High Flow Cats Vs No Cats: Performance Showdown for Car Enthusiasts

High Flow Cats Vs No Cats

Being a car enthusiast, you might be looking for possible modifications to boost the vehicle’s performance and sound.  One popular modification involves the exhaust system, with many choosing between a high-flow cat or a no-cat setup. Both options offer unique advantages and disadvantages based on your vehicle’s customization and intended use. High-flow catalytic converters, or … Read more

How Long Can I Drive With A Bad O2 Sensor?

How Long Can I Drive With A Bad O2 Sensor

An Oxygen sensor ensures efficient fuel burning. If you are wondering: “how long can I drive with a bad O2 sensor?”, the answer is not very long. You will end up spending a lot of money and causing damage to the car. Learn why this is so in the article below. We learned that oxygen … Read more

How Long Does A Catalytic Converter Last

Our cars are made up of lots of different parts which together operate the engine and allow the car to drive. The Catalytic Converter is one of these parts. It is located in the exhaust that controls emissions. It reduces the toxic emissions output in exhaust gas by converting them into less-toxic pollutants through the … Read more

Can a Clogged Catalytic Converter Cause a Misfire?

Is your car is making a loud and concerning noise when you start up the engine? Have you noticed a loss of power or control over your steering, amongst a myriad of other potential problems? Your engine is misfiring! A common query regarding misfires is whether they can be caused by a clogged catalytic converter. … Read more