Acura MDX Not Beeping When Locked: What To Do?

If your Acura MDX not beeping when locked, here is what you need to check.

Sometimes you don’t hear the beep sound when you lock your car. If so, you must first check the parts that regulate your car’s lock mechanism. 

Faults in lock buttons, security lights, spring seats, positive locks, hood sensors, or truck sensors could cause the beeping sound to stop.  

In this article, we look at these problems and how to solve them for the Acura MDX.


Acura Mdx Not Beeping When Locked

Check Door Close Switch

Normally, your Acura MDX car must make a beeping sound upon closing the doors of the vehicle. If it’s not beeping, it may be due to faulty door-close switches in the car. 

These switches are responsible for making the beeping noise, switching on the dome lights when the door is open, and turning them off when it is closed. 

If the light does not go out even on closing the door, it confirms a faulty Door Close Switch. 

These switches are located on the chassis side of the car doors and get pressed when the door is closed. 

If your close door switch kc the Acura MDX seems to be working fine, then you need to check the Hood Switch of the model. 

These Hood switches are mainly on Honda and Acura cars and are responsible for Alarm Related functions or system dysfunction.

Check If The Chirp Mode Is Off

A chirping sound is nothing but a pulse of sound waves generated by the car’s radar system consisting of low and high frequencies. 

The chirp mode is used to signal the locking and unlocking of the vehicle. You can turn off the chirp mode in some cars, such as the Acura MDX. 

Thus, there will be no sound while you unlock or lock your vehicle. If you are curious if the chirp mode of your car is inactive, then it’s better to call your dealer for details. 

Alternatively, it would help if you read the owner’s manual that came with your car. You can find information about the programming of your car’s remote

You can also find details on how you can turn chirp mode on. Also, check the remote battery of the lock remote.


Acura Mdx Not Beeping When Locked

Check if Your Sensors Are Detecting an Open Door

The locking and unlocking of your car, and the beeping and chirping sound, are all based on the sensor system of your vehicle. 

If your car senses that the doors of the car are unlocked or open, there will be no beeping sound. If you are confirmed that there’s nothing wrong with the door lock switch and the chirp mode of your car is on, then you should also investigate your sensors. 

If there’s no beeping sound or lights, the car is not arming, as any door lock actuators must be acting up. Either the lock actuators, hood sensors, or trunk sensors must get the signal of an ‘open’ car. Check on all your doors, and then try locking the vehicle. 

Check the Child Locks

Suppose the child lock Switch is set between lock buttons and unlock options. In that case, it might cause problems, including not beeping the car when locking or unlocking. You should check the child locks of your Acura MDX, which you can find on the doors on the rear side.

One method you can try is pressing all the buttons that signal your car sensors that the car doors are locked. You might solve the problem if the switches work, resulting in fading lights. But this might only work for some cars depending on the model and settings of your vehicle. 

Check if Your Door Beeper Is Busted

The door beeper is responsible for the beeping sound made by the car when the doors get locked or unlocked. If your door beeper gets busted, there is not any sound of the door closing or opening. In this, you need to replace the door beeper.

For Acura MDX, you need to replace the following part: MDX. – 74940-TZ5-A01 Smart Buzzer Assembly. It would be best if you could seek help from an expert to replace the part.


Acura Mdx Not Beeping When Locked

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my car not beep when I lock it anymore?

Well, your car might not be beeping for several reasons. If it was beeping before and suddenly stopped beeping, the door lock switch or the sensors are creating the problem. Check your closed door switch, door beeper, and sensors to find the culprit.

How do I get my car to beep when I lock it?

Read your car’s owner’s manual to learn about the locking system, benefits of suspension systems, sophisticated suspension systems, and chirping mode. Sometimes, the chirp mode of your remote might be off. You can turn it on to make a beep or chirp sound when you lock it.

How do I get my Acura to stop beeping?

Firstly, you can turn off the chirp mode of your lock remote to stop your car from making the chirp sound when you lock or unlock your vehicle. Alternatively, you can try turning off the beep sound in your car through the user manual. 

Why does my Acura beep when I open the door?

Your Acura beep when you open the door might be to remind you about your unlocked car. The car continues to beep till the door remains open. The light is also turned on until the keys are left in the essential cup.

Wrap Up

Your Acura MDX might not be beeping for several reasons, including a faulty closed door switch and sensors. 

You might cause the problem due to some settings of your remote. So, checking your remotes, doors, and car manual is better. 

Sometimes the car might have its chirp mode off from the factory itself. In such cases, you will need to talk with your dealership and get it activated.

If the problem sustains, then it would be best to give a call to a professional. 

Thank you for reading.

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