle.

A slow air leak in the system can cause the car’s compressor to run for long hours after the ignition is turned off. This could damage the chassis seal and result in system faults. 

What is the chassis of a car?

The chassis of a car is essentially the frame on which the car is built. It can be called the bone structure of a vehicle that holds the whole structure in place. 

The chassis is able to bear the weight of the car when it is in movement. 

How do you check the chassis of a car?

The chassis number of a car can be found on the driver’s side door. A metal strip on this door has the chassis number printed on it. 

You can also check your chassis by looking for the number on your car’s registration paperwork. 

What are the components of the chassis that aid in driver safety?

The chassis of a car comprises a transmission system, engine, brakes, axles, and frame. These all contribute together to ensure the vehicle is running safely when in movement. The chassis essentially works as a whole unit to keep the driver safe. 

Wrap Up

The chassis control of a car can be called the main control unit of your vehicle, which is multitasking to make sure you have a safe ride. 

So when an error shows up on this control, the last thing you should do is take it lightly. Make sure you visit your mechanic at the earliest to avoid any damage to your car or, worse, yourself. 

Thank you for reading, and keep an eye out for such error messages on the dashboard! 

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