Car Battery Doesn’t Fit in Tray: What To Do?

Is there some way to fix it if my car battery doesn’t fit in tray provided inside the car? Below, we will tell you a few ways you can avoid having to buy a new tray.

A car’s battery, like any other machine, is essentially the heart of the vehicle. It is the main power source that runs the car, and any problem with the battery could mean big trouble. Every car has a battery tray where the component is placed according to the terminals and held in place.

Sometimes your car battery might not fit properly in the tray, causing a lot of problems with the car’s power supply. What do you do then?

Read on to find out.

Car Battery Doesn't Fit in Tray

Why Having the Wrong Size Battery Can Be Dangerous?

Consider a clock and its battery. There is a specific tray where the battery is placed, and it enables the clock to run properly. If the battery gets out of the tray, the clock will stop working, and the battery out of the tray can cause damage to itself and other parts.

Similarly, a car battery has to be securely mounted in the designated battery tray and connected to the proper negative and positive terminals. The vehicle is supposed to be in motion, which means that the internal parts also keep moving. If your battery is displaced or loose on the tray, it will bump into surrounding parts and accidentally destroy itself.

When the battery is displaced from the tray, it starts bouncing around, which can cause damage to all other parts, like the fan and the electrical system. It has to be fastened in the tray to make sure that there is no movement at all.

What Can You Do If Your Battery Doesn’t Fit?

There are times when the right size battery does not mean the right fit for your car. With alternate car models and different builds of components, it could mean that your car battery is not properly sitting on the tray.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can be used to avoid the problem of a wrong-size battery.

Try to Find The Correct Size

One of the first things you can do to make sure that the car battery will fit in the tray is to check and compare the stampings of the batteries. When you are going for a battery replacement, it will be easier to check the specs and give you an idea about what battery you are choosing and whether it is the correct battery for your car.

There are a number of dealerships where car batteries are sold separately, and it is easier to get the desired model based on your car. However, if you need to be a little more certain about what battery you are buying, the smart thing to do is to visit a store that specializes in car parts.

Car Battery Doesn't Fit in Tray

Use Rubber Pipes

The pipe coverings that are used on home water pipes to avoid freezing can be a good fix to fit car batteries. These foldable parts are easily available in hardware stores and can be cut into pieces. The idea is to use the coverings as spacers in the battery tray to hold the battery in place.

Cut these pieces up into small pieces that can hold the battery on either side of the tray, not allowing it to move because of the difference in size. Use a threaded battery clamp-rod to tighten the main battery to the tray with a nut.

Use Ratcheting Straps

Ratcheting straps are used to hold heavy things in place, like a car battery on a tray. These are essentially tie-down straps that help to manage the placement of smaller or larger batteries in the car’s battery tray.

However, it is important that this should only be used as a last resort. Try finding the right battery size to avoid any kind of internal damage. The extra hardware should be used to make it fit in the tray and not as a permanent fix.

Use Zip Ties

Like any other hack at home, zip ties can come to your rescue. If you have found a replacement battery for the wrong size and yet cannot get it to stay in place in the tray, bring out the zip ties. These can help you attach the battery to the terminal and at least hold it in place, which solves the problem of creating any long-term damage.

Drill Holes And Use Carriage Bolts

Sometimes, to get the battery to fit in the tray, you have to make a few more changes to the basic setup. You can drill the battery tray and install carriage bolts at the bottom, then try strapping them to the battery.

Make sure that you are careful while drilling the tray, which can otherwise cause damage. You can also use a paint with corrosion protection which assures that the battery tray stays in a good condition over the years.

Car Battery Doesn't Fit in Tray

Frequently Asked Questions

Does car battery need to be an exact fit?

Car batteries do not have a ‘one-size fits all’ option. They fit in the car by considering the model of the car, power requirements, terminal configuration, and amp-hour ratings. All of these are considered to get a functional battery.

Does a car battery need a tray?

Automobiles have a specific type of tray that holds the battery in place. This tray is designed according to the model and engine of the vehicle. The tray is used for the easy installation and removal of the battery.

What if you put too big of a battery in a car?

If there is a problem with the battery’s size in a car, it can cause damage to the battery itself and starts to affect the flow of electrical currents — the change in electrical current results in damaging the car’s system and associated components.

Is a battery tray important?

The battery tray in a car – or any vehicle – helps to install or remove a battery easily. The tray also helps to keep the battery in place so that it does not come off when the vehicle is moving.

Can you return a car battery if it doesn’t fit?

There are a few situations where you can return a car battery if it is not the right fit for your vehicle. If it is a wrong fit and is in a non-working condition, you can take the battery back to the store, which will usually give you a replacement battery or store credit, depending on the situation.

Does a replacement car battery have to be the same size?

Sometimes vehicles with one type of car battery can be used for another car. But there could be problems with the size, or it will not work well long term. While choosing a replacement battery, you have to check for the car’s model and engine type to get the right fit.

Car Battery Doesn't Fit in Tray


The right size battery is an absolutely crucial component that you have to use to avoid a frequently dead battery or any kind of battery leak. Any of these problems can be the first step to a major problem for the rest of your car. So, make sure that your original battery is right in size or get the right replacement to avoid any damage.

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