Camry Hybrid Steering Groan: Why Does It Happen & How To Fix

What happens if your Camry Hybrid Steering Groan like an old man? What could be the reason behind it, and how can you fix it? Let’s find out.

If we talk about the ABCs of driving, the steering wheel will definitely be the first thing you learn about. The steering and suspension of a car are the two main components that help to keep the car in motion.

But sometimes, there are weird sounds coming out of the car’s steering column for no good reason.

If you are driving a Toyota Camry, this could be something you have faced.

Let us tell you about why the vehicles make loud, whirring sounds when in motion and what you can do to fix it.

Camry Hybrid Steering Groan: Why Does It Happen & How To Fix


How Does The Steering System Work?

The steering and suspension of a car are interconnected in the most intricate manner.

When you turn the steering, it will affect the suspension of the car has more strain on the ball joints of the car.

You also have to consider the various components that go into connecting the steering and suspension to one another.

For steering to work properly, the suspension of the car has to be in place. This would allow the vehicle to move freely while supporting the whole weight.

But there are times, especially in old vehicles, that start making screeching or groaning sounds when you try to move the steering.

This is when you know something is going wrong in the steering or suspension set-up of your car.

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Reasons For The Sound To Occur?

  • Damaged suspension bushings: Bushings are the tiny parts that work as a cushion between the moving parts of a car. In the case of suspension, bushings are placed in between joints to avoid friction. When these bushings start wearing out or get damaged for some reason, they can start making sounds while driving.
  • Worn shocks in the suspension: Shocks and struts in a Toyota Camry is usually of the gas-filled type. While this is efficient, it is also easily worn out. Fluids on the front shocks or loss in strength of the car while driving is a sign that there is trouble with the suspension.
  • Dry jounce bushings: If the bushings of a car are drying up, they also lose the cushioning effect. So when the steering is being used to turn the car, it can cause a creaking sound.
  • Worn-out joints: One of the most common causes of a car making groaning or creaking sounds is the worn-out joints in any components of the car. This usually happens with an old car when the joints are not lubricated properly.
  • Damaged tie rod ends: Your steering gear and wheels are connected to each other using something known as tie rods. These help keep the car in motion. The creaking sounds indicate that the tie rods are either broken or damaged in some way, so the wheels are being affected.
  • Problems with the steering pump/rack/belt: If there is some kind of damage to the associated components of the steering, like the pump, rack, or belt, the car can start making whining sounds. It becomes louder or starts creaking when you are turning your car on corners.
Camry Hybrid Steering Groan: Why Does It Happen & How To Fix


What Happens In A Toyota Camry Hybrid?

The Toyota Camry Hybrid is a fairly popular car among suburban drivers.

But this model has also run into a number of problems regarding the sounds caused by the steering wheel when the vehicle is being turned.

The car’s steering is built like any other model with a connected steering and suspension system. But why does it cause the sounds?

In most cases, the Toyota Camry Hybrid can make strange sounds when the components of the car’s suspension get worn out. Lubrication of the joints and bushings is the easiest way to solve this problem.

There can be a few other complicated reasons for your Camry Hybrid to make groaning sounds when you are turning the steering.

Damaged tie rods and racks, worn-out ball joints, and mounts can also be responsible for making screeching sounds when you are turning the car.

Here are a few things you should be careful about while driving a Camry Hybrid.

Driveshaft Failing

The Toyota Camry has front-wheel drive, which means that the front wheels are the main driven wheels. When you are driving this vehicle for a long time, the bearings of the driveshaft can start to wear out along with the joints. This can put a strain on the steering and suspension, causing screeching sounds to occur.

Defective Power Steering Motor

This is a common problem in the older Camry Hybrid models where the hydraulic power steering was used instead of the electric ones. The electric power steerings have a rack that runs on an electric motor. Hydraulic ones use a piston and pump system that wears out more easily and puts strain on the whole structure.

Defective Steering Rack

There can also be issues with the steering rack of your car that directly affects the component assembly of your car. The groaning sounds in the car can be caused when the intermediate shaft goes from the steering wheel to the rack. If one of the components is not moving properly, it will affect the other and cause a failure of the whole setup.

These are some of the most common troubles that your Toyota Camry Hybrid can run into. The problem of the steering wheel making groaning sounds is not that uncommon. But the smart idea would be to get a thorough inspection of the car done before it runs into a major problem.

Camry Hybrid Steering Groan: Why Does It Happen & How To Fix


How To Fix The Problem?

If your car is running into some kind of trouble, the best idea is to consult a mechanic right away. This problem can be difficult to diagnose, and you can cause more harm than good while examining the parts.

A professional mechanic will find the main cause of the sound by inspecting the steering and suspension system. This includes running a thorough diagnosis of the power steering pump, steering shafts, rack, tie rods, and bushings.

The problem can be as simple as lubricating the joints that have been worn out or adjusting the bearings of the vehicle. The charges will depend upon how much work has to be done on the whole car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my power steering make a groaning noise?

Groaning sounds in the steering is one of the symptoms of the suspension system or steering pump of your car wearing out. You can hear this sound louder when you are turning your car or navigating corners.

Why does my Toyota Camry make a noise when I turn?

In a Toyota Camry, the steering noise can come from a faulty steering or suspension system. This could be a screeching or groaning noise that is coming from the internal components of the suspension system facing an issue.

Is Camry Hybrid noisy?

A number of drivers of the Toyota Camry Hybrid complain about the car being noisy after driving for a few months. This is due to an internal issue with the steering system that is common in this model. It could also be an issue of damaged bushings in the car, causing some sort of friction. In most cases, the problem can be solved by a professional service station.

Why does my power steering keep making noise?

Noise in the electric power steering can be caused by low fluid levels in the steering pump. The power steering fluid works as a lubricant to keep the vehicle running smoothly. When the power steering fluid level is low due to an internal issue or fluid leakage, there can be loud sounds coming from the steering.

Camry Hybrid Steering Groan: Why Does It Happen & How To Fix



It is obviously annoying and scary if you have a scary groan coming out of your steering when you are driving. But the good news is that being a little alert and paying a visit to a service center can fix your problem really fast and without a big drag on your pockets.

We hope this article can help you figure out a few things and stay alert. Thank you for reading!

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