How Fast Can I Learn To Drive?

Learning to drive is not like a challenge. If you are wondering how fast can I learn to drive, we suggest that you are asking yourself the wrong question. Your aim while learning to drive should be to drive well, not to learn quickly. Let’s read more about this in the article below.

If you plan to take your first driving lesson, then your focus must be on learning and not learning it quickly. Once you get a hold of the basics, you will naturally start learning to drive at a faster pace and soon become a pro at it. 

Driving a car comes easy to some people, while it is quite a challenge for others. Thus, how fast you can learn and act on the instructions given by your teacher decide how fast you can learn to drive. 

So, there is no hard and fast answer to this question. You can, however, challenge yourself to become your best version of yourself as a driver and see how far you can go! 

If you are considering taking driving lessons, you must act on it. Even if you feel scared or confused at first, know that it gets better. You will learn to not only drive a car but also help others understand it in a few months or so. 


How Fast Can I Learn To Drive


How Fast Can I Learn To Drive?

It depends on every individual’s ability how fast they can drive a car. Some people can learn faster than others and need less instruction, while others might need some time to hang the concept.

On average, it takes about a week or so to at least get the confidence to get the car out of the house. It takes around 30 days to drive on the road and two to three months to run the vehicle smoothly on the busy highway.

As mentioned already, the ability to learn the process and apply the same during the practical should take you about 3 months. However, it is recommended to continue with the practice for almost a year so you do not forget how to drive well and responsibly. 

Even if you have a busy schedule, take about an hour during the day and take yourself out for a drive. Remember, practice is the key, and the more you do it, the faster you can learn to drive. 


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Where Can I Practice Driving Without a Permit?

Driving without a permit in the US is illegal and can cost you a parking ticket, fine, or even jail time. New drivers certainly cannot operate without a license on the road, but they can take private lessons if their home has enough driving place. 

With permission, they can also learn to drive in a park or a ground, but certainly not on a busy road alongside other vehicles. 

Thus, anyone above 16 years of age must get a learner’s permit and drive an insured car and other certain restrictions. 

If you are still willing to drive unlawfully, you will need a driving instructor by your side, and you can only move your family-owned car. So, make sure that you know the traffic laws and rules before you decide to practice driving without a permit. 


How Fast Can I Learn To Drive


It is not advised to practice driving without a permit, not just because it is illegal and calls for penalties but also because it violates your safety. 

Some common penalties related to driving without a permit are listed below for your perusal-

  • Up to six months of jail 
  • Fine, that can go up to $1000
  • No more a clear driving record 
  • Fine up to $500 in case your car doesn’t have an insurance 
  • Impounded car 

Apart from the legal penalty, the insurance rate of your car might increase drastically, and it can even take a toll on your confidence as a learning driver. So, it is best to learn to drive with a learner’s permit. 


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Precautions To Take if You Are Practicing To Drive Without a Permit

  • It is important to take extra precautions if you still decide to practice driving without a license. To help you with the same, below is a list of some safety measures that you can take when you head out to drive.
  • Do not drive alone. It is mandatory to take an instructor with you when you start to practice. It doesn’t have to be a professional, but at least someone who knows how to drive well and has years of experience.
  • Do not drive on a busy road or skip driving on the road altogether. It is anyway illegal and will cost you a thousand bucks if caught. Secondly, it can be quite dangerous for your safety since you are only starting with the practice. So, keep yourself and your instructor safe while practicing driving a car.  
  • Practice at low speed in the beginning. You can go up to third gear if you are confident about your skills or stay within two for the first few days. Once you gain confidence in how things work, you will easily be able to change the gear and accelerate the speed. Better to be safe than sorry!


How Fast Can I Learn To Drive


  • Learn the traffic rules and laws related to driving before heading out. Since you are operating without a permit, it is even more important to clarify safety rules. Ask your instructor about the same, and then remember to follow them every time the situation demands. 
  • Keep your emotions in check. When we start with our practice, it is important not to get unusually scared or overly excited when learning to drive. It can take away the focus from the road, and so it can contact difficult for you to understand the process better and quicker. 
  • Be easy on yourself if you do not grasp the things taught by your instructor. However, it is important to be open to soaking in the information given to you. Keep your eyes on the road, and always remember that everything takes time to learn in the back of your head. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can I learn to drive in 10 days?

Yes, you can learn to drive in 10 days, but it will require you to become genuinely good at it for at least a month or two. It also depends on an individual’s ability whether they can learn it in 10 days, a week, or a month.

On average, people take somewhere between a week or two to get a hold of the steering and learn when to apply the brake, change gear, and give raise. 

One also needs to have a decent knowledge of traffic and road rules and practical experience before they can claim to be a learned driver. So, you can calculate it yourself, as per your ability, if you can learn to drive within 10 days or not. 


How Fast Can I Learn To Drive


#2. Why do I struggle to learn to drive?

Even though it is very common for people to learn to drive and pass the driver’s test to get a license, many struggles to get their hands on steering, this struggle can be different for every person, but mostly it has something to do with fear of driving. 

Many people cannot go because they fear hitting someone with the car or getting into an accident. The fear is rational and speaks of a lack of confidence in oneself. Thus, it is important to give it your best, listen to the instructor, and then gradually move forward with it. 

However, fear is not the only struggle when people learn to drive. Some people do not incline toward how a car needs to be moved. They lack the skills required to drive a car, and most of them do not practice driving enough to get better at it. 

We believe that even if you are struggling with your driving lessons, you must remain consistent with the practice. It might take you longer than others, but eventually, you will learn to drive a car pretty smoothly. 


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#3. What is the hardest part of driving?

The hardest part of driving during the first few days is staying calm and keeping your confidence up. You will learn to use the steering, brakes, accelerator, gear, etc., but if you do not have the confidence to put your hands on them, the chances are that you might never learn about them. 

So, if you are serious about driving, get a permit, get into a driving school and show up every day until you know that you have passed the phase of being scared or underconfident. You can do anything you put your mind to, remember!

#4. Is it normal to be scared to drive?

Yes, it is normal to be scared to drive when it’s been just a few days since you started your training. You can be afraid and still show up every day and be consistent with it until you know you are getting better at it. So, be scared and still go ahead with it.


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A Few Final Words

It is a privilege indeed to be able to drive a car – it shows that you are from a well-to-do background. Thus, it is also your responsibility to be a good driver, and for that, you will have to follow your instructor’s guidance and get good at driving. 

There is no such thing as learning to move fast; and you must take your time and get better at your own pace, and soon, you will be driving your car on the road effortlessly and without fear.

Thank you for reading the article, we hope we have inspired you to take the first step towards learning to drive. If you have more questions about driving, driving tests and other things, write to us and we will revert back.

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