AC Compressor Not Cycling: Quick Fixes and Troubleshooting Tips

It’s a hot summer day and you rely on your air conditioning to save you from the unbearable heat. But, what if your AC compressor is not cycling as it should? This is a common issue that many households face, leaving them uncomfortable and frustrated. To address this issue, it’s essential to first understand the … Read more

AC Recharge Hose Won’t Fit: Quick Solutions to Try

Air conditioning systems in vehicles are essential for keeping passengers comfortable during hot weather. However, sometimes an AC recharge hose won’t fit properly, causing difficulties when trying to recharge the system. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why an AC recharge hose might not fit and some solutions to resolve the issue. There … Read more

Does Evacuating AC Remove Oil? A Friendly Guide to Understanding the Process

Air conditioning systems have a crucial role to play in maintaining a comfortable temperature in our vehicles and homes. However, over time, the AC system can accumulate moisture and debris, which may affect its performance. Evacuating the AC system is an essential step in maintaining and repairing air conditioning units. This process goes a long … Read more

Car AC Blowing 50 Degrees: Easy Fixes for a Cooler Ride

Car Ac Blowing 50 Degrees - What to Do?

Your car’s AC plays a significant role in defining your driving experience. Driving with a car AC blowing 50 degrees can be an uncomfortable experience, especially during hot summer months. A well-functioning car air conditioning system should blow air at a temperature below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. If your AC is consistently blowing 50-degree air, it’s … Read more

AC Pro Gauge Not Moving: 3 Possible Causes

AC Pro Gauge Not Moving

Learn why the AC Pro Gauge on your air conditioning unit could be malfunctioning and how to troubleshoot potential causes like low refrigerant level, compressor clutch issues, or even a severe refrigerant leak. When you turn on the AC in your car, it can sometimes happen that the pressure in the car gets affected for … Read more

Does Running the AC Use Coolant?

Does Running the AC Use Coolant

Your car coolant protects the car and ensures that your engine runs smoothly. But does running the AC use coolant as well? Find out in the article below Running the AC in your car will require coolant to cool the air. Air conditioners in the car are closed systems; inside this closed system, the coolant … Read more